Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)

Yeah, Hades is the best Uncle-Father a Bearer could ask for.

Insanely Jealous and Insecure Bearer: Sure, Aeson, Hades may be your father, but is he your uncle too??? I don’t think so!!!

@MichaelCrank @Fay thanks, you two! i just felt it was time to actually start using my own art for my avatar instead of stolen comic book frames other people’s art.


We’ll take Aeson’s place as the #1 daughter/son.
We’ll push him off his throne, goodbye Aeson

Hades is about to get a replacement.


And Poseidon will always be the father of Evander.

But since Zeus is the only father now, I guess the parental Godly figure who Evander connects the most with will be…Athena. :grin: I just can’t picture my main Bearer ever warming up to Zeus or tolerating his behavior for too long. And while he did love Hades, the love never went beyond that of a love for a uncle (unlike Damon, who saw Hades as a father figure, which led to conflict in feelings when he reunited with Hades when Damon was originally a son of Hades).

So I guess that makes Athena his father-mother-mentor? The Goddess of wisdom is certainly the one who I can see Evander unconsciously mirroring the most in mannerisms aside from Poseidon (he may not be a possible father anymore, but I like to think that anyone who learned Evander was a Demigod were very convinced that the boy was a child of the God of the Seas.


Zeus being dad means my MC is basically an orphan ಠ_ಠ

(No love for Athena here and Hades is better off as uncle)



but Poseidon at least seem to have a sense of humour ! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Can we make this an actual line in the game that the Bearer can say? :joy:

Random person of importance: Child, who is your Godly Parent? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Bearer: Well, since my mom decided to get with Zeus…no one. I’m an orphan. :grin:


I am not sure wether someone asked this before, or if this has been mentioned already,
but how can the pantheon be sure that the mc is the bearer and not the bestower?
What exactly is the difference between these two to indicate who the bearer is?
If the answer is about holding the essence, both are holding half of the essence, if I recall corectly.


Because a previous prophet foretold that Priscilla, specifically, would give birth to the Bearer.


I suppose when you think about this from a certain point of view, one could assume that the prophecy would had been referring to Saint but of course we the readers knows this isn’t true but maybe there are some people in the story that could be thinking this way. Just sayin’.

Well, no, because the Bearer and Bestower are born at exactly the same time, signalling their intertwinedness.

I don’t remember if there was a prophecy regarding Aeson’s birth, and his birth parents’ identity, the way Priscilla was.

Regardless, as far we know, no one was born in conjunction with Saint so…


It doesn’t seem like Saint has that odd circle mark on the palm of his hand like the Bearer though, which could be a mark that is linked to the Bearer.

Of course I don’t remember if Korrina/Leon also had the mark on their hand, so that circle mark could just have to do with this Current Bearer.

Also the birth thing: pretty sure Aeson was born the moment the Bearer came into the world.

Of course, this is assuming that the Essence isn’t a bit of a unconscious trickster even in their sleeping state: I still feel like the Bearer or Bestower may have managed to do something of significance that effects the Gods and others in some way (which is heavily implied to be the case with our beloved Bestower Aeson).


Didn’t Hades have the circle mark on his hand right at the beginning though? So maybe that circle mark shows if you’re a god (Demi or full) or not.

I don’t remember Hades having the circle mark. :thinking: But then I also don’t remember if the narrative mentions Aeson or Korrina/Leon having one either. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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No, that the the Bearer taking note of of the circle on their right hand

You’re talking about the scene when the Bearer was really young, right?

The man glances at you, bringing a hand toward yours, which is currently positioned in front of your perplexed face. You note the strange shape on the inside of your right palm. You believe it’s called a circle

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Ah right, it’s been a while. Thanks for clearing up my mistake.

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:smile: You reminded me of

Person of importance: So who is your godly parent?
MC: I’m an orphan. I never knew my mom and I lost my dad many years ago. :pensive:
Zeus [from the top of a random cloud]: QUIT TELLING EVERYONE I’M DEAD!
MC: Sometimes I can still hear his voice.


Is it possible for a child to disown their own parent?

If so then:


Same. a part of me/Leigh will always think: “of all the fucking gods, why does it have to be the serial adulterer [that has to be my father]?”

if Hera stopped being a bitch to Leigh, i won’t mind taking her side.



@Anathema Thank you for making that so much funnier.

I wonder how the ROs and Saint would react to hearing the Bearer say that while they’re present. :joy:

On a serious note, it does happen. It often happens with adult children who already have a way to take care of themselves and whose relationship with one or both parents becomes too heavily strained and unhealthy due to a good number of personal reasons for the adult child.


He’d probably double over from laughter. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: