Choice of Games and Hosted Games Recommendations -- Consolidated Thread

For me, the Community College Hero and the Hero Project games were the ones that inspired me to write my own ChoiceScript games, so they’re not only my favorites of the bunch but also I owe a lot to them. After all, I wouldn’t have been here without them! :sweat_smile:

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Can someone recommend me games where we play as a teacher or some kind of mentor figure, please? :pleading_face:

Have you looked into Professor of Magical Studies yet?


I have. Really like that one

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I enjoyed a lot with The Parenting Simulator.

Looking for a story where i can live in a interesting world. Or the same as our own.

Choice of robots is pretty good

Do you know any good games or wips (not dead) where MC is an angel?

Maybe The Fallen Divine?

It doesn’t 100% match your request consindering your character is not strictly a ‘pure’ angel. In this WIP you play as the offspring of an angel and a devil (as the heir to both Heaven and Hell).

Here you go! Missing Wings

What games have you play as a King, fall in love, and start a family?

As simple as the title! List some of your favorite projects, and why you love them. I see tons of good threads, but havent seen one just giving our appreciation to all the projects/authors. Naturally ill list mine. Ill be listing mine by titles, so i dont mess up any of the authors names. Also, i wont be putting W.I.P’s or else my post would practically never end, ya’ know?

Wayhaven Series: A nice plot, that i honestly thought when i first played it years ago would be generic ((Vampire games some reason always start off with a bad tase in my mouth.)) But, was quickly proven wrong! The current two titles, and whats playable in the 3rds beta have been wonderful.

It sticks to its story, doesnt contradict any of its own lore, has a great cast of characters; all who have unique personalities. I honestly dont know how many saves i have, multiple dedicated to each RO and how the MC reacts to them, or how the chatacter reacts to any info given. Oh, and the flow between titles transitions rather nicely. Title 3 is currently so close, but feels so far away. :rofl:

BREACH: Currently only one title, with access to 2’s Beta in the authors thread! Now, it may only be one title. But it sure doesnt feel that way. It gives so much customization options, between guns, crew mates, your true loyalties and so much more. Its stat checking when rolling for actions is great, easy to understand and every stat actually gets used; so no extra fluff here.

Its a HUGE title, with lots of variable. So you’re guaranteed to play it more than once, especially with two on the way. Title two seems like its gonna be even more massive ((I wont mention how, but if youd like to know. Check out the authors thread.))

ZESH: Zombie Exodus/Safe Haven. Out of all the titles ive played this set holds a special place in my heart, it was the first game(s) that i played and got me hooked on the rest. So, surprisingly there arent actually a lot of zombie titles. Weird, right? Since theres like a million movies. So, what does this game do well? The character customization is GREAT, you have a lot of options like breach, probably more. It also doesnt have any fluff stats all are used, more some than others though.

It also makes it feel like lost choices really matter to a degree. Occupation, skills, personal relationships and how you act are OOF. Just dont ever sit down thinking “ill only play a little bit”, because i can tell you now. Hours will fly by. With optional sub-plots, potential item finds and potential teammates. Youll end up like me with hundreds of saves ((seriously if any one knows how to delete older ones please tell me. I have way too many)).

Samurai of Hyuga: Story is good, easy to follow. With the further into the series you go gets some major branches. Though, they all converge and then branch out again later. I wont lie, i wish there was more combat. But, it isnt a combat oriented title. And will quickly get you hooked on the story. The characters will get you in the feels so many times. There arent many titles that have you wanting more of something at first, only to throw that thought out the window and have you at the edge of your seat with every chapter.

Hero Project series, and the redemtion titles: This one does something that few others do too. That is getting you to practically fall in love with the bad guy. This is another one that transitions between titles well. With the hero score ranking with options, it gives a bunch of incentive to want to keep replaying for the perfect score. Or to even do the opposite and try to flop as much as possible.

Out for Blood: A title that has you as a total normie and loving every minute of it. So, it humble checks ya. Lots who play VtM dont try the Hunter’s the Reckoning. I suppose what this one does the best, is it leaves you wanting more.

These are just a few, and ill probably post more in the comments for titles like the Werewolves series, psy high, the other VtM bases titles, Lost Heir saga, and so many more. Or ill just reply to other favorites. Since Ive honestly played most available titles way too much.

But to all the authors weather youre writing on you’re existing titles, or new writers making you’re very first. Know that you have so many people rooting for you, amd your works. I look forward to seeing all of your stories~


I’m a big fan of the concept of yanderes. The love and obsession really appeal to me (probably because no girl has shown any interest in me ever). Im wondering if there are any books that have a good yandere romance option.

To clarify, I’m looking for a YANDERE, not a YANGIRE. The difference between them is that yanderes love a person, while yangires love inflicting pain.

You might want to try out the samurai of hyuga series. One of the NPC (Jun(ko)) is obsessed with your character.

If I’m thinking of the right character, she’s super violent. I recall reading that she cuts out the tongue of one of my companions.

There’s wip on with one RO - yandere but for now it’s short and we haven’t met RO yet. It’s called Dark Impulses.

Time Warden has yandere but I don’t know if the author is still working on the game.

Raven from Triaina: Academy

That’s all yanderes I know :person_shrugging:

Just finished Triaina Academy. Good yandere choice there. Thanks.