Calling of Metem's Hollow (WIP, Hiatus) Updated 05/29/19

It had been a harsh winter on the road—the worst it had ever been—but your mixed tribe of werewolves and humans has finally settled in the basin known as Metem’s Hollow. It’s a fine place to call home, a paradise in its own right, beautiful and abundant with life. Every day is one to look forward to, and you and yours have never gone wanting within its borders. You’ve never known anything like it in all your years alive.

But there is something dark that beats within its heart. Something that has been corrupted, and that continues to corrupt. A chaotic, eldritch Goddess has turned her gaze on you and your kin. She rakes her sharp fingers through mind, body, and spirit until everything that holds your world together is torn wide open. Will you be able to stop the clan from falling into the hands of discord before it’s too late?

Currently on hiatus while I deal with a health issue. Thank you for your understanding! :kissing_heart:

Average playthrough: 50,599 words!

  • Primarily focused on friendship and romance!
  • Play as male, female, or non-binary.
  • Choose from he, she, they, ey, ne, and xe pronouns.
  • Pick to be an ordinary human or a moon-blessed werewolf! If you’re a werewolf, choose what form you’ll take and what color your fur is! Stats will change depending on what race/form you are!
  • MC’s hair, skin, and eye color are used as descriptors and will impact the story in various ways.
  • Background choices are available to determine what kind of family the MC has, as well as how MC came to be a part of the tribe.
  • 10 romanceable characters (4 male, 4 female, 1 non-binary, 1 secret—available from chapter 2 onward)
  • Extensive combat choices, including weapon and magick types (Chapter 2 onward)
  • 12 deity choices, or the choice to not be devout at all (Chapter 2 onward)
  • Chapter 1: 62,419 words (finished)
  • Chapter 2: 81,917 words (finished)
  • Chapter 3: ??? (0%)

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raise hand…uh…any of this mention of physical and mental abuse you can skip or hide (in the futur) ? Not saying remove…or alter…saying to like toggle on or off if possible?

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The mention of physical and mental abuse takes place in chapter 2 (so it’s not currently available in the demo), and I’m going to allow players to avoid going into too much detail by not explicitly asking about it if they’re not comfortable doing so. It will be mostly just be inferred based on what the player sees. I hope that answers your question!


awesome! cose I’m hooked already…and hate to skip your story due to being a wimp :sweat_smile:


Glad to hear it! I can’t wait until you finish the demo, I hope you like it! :relaxed:


it’s Sooooooo goood…

Ok…allow me to blabber here for a bit…

its like…you took that idea from DAO (the dalish elf stuff, if you played that game ya know what I mean)…but twisted it into something greater . There is also some part that remind me of this quest from the witcher 3…merely…uh…lady of the woods , there is that something that remind of it…I guess . I’m not just saying thats you copy pasted or anything , but if a story give me an echo of something else…often its like stirring a good memory and it mean the story I’m reading is just as amazing if not more . Y’know ?

I’m usually not big on werewolf , cose as I said many times in the past…in others topic : that often werewolf story are too cliché…too same old thing ‘lycanthropy is bad m’kay , turn into a growling furry dog that never remember…yadayada…its a curse…blahblahblah…you gotta return to be human…yurk…no thnx’’ lol .

So to find this story with werewolf , I was praying silently…it wont be the usual stuff…and I’m like…OH STUCK WITH THUNDER! Its SOOOOOOOO Goooooooooooood…did I say it was good…oh yeah…So gooooooooooooooooooooooood!

ahem…lets keep some dignity here…lol .

what else…hum…ohhh how about some questions ? ready? shoot…wait…I’m talking to myself now XD

Anyway…So how…come we can choose the fur color? always though the fur color would go…with…well…y’know…hair color…eyebrow color you got?

also…why do you say ‘You can be a werewolf or a human’’ …when…well…you can do fraking magic! Human usually dont have that sweet sweet awesome poweh! Oh if you pick a magic user…do we get to choose spell? like necromancy…?

Tis gonna sound spoilery…but you dont have to answer the question: So this godess is evil vilainy…corrupt and yada yada right? and she gonna eat us alive…but…I dont believe in the whole ‘its evil…kill it with fire’’ …I like to think before there was evil…there was innocent…then victim…then vengence…then wrath…then corrupt…then evil…
Sooooo…can we cure…save…free…said godess from her tormented existance ?

Oy…I havent finished the demo…so thats it for me harassing ya …for now :wink: gotta see the rest woot!


Oh, wow, this is a lot! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad you’re liking it so much, I’m so happy right now!! I can see the DAO comparisons, though I’ve never played The Witcher 3. I’ll read up on the wiki article you linked!

For a lot of these questions, the answer was simply because I wanted to give the player as much freedom and choice with their character as possible. That goes for fur color and why I let humans do magick as well. And yes, if you pick to be a magick user, you’ll get to choose what kind of magick you do (though no necromancy yet—if there’s enough call for it, maybe then).

As for the spoilery question, you can’t save the evil Goddess, but you can side with her just like any other God. Not a huge spoiler since this choice is in chapter 2 and will be available as soon as it’s done, but there it is!


I love your writing style! That premise gave me the chills.

I’m not usually a reader of WIPs, but I’m going to be following yours for sure! Keep up the good work!


hehe…so you remember that part huh? it’s actually…similar to the witcher quest I linked up there…just the witcher one is more close to what you are writing .

right! choices are good! I love more choices , just plz…don’t understimate choices that can become too much for you…:sob:

Ohh…small whine: we don’t get to see or hear much of our ‘sibling’ if we pick any…will they have a role later ?

I’m going wolfy! for the 1st time I get to play a wolfy story that stuck my cord! I make a magic human after I get wolfy out of mah system :sweat_smile:

a shame…I dont side with evil doer…I play mostly that boring-selfless-Jeeday-wanna-save-everyone-at-the-cost-of-one-life yes yes…utterly boring…but so much fun for meh :hugs:

shrug…It just that often evil doer dont give me a good logical reason to switch team . And beside…I suffer from paranoia in real life , which leak in my role playing…I dont trust no evil vilainy! they betray you! and I believe in do it alone or don’t do it at all . I dont need a sidekick or dont wanna be nobody sidekick…either . and I bend knee for no god…or godess…(unless its an asari Justicar…then thats another story :rofl:)

question: whats allure ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@solarepsilon Thank you so much! I hope I do you proud! :hugs:

@E_RedMark On the siblings, there should be around 3 to 4-ish mentions of them in this first chapter, though there will be more later on, don’t worry about that! Also, you can be a wolfy AND a magick user if you want to be, just saying. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. :wink:

Allure is basically your charisma stat!



why is charisma used for alchemist skill? Haha dont be a scary doctor…? joking!

found this : “I’m set to change this time! Papa says so! A wolf, like him!” Lys laughs, pride her in voice.

I havent decided on a career choice to tell you the truth . My 1st instinct would scream ‘go warrior Arrrrrrrr’ . But Lys is already one (I love Lys.,…dont kill her!!!) …

And there is no pure magic user class…unless you are a human…scoff…blah.

Oh I mean you know…career choice ? anyway…was hoping for something druid like…cose…I’m still and will eternally be butthurt over the druid-change-into-werewofl class in BG2 I couldnt take…due to alignement restriction :sob:

As for why charisma and the alchemist skill is tied: it’s because I decided being an alchemist was most “rogue-like”, and would take rogue stats. All of the other professions were distributed in the same way with rogue, mage, and warrior.

As for something like a druid, I’d say either a Seer (though you were against the Gods) or a Naturalist would best suit that. I intended for the Oracle sub-class to represent the druid.


Uh, holy crap. Wow.

From the first page alone, you managed to capture my entire attention. I hardly ever read every word in an HG and I tend to skim, but with this WIP, I was completely enraptured. Your style of writing is almost intimate, bringing the characters to life and making you feel for them, worry for their safety as much as the MC’s. That’s not something that is easy to accomplish in just a few pages!

Genuinely, I did not want to stop reading. The world you created hooked me so much that I audibly sighed at the chapter’s end. I am so excited to watch the characters–and their friendship, most importantly–grow. I think you were so successful in tying us to our MC, making their choices reflect that of our own. I am excited to see the family aspect develop. I wonder if we choose the “left behind” orphan background whether or not we will find out why our parents left us. It’s not necessary at all, though!

A small typo I found when you thank Donni:
I think this should be “startled,” but I can easily be wrong.

Overall, I am so invested in this. I love the way you write. Someone mentioned this, but the character-building really made me think of DAO–it was that good. I am so, so excited to see more!


The firstname part


Thank you all for your bug reports!! :kissing_heart: They’ve been fixed!

@northerndownpour7 Oh my goodness, I’m overwhelmed. Thank you so much for your words. I’ve tried very hard to make you feel for these characters, so I’m glad that it seems like I’ve succeeded! As for the family choices, whatever you choose there will be brought up again at a later time no matter which one it was! I’ve already got it penciled in on my outline!

Ahh, I’m so glad you guys are enjoying this! I’m eager to get chapter 2 done so you can see more!


Well I’m loving everything about this especially Lys and Pan. Will we be seeing Magdalena again, also is she a RO? How will our relationship with Lys and Pan change as we get older, and will there be new characters? Is chapter 2 going to timeskip to when we’re older, also who are the ROs going to be? Sorry about all the questions just really excited to see more.


I am astonished! I love it! Absolutely love it!
But just a quick thing. When I chose to thank Donni, it took me back to the starting part. Should that happen or maybe I just misclicked without realising it and another choice took me back.
But anyway, keep up the good work!


@No_This_Is_Patrick Lys and Pan will continue to be your best friends, but that’s not saying that you may not have problems between you. New characters will be introduced as the chapters progress. Magdalena becomes a recurring character now that you’ve met her. Of the characters that have been introduced, Pan, Lys, Magda, Donni, and Elysia are potential ROs. The other 5 will be introduced in later chapters.

@DecryptedDev :flushed: I couldn’t replicate it, seems like it was because I updated it! So sorry!!


Is it possible that Lys or Pan could end up having a crush on us depending on our sexuality or not? Also when does Magdalena come back?


I’m leaving romance 100% in the hands of the player, so the MC will have to take initiative. Some of the ROs will flirt with your character, though! And Magda comes back in chapter 2. She’s a permanent character. :wink: