Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



All these freakin’ kids need therapy, holy crap.


Uh, it’s 3 AM and I couldn’t sleep so I made some faux instagram moodboards for Elias and Electra.


Does Olympus even allow instagram? Is there a divine knock-off version? Olympus-gram? Would Aeson post puppy pictures?

i’m tired.


That is something I’ve been wondering for like three months now.
Cally says Olympus has powerful enough wifi to send emails home, well damn gurl show give us the damn wifi password, Vess needs to torrent a bunch of music and movies since she’s been gone. My girl is d y i n g.


Well, Avery did make mentions about how she wish she could blog the moment she was witnessing the Bearer having during her writing short, so I can see some Demigods (if they had the time for it) having such websites available to them.


But then they’d have to keep non-Olympians from finding their websites. Which demigods would handle IT?


Or maybe people just wouldn’t believe them if they read their blogs, I’m pretty sure if I read about a blog that speaks about gods and adventures I wouldn’t believe the person who wrote that


Maybe the specific social stuff stays more on Olympus and other websites that are clearly not meant to be seen by human eyes.

And maybe one of the Gods created some form of magic to make sure that nothing too exposing gets leaked from the multiple available websites (though it can probably only do so much, and there ends up being some leaks). :thinking:


I would imagine Hermes and Hephaestus would handle the WiFi and technology. This answer is heavily influenced by class of the titans.


Sounds legit to me.

Though it’d be funny if the creation of Olympus’ Wi-Fi was a male mage, just so we can all say ‘a wizard did it’.

That said, hearing that a another Calypso short is currently in the making has currently got me like this:



A Calypso short? Yahoo!



It was stated on the Tumblr (when a anon asked about the possibility of a Calypso short) that one was in the process of being written while blushing was occurring. So I’m really curious about what kind of short it will be.

That aside:

Has anyone been thinking about their Bearer’s possible traumas, the effects it may have on them, and just how deeply it runs in their beings? We know that our Bearers will have varying levels of PTSD, but what does that mean for each of our Bearers? Are they at some stage where they can partially face that trauma or do they still struggle with it in some way? How do they cope and what are their triggers?

I couldn’t help but think about it a bit more after watching this episode of Extra Credits (it was a pretty interesting episode: my favorite line has got to be ‘_____ is not OK, and that is OK’).


That’s something I’m trying to figure out with my Bearer. One of my current headcanons is that he’s got some sort of Agoraphobia due to associating crowds with the Hunters/Seekers. He can handle things like going to class (the fact that it’s something normal in comparison also helps), but would freak out somewhat when Aeson first came back to Olympus. And, of course, the fact that he was effectively homeless for most of those three years while his new friends actually had someplace to go home to regularly and people to care about them doesn’t help things. Plus the reactions from some of the other demigods grates on him.
…That’s actually something I’d like to make sense of for later.


My bearer acts like she’s totally fine…until she’s not. She likes to be miss put together martyr, who forgives Athena and Hades, says she’s willing to try with Zeus, legitimately does love this new world of Olympus and new fam, and then the building stress breaks her, leading to really bad panic attacks. She’s a stepford smiled essentially.


Hannibal don’t really have any trauma, but he does have several negative personality traits thanks to the event in his life, those are :

  1. Abandonment issues : Started by the absence of his biological parents, worsened by the disappearance of uncle Henry and aunt Alice. Further worsened when he met Saint and learn that Saint actually spent some time with Priscilla and has a memento to remember her by, while he himself has none of those, but thankfully lessened when he learn the circumstances behind uncle Henry and aunt Alice’s disappearance.

  2. Superiority complex (former) : Started when he learn that he’s a demigod, the revelation swells his heart with joy and pride. This drives him to pursue the art of magic, which no one in his school is capable of, as far as he knows.

  3. Inferiority complex (current) : Acquired when he failed to protect Aelin. This one is the deepest running problem, thanks to his superiority complex, the powerlessness he felt at the time completely shatters every self-esteem he has and left a gaping void where it used to be. Not even learning that he’s the bearer soothed this problem, his reaction to being told that he’s the bearer is basically ‘I can’t even save one soul…now they want me to save the world?! It’s impossible, there’s no way someone like me would be able to do it…’.

  4. Sadistic personality disorder : To his greatest horror, he found out that he enjoys seeing life slowly fading from Saxon’s eyes, he hates how happy it made him, he abhors the pleasure he felt by inflicting pain to others and watching them suffer, he knows with full conviction that this is sick, wrong, repulsive…monstrous even, yet…he also knows that the happiness and pleasure he felt is no illusion, and he hate that fact.

  5. Paranoia : Being hunted on a monthly basis has made him extremely wary of everything, the lack of information regarding the seeker only made it worse. He doesn’t know who could be trusted, because he doesn’t know who his enemy’s allies are, because of that he steers away from any kind of interaction during his life on the run. The strain of constant vigilance is tremendous, he’s now jumpy and stressed out all the time. Ironically, the calmest he felt is when he confronts the very seeker that hunts him, it brings serenity to him when he watch them bloodied and broken. His paranoia still carries on even after he set foot on Olympus, after all, who said that this isn’t some elaborate trap to make him lower his guard and then kill him? The Gods, and why would he trust the Gods when the seekers are their lap dog?


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All the time? I have a few wips for this actually but am in the process of editing so :))


I’ve imagined that Leigh, my MC, is suffering from some variant of avoidant disorder, dependent disorder, dissociation (probably depersonalization) and depression.

Because of that, they might be willing do some of the bidding until they get what they want and that is for the gods for leave them alone.


Honestly, I never realised how “I’m not okay” my bearers are until I made Pinterest boards for them :sweat_smile: Every other picture is either really depressing or kind of sad. I’m just enjoying all the dark possibilities in the game that are not usually given to a chosen one^TM character. If they manage to get through their darkness then a successful ending will be even greater.


I try to avoid it because it’s very deeply depressing :cry::sob: Can somebody give the Bearer please a blanket? And a hug? And hot chocolat? And something to ease their deep running abandonment, trust, guilt and survivor issues??? Because I don’t feel like the trials will be helpful when it comes to those!


I think my bearer are those smiley looking ones but deep inside she is quite lonely. Or I am just really bad at making realistic MCs.


At least you get to smack things and vent your anger out.