Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



@MichaelCrank Excuse you, but I got Hades/Pluto. The least thirsty of the gods.

But as for my Bearers…

Helena got…Hermes, holy shit. Holy shit.

Vesper got…Dionysus…ok, ok. Definitely not as horrifying as Helena’s result.

Alexander got…Zeus??? what the fuck. oh my god take it back what the actual fuck, alex


Aaaaaaand called it. At least one of your Bearers was accurate from what I said xD


Oh, I thought you were talking about me, the person, not my Bearers. lol

But yeah…yeah, it’s kinda horrifying, to say the least.


I apologize if I offended you earlier, I should had made it a bit more clear that it was about your Bearers.


Nah, what horrified my was Alex’s result.

That boi needs therapy, asap. :grimacing:


No no no no, what that guy needs is some existence erasure.


wow okay i’m hurt

that’s actually not accurate

i like donny and santi too

…and apparently according to the quiz, my soulmate is Apollo. Soooooo maybe I should give Santi’s dad a shot? lol how bout no


I meant your Bearers, not you personally! Jeez I’m gonna go ahead and edit my eariler comment to make it clear. Again, I apologize for any offense


nah man, it’s cool. :+1:t4:

tbh in-game Kasia doesn’t have a developed preference yet, as most of what we truly know about the ROs has mostly stemmed from the forums and tumblr.

but i mean, yeah, you have a point lol
should the game be updated i know who to make her go for
…lol who am i kidding i love them all
polyamory ftw


Well I know for sure Aegon is going for Calypso.

Buuuuuut Loki definitely has a hard time between Sage and Avery because Loki really likes how Sage is acting around him and he can somewhat relate to Avery being a magician and all of that.

For some reason, I’m very curious about who Loki is going to end up with lol I ship both LoGe and LoVery. It’s hard to choose!


So you just ate a salad made of abs? Damn boi. And you call us thirsty. You’re basically eating dat boi’s abs.

My bearer Nyx wants to dethrone Zeus so bad. Maybe being his daughter gives her an advantage. But I still want Hades as my pop. At least he looked after us when we were younger. Zeus was probably busy with cheating on Hera.

Also in the old version of the demo, I got Poseidon as my dad. Even the God of the sea himself couldn’t clench Nyx’s thirst. But she’s the type of person to hide her emotions, the only devotion she’ll give to Aeson is sharing her food with him.


So I should go for Adonis on my first play :laughing:


Yukano got Hermes.

Your soulmate is Hermes, and your predominant psychological trait is Vitality.
You are happy, optimistic, and realistic. You find being yourself rewarding, and tend to trust your own judgment. You keep a positive attitude, you radiate joy, and you know how to enjoy life. Your motto is: “Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over.” That’s why your soulmate is Hermes. He was the Messenger of the Gods. He moved freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine. That trickster outwitted gods for his own satisfaction or the sake of humankind. In your past life, a majestic palace was created for you and Hermes, and the gods granted their command that you two should die at the same moment.

Kurina got Hades, like @impeccably-stressed!!
Oh! While I’ve got your attention, Yukano being enamoured with Santi’s hair? Take a look at this. Yukano is Hamilton, minus calling him shit, Saint would probably be Burr, and Santi’s Jefferson. Whoever the poor soul that asks why Yukano is sulking is can be Laurens; I’m imagining Caly.

I got… Zeus. Somehow. This sounds nothing like me.

Your soulmate is Zeus, and your predominant psychological trait is Orderliness.
You keep your house clean, you are extremely efficient, and people see you as dependable and faithful. You strive to achievement, adhere to rules, and deal with problems right when the arise. Your motto is: “I am a big believer that orderliness begets wealth.” That’s why your soulmate is Zeus. He was the King and father of the gods, the ruler of Mount Olympus, and the god of the sky, law, and justice. He overthrew his opponent by castrating him and gained the sovereignty of heaven for himself. In your past life, you gave up your seat as one of the Twelve Olympians in his favor.

Well, at least neither of my girls is soulmates with their dad… or Santi’s… Kurina’s next chat with “Uncle Henry” will be a bit awkward, though. Poor Yukano, just another reason for Sage to attack her

It feels weird to say it about my own character, but Yukano is a cinnamon roll. She just wants everyone to be happy, and healthy, and alive, and well fed. She did nothing to deserve this. She’s haunted by Benji’s and Saxon’s deaths, despite neither being her fault directly. She also blames herself for the Seeker that killed themselves during class since she was right on top of them, but still didn’t manage to stop them.

If I had to give the girls theme songs?


  • That Would Be Enough (I recently joined the Hamilton fandom, so… ^^;; Also, she would totally sing the crap out of this to an RO.
    I actually headcannon that she asks Adonis to sing for her, and is so enchanted that she jokes that she almost fell for him right there. She then demonstrates that she too can sing by singing “No Good Deed” around Calypso. Then, she pauses, and starts the song over replacing Fiyero with Calypso, Nessa with Saint, and Doctor Dillamond with Aunt Alice. Then, if Caly gets flustered, she innocently giggles and comments that Calypso’s name just fit so perfectly in the space.
  • Drop Pop Candy


  • Wait for It (She wasn’t satisfied believing that the people she loves were just taken from her. But, she also wan’t sure how to go about finding out the reason. She was prepared to let the answers come to her, though, whenever they do. This might actually be a good one for Aeson.)
  • My R (She wanted to give up a lot after “Aunt Alice” disappeared, but she eventually convinced herself that she would never get the answers she wanted if she couldn’t wait for them.)

I didn’t think about it until I was looking over songs I liked, whilst having CoG in mind, but this makes me think of Avery after all the talk of Requited/Unrequited love, and how she’s apparently a selfish, envious person… but Anna’s cover of this song, and this animatic makes me think of Avery. So… Hellfire.

Also, after listening to Non-Stop, I’m starting to think that Aeson pretty closely resembles Hamilton for the time being.


ooooh interesting. i’m curious about that too, keep me posted lol.

OMG Hamilton!! I haven’t talked about that in a while! Glad to see another fan! Yay for you!


Made of abs? Please. I just sprinkled them on the salad. Unlike some people, I know the meaning of self-control.

Now, I’ll admit I put way too much Sage in my food.


How many times did you choke while eating? I mean,Sage is literally out to kill us (bad joke, sorry)


She’s a spicy little thing, but she makes meals more interesting. :stuck_out_tongue: I mean, it’s good to offset sweet foods with a touch of bitterness.


It’s like eating candy too fast,It might kill but it’s good :ok_hand:


On another note, I ran Dagon’s personality through a different playbuzz quiz (‘Which Greek God or Goddess would you Date?’).

I got Athena.

I have several questions, Dagon.


I’ll get the therapist for him and my Damon (who had also gotten Athena). :sweat_smile:

Evander himself had gotten Artemis; guess my scruffy puppy might have a thing for huntresses. :laughing: