Choice of Games and Hosted Games Recommendations -- Consolidated Thread

Okay, another ask for suggestions from me!
Any games where MC is (or can be, if there’s species choice) an angel? Or, at least some sort of celestial being akin to an angel.
I already know of “SoS: The Mortal Coil” and “Morning Star: Heaven’s Number One”.

I honestly don’t know if there are more but oh well… Thanks anyway!

You can play as a nephilim in the Keeper of the Sun and Moon series

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True, but it’s not the same… And besides, I already have a MC created in that - hence me forgetting about the possibility haha!
But thanks for reminding me!

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Romance focused games? I mean games in which romance is the main driving force of the plot, like Wayhaven for example. What games can you recommend? (WIP can be advised). Only games in which you can play as a woman and be with other women.


A Kiss from Death that just came out today would fit the bill. Already played though multiple times and will play through multiple more. Very good game, highly recommend!

Looking for two types of games this time - or rather, for two RO related story elements to be present. I don’t need both to be in the same game eh! These are merely two request in one post.

The first one would be a game with a RO that would be pregnant or parent to a young kid from a previous relationship.
I know of “Calling of Metem’s Hollow”, “The Bureau”, “Fields of Asphodel” and “Retribution - From the Ashes”.

The second type of games I’m looking for is ones where the MC is a mortal (human or not), and one of the ROs is a being that’s either immortal or has a life expectancy that’s way longer than the MC… BUT! I’d like stories where, at least if doing that romance, the MC could “shed” their mortality - undergo some sort of transformation, ritual or whatever to make them live just as long as said RO.
For that one, I don’t have any example in mind, really.
Maybe “Choice of Robots” qualifies for some people, but meh… It doesn’t have the same feel, and I’m not a huge fan of that game anyway.

I know these are weirdly specific! But thank you for your time!

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I am looking for any non fantasy or sci-fi games.

Looking for a game where, essentially, no important character dies or there aren’t exactly major consequences. Just something to read through without worrying about every other choice and just relax. Doesn’t have to be a necessarily action free story or a light, jolly, feel good one. Just one without all the stuff mentioned.


I’m looking for a story in which a RO is the “bad girl archetype”. You know the one that acts like a bitch but is actually a softy inside. Like Max from creme de la creme or something close to that.

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The Wayhaven Chronicles doesn’t have any major character death or any major consequences (that we know of yet) for most actions.

Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale also doesn’t have any character death. I will say that there are some major consequences for your decisions, all outcomes are fun and interesting, even the ones where you fail stat checks. Tally Ho! is pretty much the same in that way, so if Jolly Good is something you’re interested in, I’d recommend Tally Ho as well.

Thanks for the recommendations…tho I’ve already played those :zipper_mouth_face:
Got anything else?

Is there any stories that have explicit scene? I read A kiss in the death (or something like that) and heart of the house and the steamy scene is so good. Any suggestions?

The WIP “In Stasis And In Space” has explicit content, but it’s MxM only, so you may or may not be interested.

“Supernatural in New York” has explicit scenes, but it’s being ported to Twine and thus will be continued on itch instead, and these scenes will be partly rewritten so you may want to wait. The author’s other WIP, “The Bastard of Camelot” will also have explicit content in due time, but it will be long before it comes before we follow the life of the MC and they are a child atm.

“Relics of the Lost Age” and it’s sequel (finished but not published yet) has explicit scenes, but it’s very very short and light, and I don’t know just how detailed you wish the scenes to be.

That aside, I know some project that will have explicit content, but that don’t even have a demo yet, so yeah, not ideal right now.


Heart’s Choice games have varying levels of spiciness. Have you also checked the Adult Readers subforum?

I’d recommend Werewolves Haven Rising and its sequel, Pack Mentality.

Anyone know some games where enhancing your stats come very easily and often?

Can someone recommend me wip or cog related to rpg.

Breach: The Archangel Job lets you increase your stats pretty often and pretty easily with the free time segments

Vampire the Masquerade: Night Road and VtM: Out for Blood also let you increase your stats pretty often with experience points (though you have more opportunities in Night Road from what I remember)

The only WiP I can think of that’s directly related to an RPG is this one, where you play as a Psyker in the Warhammer 40k tabletop setting:

If you meant games that feel like they were inspired by RPGs, I’d recommend the Lost Heir series. It feels a lot like a traditional high fantasy RPG.

Edit: forgot about 7th Sea: A Pirates Pact, which is set in the TTRPG setting of the 7th Sea. In my opinion it’s the best pirate related game in the CoG catalogue.

Also Pugmire: Treasure of Dogs is based on the Pugmire TTRPG. I haven’t played it, so I can’t really speak to how good it is, but if you want something RPG related there it is.


Okay, me again.

This is a weird one, and very spoilery. I’m looking for that specifically, so don’t worry about me, but please put it under spoilers for other people.

I’m looking for games that use that old-style RPG / fighting game mechanic for it’s endings, where basically you can get a happy ending “easily” enough, but there’s an actual “true final ending” that you can only unlock if you go through very specific steps and/or discover specific things during your playthrough. Basically, you will get an ending that may be satisfying anyway, but you’ll only discover the “true truth” of the mystery if you get to that “beyond-the-ending” part.

I honestly don’t know if there is an IF that uses that to begin with - at least I know of none. But I’d be very curious to see that.

But please, I don’t want it to be strictly stats related! Like, some actual story elements have to be the key!

Thank you!

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Try “Icepeak Mountains” (it’s written in the fighting fantasy style, but with a touch of DND thrown in -levelling, character classes etc-). I’ve submitted it already, bit you can still play most of it on its thread.