Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)

I love how we all disagree on many things: Who’s the best RO, whether or not Athena is a good mother figure, if killing Saxon is or isn’t justified, is Saint annoying or just a good-hearted goof, so on and so forth.

But the one thing that will always bring us, Children of the Gods enthusiasts, together is our collective hate of Zeus :smile:


My Bearers don’t hate Zeus, they just don’t think much of him.


In my case as well, of the entire pantheon, i’d only trust hades

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Dont you like aunt alice? :upside_down_face:

My bearer dont exactly ‘hates’ zeus and the gods, he just dislikes them, a lot, since he feels forced by the gods to play nice so as to obtain freedom from them. I think thats plenty of reason to hate most of them. Zeus is their leader so he dislikes him more. Also hes an adulterer

Its perfectly possible to have a healthy relationship with your parents in these cases, when your somewhere and they are far away from you.
Seriously now. It may be a bit weird at first, but once u get used, living by yourself can be a peaceful and liberating experience.
And if you care, the relationship with your parents may actually “improve” with the distance.


I cant ‘not make a speech’ during the cerimony. :confused:
Also, why cant i say something like " im doing this for me, not you" or " you should fight for yourselves instead of fool around and suck up to people like me to to fight for you" ?


I’ll give Athena the benefit of the doubt.

Leigh is fond of Hades and is willing to give the benefit of the doubt to Athena.

As for the pantheon, you can still like some of them and still not trust them, right?

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Is there a reason i keep getting poseidon as my daddy? i have 70 wit and killed saxon. :confused:


Rohie is going to rewrite the Bearer’s father (hence the other players showing their distaste to zeus) so that part will be obsolete soon.


Poseidon and Hades are no longer options for fathers. The author is currently rewriting the whole story, but has only gotten as far as chapter 3.


As someone whose seen some of this happen with a number of people in my life and heard some of fellow college students own personal stories, it’s…at times not as simple as just having having that distance or caring enough for the other person. Sometimes things happen or people change in ways that make it extremely difficult. That kind of situation is always 50-50: sometimes that distance and time apart does help the relationship improve the relationship between the adult child and their parent(s). Other times, it doesn’t.

And in the context of Zeus, no amount of distance and caring sounds like it’ll ever help make a relationship with him and the Bearer any better/healthier. He couldn’t even bother to see the Bearer’s own mother as anything beyond a possession of his to help his means to a end or even attempt to be a father to Saint. So I’m not currently holding my breath at the idea that Zeus is capable of being a good father to the Bearer (who he also views as a possession of his). Not unless the King of the Gods embraced change…and something makes me wonder if he might be the most fearful of change (along with a number of the other Gods).

I still remember the collective heart attack a number of us had (myself included) when it was stated that we’re stuck with Zeus as the only father like it was yesterday. :laughing:

And it seems that the more things revealed about Zeus, worse he sounds. At the very least though, Zeus doesn’t pretend that he cares about the Bearer and doesn’t badmouth Priscilla to their face.


lol dear old dad is such a charmer, eh? :joy:

You’re right though. He outright tells the Bearer that trusting him is stupid (not that they have a choice), and tbh, my opinion of Zeus is far less uncomplicated than that of Poseidon and Hades.

Poseidon, well I have to admit to a certain bias in that I never quite cared for him to begin with, but in his reveal scene, I always found him…odd. Surfer Dad really wanted to be a part of your life and be like a dad to you but…why didn’t he try earlier? I mean, come on, Hades did it, where was he?

And Hades…once I found out he had another family…I appreciate (as a reader) the effort, danger, and time he took to be in the Bearer’s life…but there’s always something about him that made me…hesitant. To me, it came off as though ever word he said was laced with guilt.

At least Zeus I can unequivocally hate and distrust, lol.
Plus, having Zeus as the only dad makes it way easier to RP my Bearers as I see fit. I mean, @Okami-Nora @Fay could either of you even imagine Helena (from what you know of her) killing Saxon? Because I sure can’t.


Like he was trying to rise you like he couldnt his own?


Actually, Hades did more or less raise Aeson as well alongside Persephone. He originally jumped between raising the Bearer with Athena and raising Aeson with his wife for a while before he had to stay in Olympus.

Although, that’s also why I imagine that a few of my Bearers didn’t come to see him as a father figure: in one way or another, they knew (or figured out quickly) that they weren’t the only child in their Uncle Henry’s life.


Helena hurting someone physically is like Vesper giving up on drinking. But imagine if Vess decided to stay sober 24/7. Now THAT is bizzare.


…Vesper drinks? When did that become a thing?

Sorry, didn’t mean to just jump in like a total newbie, but despite following this story for quite some time now (long enough to have been there some time through the original “only Zeus” overhaul), I’ve only recently joined the actual forum fray. So it was either drive myself insane systematically going through the now 13309+ posts of this thread…or remarking that you were all talking about a character named Helena, searching her name throughout the topic, and delightfully discovering all these wonderful fully-fleshed out OCs of everyone.
Thus, having come to adore each and everyone of them, I now find myself pondering where/when exactly Vesper became a drinker? I don’t recall any mention of such in the post involving that I’ve managed to glean.

Cheers Everyone, and again congrtz on all these beautiful little baboos!


Speaking of our Bearers:

Anyone tried of Evander and Damon yet? :joy: Well, now I offer the chibi form of my two baby boys (who I affectionately refer to as my Shy Guy and Tough Guy duo)


The correct terminology is “Sensitive Guy and Manly Man.” ^^XD

Those types of bromances are always fun to watch. :joy:

But I actually hesitate to call Damon a Manly Man because, believe it or not, both Evander and Damon lean more on the Sensitive Guy spectrum. In fact, as children, Damon was actually a much more sensitive child than Evander.

It’s just that Evander’s arguable good fortune and ability to know when to keep at least some form of guard up during his time on the run, made him not change too much from his child self. Meanwhile, Damon’s arguable misfortune, and his over-sensitivity and naivety ended up leaving him very vulnerable to many types of pain and he ended up creating a much rougher, guarded armor because of it (heck, when he was originally a son of Hades, my headcanon was that Damon even had to deal with the unfortunate effects of how Hades’ source manifested in him, and with no one to really turn to for guidance on how to cope with it).

So Evander is more open with his sensitivity while Damon is often more closed about it, but is actually equal with Evander in terms of sensitivity.

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Oh, me, @Okami-Nora and @rose-court discuss about our bearers in PM and that’s why you may not find a lot about them here in this thread. But meanwhile we talked about our bearers we developed them more and more. A lot of our conversations take place in PM though :slight_smile:


Yeah and Damon’s been unintentionally seducing everyone: Avery, Sage, @Fay’s Nyx, potentially @rose-court’s Helena possibly @Fay and @rose-court themselves . His pheromones have gone completely out of control. :rofl: