Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



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My Bearer would honestly be floored upon meeting Priscilla. But if she could get herself together, she’d probably want to know where the hades she was and why she never came to see her, especially if Priscilla had the capacity to.

Kasia would ask if she ever loved her and Saint. She’d also want to know what really went on between Priscilla and Zeus.

She’d definitely would want to know what the Prophecy means for her. Second opinions are appreciated. Her destiny looms over her head heavily, so Kasia would grasp for any form of clarity.

I think Kaz is the type to want advice and affection. So “I love you, I’m sorry” would mean the world. Kasia would actually cry lol


My bearer Nyx has always wanted to tell her mother this:

”You have shitty taste in men”.



I just realized that I never answered your questions about how my two misters experienced the world world around them. :sweat_smile:

Damon is very much a guy who is very visual and tactile. The visual part has always been an aspect of him ever since he was very young, one that Athena had encouraged his focus on due to it making him naturally adept at observing. As he got older, he did grow to using touch more often to explore the world and people around him and often conveys a lot more to people through his body language rather than his wise-cracking mouth. As such, Damon is very conscious about what other people’s body language (including his own)is saying and is quick to react to any changes he sees visually or feels physically

At his lowest, his body becomes numb to everything, his eyes becoming more focused on detecting even the slightest implications of threat (basically, goes into a fight mode).

As for Evander (and to extention Mia and Echo)

Evander, Echo, and Mia (my former Trio of Poseidon) were all created with one theme in mind: Life. Water tends to harbor a great many symbolism often linking to important aspects of life, so it had felt fitting to have these three be children of the God of the Seas. As such, they were developed with these titles in mind: Evander (the Lover), Echo (the Guardian), and Mia (the Explorer). So in a sense, because they have a rather strong link to Life, the three of them are the most invested in the world around them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Though if I were to say their preference when it comes to their six senses (all of them have have a strong connection to their sixth sense, so I’m leaving that one out).

Mia is the most tactile of the three, enjoying physically connecting to the things around her in some way, from reaching out gran a trees branch to climb higher to playfully rough housing with a friend to pass the time.

Echo is the most sight-oriented of the three though, technically speaking, they have the strongest sensitivity their sense in general (which makes them feel easily overwhelmed). With their sight, they can keep a bearable distance from things while also observing their environment to spot something out of place or a slight detail that someone else easily passes by on.

Evander is the most sound oriented of his senses. He is often quick to detect even the slightest change in a person’s tone and is the first to hear any shifts in the environment that warn of danger. His sensitivity to hearing is also a reason why he is so musically talented.


Lethanavir’s initial reaction to Priscilla is no different than his usual reaction to strangers, which is one of cool detachment. He feels no kinship towards her and doesn’t care if she loves him or not, because as far as he’s concerned, she is a stranger and he already had a mother figure.

He would like to know how Zeus managed to worm his way into her heart. “You have shitty taste in men.”–as @Fay so eloquently said–is definitely something Lethanavir would tell Priscilla. And while an affirmation of love isn’t something he’s looking for, he would ask her if she regretted having him or Saint (although he would absolutely chew her out for getting involved with Zeus twice). He’s also curious about her family. Does she have any surviving relatives? If so, how did they react to her disappearance? Did she tell them about her abilities?

He would ask about that one event, the one where she apparently caused a lot of trouble.

The most important thing he’s looking for in this interaction is information on the prophecy. Who are the key players? What are the loopholes? Anything that might help him survive.


Being the sarcastic jerk that he is, he’d probably be like "who are you again?"
And she means nothing to him so he really wouldn’t bother to listen to anything she might have to say.


I’m not sure what my Bearers would think of Priscilla.


When it comes to Priscilla, my MC Leigh would react in a more detached way and probably says something that really shows their current mental state.


Pan’s view of Priscilla would be best described as a creepy, nonromantic tsundere. On the one hand, he is disgusted by her life choices: affiliating herself with Olympus, lying down for a married womanizer, and so on. (It doesn’t help that her choices made him a bastard.) On the other hand, some part of his atrophied little heart wants affection. Probably.

In short: ‘You’re back. I suppose you got out by (REDACTED) every corpse in Tartarus and–where do you think you’re going?’






I find it endlessly hilariously that Echo is sight-oriented instead of sound-oriented. :sweat_smile:

"So you think you can just waltz into my life after abandoning me immediately after birth and–wAIT DON’T LEAVE ME. "

Priscilla: "I guess you and I have that in common. [cough]stalkerboy[cough]"
Nyx: “D-Did…did my deadbeat, deadass mother d e a d a s s roast me???”


One would tell Priscilla that they wish they could have had a future together. That they understand her life was set in stone for her in a prophecy, which makes them sad but they love her. If it pained her to leave them then they want to make it better for her conscience.

If it was in person then they would be awkward AF, lost and conflicted. It’s easy to respond to something written years ago but a person… Oh, hello mother that’s dead / that I thought was dead / apparition of mother that is dead. Um… why are you here? Am I dead!!!

The other would probably not care about the journals past the initial look through and would give them to Saint or leave them in the dust. He’ll do anything to convince himself that he cares for no one and will get out of here first chance he gets, even though there is nothing out there for him. He’s angry but he can’t bring himself to be angry at her just for giving birth to him. Neither of them could choose their lives after all. Although he’d be the sulkiest, most brooding child glaring from the corner there would be occasional soft, almost wishful glances until he catches himself and broods once more. This can be applied to the journals, especially if they have a heartfelt message at the end. If he could question her it’d be barked and short. Why? Why did you leave me? Why is there so much responsibility on me? Why do I want to hate you but can’t? How? How do I go from here?

For what they would like to hear…
Guidance. Is there anyone they could trust or ways they could win the trust of others? … Potential blackmail? What would make her proud of us? A little ‘I wouldn’t blame them if they hated me’ would be an excellent guilt trip.

Teach them her pragmatism, tell them you regret having to leave them, how you’re going to live your life after Olympus.

It’d be cute if she wonders what we’ll be like in her journals, if we will like the same things as her, have a favourite time of day, season, or landscape. Something wistfully maternal that she will never see. Would make my depressed bearer even more depressed :joy:


This choice doesn’t work


An echo doesn’t make a sound unless someone makes a sound first. Nor will you ever fully know where the echo will come from. But when it happens, you know that someone has heard your words or some place gives you a chance to truly hear your voice with your own ears.

As I did say though, Echo actually has the most sensitive senses compared to Mia and Evander…too sensitive in fact. Echo can easily get very overwhelming through sensory stimulation because of just how sensitive they are to the world and people around them. So they have such a strong preference for sight because it allows them to detach themselves from a situation to properly assess it without being overwhelmed by their other senses.

Echo is something of a paradox in a way: they seem to be the most emotionally detached and vocally silent of the former Trio of Poseidon. But are probably the most intimately connected to Life in its many forms and manages to do one simple thing despite those overwhelming senses: care about each and every one of it. My non-official headcanon for their first scar is that they had tried to reach out to help Saxon because he seemed in pain, but got a good slash for it and was forced to fight for their life.

Echo actually sort of makes me a little sad when I think about them :sweat_smile:. What draws them the most to the group is the group’s hurt because they want to stop the hurting somehow. But Echo is so clumsy and blunt that their actions sometimes give the opposite impression. But man, when a expression of emotion manages to slip on their often seemingly stoic face, the emotions on their face is just so pure and genuine; it leaves no room for doubt that they really care and are trying to help.

Still not sure who would be a good romance for them (if I’ll do a romance for them at all). :thinking:

That said, the Trio of Poseidon all absorb the world with unusually strong senses; they just have particular preferences with what senses they use to approach most situations.


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