Choice of Games and Hosted Games Recommendations -- Consolidated Thread

There is one I like, it’s a text based game on the name is “The Overtaken”, you can customize your MC and your personality, I don’t know about the hero part, but everyone in the story is tethered to a ghost, MC is a special case and because of it the ghost became dangerous to them.

Tsup y’all…hope you all good…Idk if this the right thread for this but i was hoping for an update on a game called My Beginning and My End whose demo was supposed to be up in January…If anyone who got chosen for the game’s discord server could reply on its status or that of the author’s…i’d highly appreciate it.

There are a lot of games where MC is a member of royal family but I think most of them are focused on the fight for the crown and/or MC is just a younger child. Do you know any interesting games (and wip) where MC is the heir to the throne?

Please don’t recommend the Lost Heir trilogy. I tried and couldn’t read it :sweat_smile:

Wherein MC is the heir (and they do inherit seamlessly with the story starting after they sit on the big chair, or otherwise will inherit seamlessly in the future)?

I’m interested in both

I’m not sure if there is one yet wherein MC is the ruler without much (if any) of a fight for the crown, other than the various Arthur retellings and Sword of Rhivenia (though there are some crown-fight elements in it, and while this pains me to say, I hesitate to recommend it). I have some ideas percolating in my head for a story that starts when MC assumes the throne, but I don’t know if they will ever cross from ideas to written text, let alone from WIP to game.

I’ve read Sword of Rhivenia but to be honest I’m tired of this game and I’m not following the project anymore.

If someone can give me some indications of interactive stories, I would much prefer medieval/military stories, I think I have played most of them already haha, thanks.

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In terms of military stories I can easily direct you to Cataphrak’s works. His most prominent series is … of Infinity (currently there are three: Sabres of Infinity, Guns of Infinity, Lords of Infinity) which is, I believe, focuses on either 17th or 18th century eleven-year war with a larger and stronger country and the consequences of said war. First two books are heavily focused on military and warfare, while the last one, the most recent one, slightly changes course to more of political warfare. His other work I heavily recommend is Mecha Ace, which is a military story about a mecha squad in five year war on the side of oligarch colonial union versus the empire. Both works could probably be classified as military fiction.

Another one I can recommend is War for the West. I don’t know a lot about it, but it is a medieval kingdom simulator that I’ve seen being praised for its combat scenes.

Other ones… Great Tournament, Life of Mercenary, Stronghold, War for Magincia, Choice of Rebels. Those are the only things I can easily remember featuring at least one genre that interests you.

Oh, and in mecha military genre I believe there are Magikiras and Mobile Armoured Marine. Still military.

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I was wondering if there are any Choice Of Games where you live in a city or town and have experiences with a lover or friend—things like working and doing everyday stuff. Modern is preferred, but an older era is perfectly fine too. It would be great to just have a peaceful game with no fighting or mystery to relax.

The parenting simulator and volunteer firefighters is all I can think of, a bit hard to find something like that and the latter still involved a bit of fighting… fighting fire that is


Definitely try Alter Ego if you haven’t yet.

You’ll probably like Love at Elevation, which is about moving to a new city and settling in there while also finding romance.

New Witch in Town might be up your alley as well. Your character is a witch, but hardcore fantasy fans are often disappointed in this game, which is, for most of its length, about getting to know the town and the people there more than anything heavily witchy.

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This is perhaps a rather misleading title. The story centers more on interacting with the people in the new town and saving the forest. More environmentalism and political intrigue than finding out who said new witch as mentioned in the title really is. You do get to do that though, but it’s really minor.

I always assumed the titular new witch in town was the main character. It’s possible to play all the way through the game without ever becoming aware there’s another witch in town at all, and the other witch you can meet isn’t new in town, so …

Yes, that’s pretty much what I just said while recommending it to someone looking for a low-key game about living in a town and hanging out with people.

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There are a lot of games where the MC finally sleeps with their RO after waiting for so long and it’s always depicted as special and magical. But is there a game where the RO goes ‘that sucks’ and wasn’t satisfied at all?

I don’t think so—even in the games that aren’t really power fantasies (such as the Infinite Sea saga) there isn’t any bad sex (in the way you’re describing it). It is physically or emotionally pleasurable, if not pleasurable in both ways.

Does anyone have rec’s for games that don’t involve making big political decisions? I’m feeling a little burnt out on them bc I can’t stop myself from playing revolutionaries, and it would be nice to be in a game world that doesn’t feel like a system I need to challenge.

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Crème de la Crème, The Parenting Simulator, Teahouse of the Gods, Social Services of the Doomed, Brimstone Manor, Sixth Grade Detective, For Rent: Haunted House, The Soul Stone War, Evertree Inn, Love at Elevation, Paradox Factor, Donor, Blood for Poppies, Fine Felines



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i’m looking for a few things but i don’t know how to find them so i thought i’d ask like this.

i’m looking for romance focused ifs, in which you can romance some sort of antagonist. specifically i’m looking for ones where you can romance demons but i’m fine with other stuff too. i just want the romance option to be someone who is more morally gray, or even straight up evil.
idc if it’s wip, 18+ or whatever.
does anyone know any? please and thank you!