Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



It’s so damn beautiful @Chai!!! I love the colors as they are, especially how balanced the entire piece is in terms of saturation. And those picture of Aeson’s faceclaim!!1

[fans self]

idk if I want to pet the dog or grate some cheese on them abs, I just don’t know


I’m not so sure how Aeson would take you trying to rub a block of cheese on them, so I’d just suggest skip the cheese or pretend your the cheese, or pet those cute puppies actually both.


Hey, I haven’t played the demo in around a year (it was on hiatus and there was a some gamebreaking bug or something), and I was wondering what had changed? I just played earlier and I’ve already seen some new scenes, but for some reason I got Zeus as my father after killing the Seeker and having wit as my highest attribute - is that still a bug too?


It’s not a bug. In the new version of the game, Zeus is the official father of the MC.


Oh, ok. No more dad!Hades is kinda sad, but that makes sense. Just got confused since the FAQ linked in the first post still has the 3 dads thing. Thanks though!


my child share all your thoughts with me even if it has to be over pm lol :purple_heart:

yo omg that’s a thing??!??

Your interpretations are interesting! The last four had angles I didn’t see before, so thanks for that.

Tbh in making this list, my agenda was to give everyone their own Reputation song, so Sage’s was more or less default. Same with Santi’s. With both of theirs I just went with a song that at least expressed one of their traits, or a trait relationships with them would have.


Line 231: false? how do I get rid of that bug?


Whaaat? Oh no, now I’m sad…Zeus for me was always the least interesting option, but I guess it can’t be helped. I’m still in for Poseidon as maybe not father of the year but more honest as the other two jerks. :cry:


Let’s make mac n cheese out of cheese grated by Aeson’s abs

Now the real question is: Would Helena eat it or would she be grosses out?

Aeson: What are you doing??



Helena and Alexander would be grossed out. Vesper would already be waiting around with a salad, lol.


am i the only one that cant for some reason get zeus or hades as my father or get passed the artemis trail?


The author is rewriting the entire story thus far, and Zeus is now the only possible father. Any issues after chapter three will presumably be fixed in the next update.


so you cant go passed the artemis trail?


No because there’s nothing written past that, not yet.


But wait

Vess doesn’t eat salads. She doesn’t even know what an orange is.

Questions everything I know


Its been hinted at on the COTG tumblr. Plus her flaws are secretive and vindictive. Those along with her determination, well, I would be shocked if Avery wasn’t plotting something.

Or maybe I’m completely misreading everything. Maybe she just wants to get back at the local barista for messing up her coffee order. idk. :woman_shrugging:

Uh, whoops lol. I cheated and gave everybody multiple songs. :grimacing:
But in that case, I can definitely see Sage and Santi in their songs.

shhh, just let it happen bby. grate grate

True love right there folks.


Just wanted to reply with a big ol :heart: bc apparently I’ve reached my max likes per day, wtf this has never happened to me before it feels so weird not being able to show my appreciation, like??? kill me??? just a lil???


Last i checked zeus and Poseidon claimed to be my father


Yeaaaah, that part is a bug that will be fixed soon. As Hannah said, once the rewrite is up, Zeus is going to be the MC’s dad.


The game is…mess up

Somenthing on my mind

I hope zeus choke on his viagra pills. POSEIDON FOR EVER