Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



I try to avoid it because it’s very deeply depressing :cry::sob: Can somebody give the Bearer please a blanket? And a hug? And hot chocolat? And something to ease their deep running abandonment, trust, guilt and survivor issues??? Because I don’t feel like the trials will be helpful when it comes to those!


I think my bearer are those smiley looking ones but deep inside she is quite lonely. Or I am just really bad at making realistic MCs.


At least you get to smack things and vent your anger out.


Why is Aeson’s being a Hades’ son stated the first time his name comes up, and then it goes on saying who knows who Hades’ children are, and Aeson’s father reveal being a surprise.


Because much of the demo is being reworked right now probably (I say without having played the latest short update yet, because work hates me and it makes sense as reason), but good that you mention it.


So what has been going on with this wip? Mia from this post for almost a year now.


Well since you’ve been gone for a year, there was a little update. But right now, it’s currently being reworked with new scenes being added while some old ones are being removed as it has been mentioned multiple times before.


Tried my hand at some rough coloring and did a few more sketches of Damon and Evander (Evander is the one with the scar on his face and the longer hair while Damon’s the guy with the short hair and big head).


Nice! Now I have a itch to draw Aegon and Loki. Lol


I say go for it! It’d be interesting to see them in action. :grinning:

I myself have started to grow more curious about moodboards after seeing them everywhere; no idea how to make them though. :thinking:


I should have it up on here later tonight then. :slight_smile:

There should be an app on Google or Apple that lets you make a mood board. Try typing in mood board in the search


For real? Now I feel like a chump for doing it the old fashioned way on Krita.


Yeah that’s how I did mine eariler that I posted on this thread. All I did was to look it up on Google play store and there was a bunch of them


I used Picsart for moodboards. =D


There’s also Pixlr Express. Not sure about the quality compared to others, but I know it’s easy to use.


if you wanna do moodboards online, befunky may be useful. I find it easy to make moodboards with it. It’s kinda like PicMonkey!


I can’t go with calypso


That’s where the demo ends for now. The only route you can go on at the moment is with Sage but even that part isn’t that long either because that’s the end as well.


I want to know if it’s just me maybe it’s my kindle but am I the only one who has trouble playing the whole thing through? Every time I try I get one of those pop ups that say something like dashginton problem blah blah you can’t finish the demo.


No, your Kindle is working properly. That’s the end of the demo right now. There was an update a while back which changed some of the content (some of the events in New York and ending at Priscilla’s old room), but nothing after Chapter 8, which is being worked on.