Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



Honestly there’s too many people and places in the mythology to keep track of. But they do say that Zeus is scared shitless of Nyx plus I wouldn’t exactly call her not playing a major role since she happens to be the goddess of night and one of the first beings to come into existence.


I’m just a tiny bit disappointed that Zeus is the only father now. There was so much potential with Uncle-Dad and Broseidon xD Also that glitch when you choose not to give a speech is driving me up the wall.


I know I wanted to do a stoic MC but somehow I ended up delivering an inspiring speech


Right?! And I didn’t want to blackmail the gods just like that. I also still don’t get if you get to ask for what you want or you have to pick all 3 things. The latter just seems a way to force the MC into immortality. -_-


For me blackmailing them was better since you get to be free, become a god, and have your first bf/gf back from the dead, when the gods only offer you immortality, it was also a bonus for my mc who hated the gods


Meh, I mean, I can see my MC pulling something similar, but maybe not right off the bat. Makes the MC seems greedy. Also my MC wouldn’t want immortality, and bringing back the first RO has a big potential for disaster.


The thing is if you ask them later, they wouldn’t have sworn by Styx and wouldn’t be bound to give you your demands


Fair. Mostly what bothers me is the lack of choice. They’re both basically the same thing. (Also the fact that I can’t play past the no speech part -_-)


I seem not to be able to get Hades as a father I kill Saxon and with as my highest stat but no cigar just poisiden


Both Hades and Poseidon have been removed as fathers, Zeus is now canonically the Bearer’s father.
The game is currently being rewritten, as such the demo doesn’t yet reflect that.

We’re not sure when the game will be updated, however.

I hope this answered some questions.


Hades will always be my dad.

Sweet new picture btw @impeccably-stressed


True. If father’s day would come then I’d ditch Zeus and spend some quality time with Hades.

Meanwhile Aeson is sulking in the background.

@impeccably-stressed Nice profile pic pastel queen :sparkles:

Yeah, Hades is the best Uncle-Father a Bearer could ask for.

Insanely Jealous and Insecure Bearer: Sure, Aeson, Hades may be your father, but is he your uncle too??? I don’t think so!!!

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We’ll take Aeson’s place as the #1 daughter/son.
We’ll push him off his throne, goodbye Aeson

Hades is about to get a replacement.


And Poseidon will always be the father of Evander.

But since Zeus is the only father now, I guess the parental Godly figure who Evander connects the most with will be…Athena. :grin: I just can’t picture my main Bearer ever warming up to Zeus or tolerating his behavior for too long. And while he did love Hades, the love never went beyond that of a love for a uncle (unlike Damon, who saw Hades as a father figure, which led to conflict in feelings when he reunited with Hades when Damon was originally a son of Hades).

So I guess that makes Athena his father-mother-mentor? The Goddess of wisdom is certainly the one who I can see Evander unconsciously mirroring the most in mannerisms aside from Poseidon (he may not be a possible father anymore, but I like to think that anyone who learned Evander was a Demigod were very convinced that the boy was a child of the God of the Seas.


Zeus being dad means my MC is basically an orphan ಠ_ಠ

(No love for Athena here and Hades is better off as uncle)



but Poseidon at least seem to have a sense of humour ! :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Can we make this an actual line in the game that the Bearer can say? :joy:

Random person of importance: Child, who is your Godly Parent? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Bearer: Well, since my mom decided to get with Zeus…no one. I’m an orphan. :grin:


I am not sure wether someone asked this before, or if this has been mentioned already,
but how can the pantheon be sure that the mc is the bearer and not the bestower?
What exactly is the difference between these two to indicate who the bearer is?
If the answer is about holding the essence, both are holding half of the essence, if I recall corectly.


Because a previous prophet foretold that Priscilla, specifically, would give birth to the Bearer.