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I mostly imagine Nicholas ranting about how lonely he felt never getting the chance to be with her, that she had been the first out of many to abandon, or be taken away from him.

As far as what he’d want to hear, just that her leaving him and Saint truly couldn’t be helped, that they were wanted, and that she had some grand mission she had to fulfill, or that Fate itself kept her from being with them is what he wants most.

Though as soon as the emotional moment ends, first question is definitely going to be whether or not the Saint Nicholas/Santa Claus thing over his, and his brother’s name was intentional or not. (it’s fun when an unexpected joke happens based on just randomly choosing a name you like)


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My bearer is very forgiving by nature, but she also tends to play the martyr, telling people she’s okay and not hurt when she really is. With Priscilla, since this is the only time they’ll probably get to talk, she might simply ask, “Why didn’t you want me all those years? Not even a letter or phone call when I was with Athena? Weren’t you ever curious? Did you ever care?”

She’d not want any affections or advice from Priscilla since she has and can get that other places. She’d want honesty and an explanation.


Anytime I see a picture of Cerberus, I am reminded that Cerberus can mean “spotted” and it amuses me that this terrifying creature is basically named Spot.


Just another reminder that Hades is best god.


Hades is great! I’m hoping we can declare for him at the ceremony.


Also… you can’t kill Aeson anyway, even if you did know his weaknesses! You would die! …oh. I guess that makes us one of his weaknesses! :smiley:

…les do it.
I’m kind of boring compared to you guys. I only have one Bearer, her name just changes. I guess I could make them different people? Yeah! I’m gonna do that! …but, they’re both girls. Also, they’re both weebs like me.

Yukano can you be a weeb if you’re actually Japanese?
Some of her friends have, indeed, asked her to marry them after having her food. Although, that’s more because they are massive weebs. Though she can make up a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner, her favourite thing to create is sweets. She loves making toffee, marzipan, chocolates (particularly turkish delights), konpeito, and most other things. She can make a pretty mean affogato, she likes to start her mornings with one if she can help it. But her favourite sweet thing to make is dondurma, it’s a Turkish ice cream that stretches!
If you were to ask her regular, human friends, she isn’t terribly fun to cook with; she takes cooking very seriously. But, depending one which of the demi-gods (or Avery) she cooks with, that would certainly change.

  • Saint - She’d playfully be batting him away from the ingredients or the food, reprimanding him the way Athena would her with a motherly tone. After the first time, she would always have some things prepared in advance so he doesn’t whine all the time. If she ever has to bribe her beloved brother, this is totally how it’s happening. Her smiles are a little tense when he’s in the kitchen with her.
  • Calypso - Since she knows her dear Caly is a good cook, quite prideful, and also quite strong, she always asks her to do the chopping, mashing, crushing, and other things that require some strength. Not the more delicate things, though, like cutting carrots julienne style. When she can’t get a glass jar open, she’ll discreetly get someone else to do it; she’s scared of what Caly might do to the poor jar. Her smiles are their same, general kind of pleasant when cooking with Caly.
  • Avery - She doesn’t particularly like cooking with Avery. Not because she doesn’t like Avery, it’s more the opposite. She believes Avery does enough, and wants to be able to cook for her as a way to give her some time for a break. If Avery insists, Yukano will insist on giving her the steps that take longer, and will stress how delicately one needs to handle this step, just so she can keep her from doing too much. Her smiles are a little disappointed when she cooks with Avery.
  • Adonis - She loves cooking with Adonis. He isn’t amazing, but he is capable, and helpful. She loves getting to see him work with his hands, like when he’s smithing, but in a much more quiet setting. Since her favourite things to make are sweets, she uses the context to playfully flirt with him a lot. She actually does this with all the RO, but more so with Adonis since she knows he’ll reciprocate. If they get together, she’ll actually hold back on this aspect, because she wants him to view her more seriously that his previous relationships. Her smiles tend to be relaxed, and playful when they cook together.
  • Sage - Cooking with Sage is odd. After learning about their shared connection via Saxon, Yukano never thought she’d be doing something so intimate with Sage; creating something with her. Sage probably doesn’t like it as much, because Yukano will often have the silliest smile on her face, often stares at Sage as they cook and refuses to tell her what’s got her so happy. Her smiles are giddy when she cooks with Sage.
  • Santiago - Sweet city of Dis, she is enraptured when she’s in the kitchen with Santiago. She often wonders how anyone could consider her cooking proposal worthy when she sees him prepare food. She particularly likes baking, since she gets to share something so important with him (if her lets her, that is). He probably doesn’t share the sentiment though. Yes, she’s a good cook, but she lets her terrible tendency of wanting to touch his hair control her more when they cook. She seems to think it distracts him, but he’s learned this, and will take the opportunity to tell her that doing such a thing is unsanitary, and will happily lay into her about it. Her smiles when cooking with him are either dazed and brimming with admiration, or pouty and good natured.
  • Aeson - She likes showing off to her soulmate. Though for a long while, she’s teaching and re-teaching him how to operate most of the equipment, she very much enjoys sharing the kitchen with him. He’s much stronger than her, so being able to look out for him in a different way brings her a great deal of joy. She likes to dote on him when they cook together, always demonstrating how to do something; even if she’s already shown him a billion times. If he does cut himself on a potato peeler, and stick said finger into his whining mouth though, she will be slapping that wrist. While she’s washing and cleaning the cut, no matter how small, she’s giving him some kind of lecture on hygiene. Her smiles are bright when she cooks with Aeson.

She loves cooking. Though, most of what she cooks doesn’t compare to what Caly or Santiago can do. She’s about Adonis’ level. Most of what she cooks isn’t healthy, though. Since Athena insisted she have a healthy diet, she taught herself to cook foods that were a little more greasy, and just all around less healthy. She can create healthy stuff, though! She just doesn’t prefer it. Like Santiago, she’s better at baking, though for a different reason. Baking is how she vents her anger and frustration. She finds it cathartic, beating the ingredients together with the force of a wrathful teenager, and watching them meld together under an intense heat before either tearing the creation to shreds then melting it with the acids in her stomach, or giving it to people she loves so joy can be found in her rage.

  • Saint - Sweet criminy, these two gluttons are related. If you couldn’t tell by standing them beside each other, you could tell when you see them eat or cook together. Don’t cook with them, because you’ll find you’re a little short on something or other; they’ve both been stealing little bits and pieces. Then they both complain when there’s not enough food for the both of them. She tries to bring food in advance, but she ends up eating some of it too, or Saint’s eaten it before they even started.
    I can’t actually think of anything for Kurina and most of the RO. I haven’t played the game as Kurina for a while, so I’ve forgotten most of my characterisations of her.
  • Aeson - She’ll actually try to stop Aeson from helping. She’ll insist that she just wants to show off, and have him be there to watch. But, they both know it’s because she trusts him in the kitchen about as much as she trusts her father… just in general. If he does hurt himself in the kitchen, let’s face it it’s inevitable, she’ll put everything on pause and spend a great deal of time indulging his dramatics. She’s pretty dramatic too. Perfect soulmates. xD

…I got a little too into making headcannons, and for that I’m sorry.


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Pan’s cuisine choices reflect his personality, which means a combination of basement-dweller cooking (microwave meals) and the recipes of the hicks from Deliverance. He tends to focus on fresh-caught and fried or boiled meats, including venison (when he can get it), fish, fowl, and small rodents. If he feels health-conscious, he’ll add buttered carrots or sauteed (drowned) collard greens. Part of this is personal preference, but he also grew up with a habit of bringing home mysteriously dead neighborhood pets, and as long as Athena isn’t looking…waste not, want not.

He also makes decent tortellini, which he picked up from a guy in Lewisburg.


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Looks like Aeson and Avery to me


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I’m a bit nervous posting but whoop here I am

I felt hella muse one day and decided to make a very wip bio for my bearer, Echo!! (ok it’s a basic name ik but it fits her OOPS) it’d down below if anyone wants to read!!



:scream: Oh my gosh, thanks for the well-wishes everyone! Such lovely messages to get back to after a long day of chem homework. :hugs:

@violet oh my gosh who dat boi?? he looks just like the boi!!

@xXOtakuKonekoXx don’t apologize! It was an entertaining read, tbh. Makes me wish I had a Bearer who can both cook and indulge Saint (Vess cooks because she’ll just as soon smack Saint upside the head with a wooden spoon as she is willing to distract him with pre-made treats–poor Saint deserves better than that, lol), but I’m glad the weeb lol Yukano can provide that for him.
And the headcanon about Yukano being so engrossed in Santi’s hair that she stops cooking?

'tis a thing of beauty

Lo adoro, tesoro.


Echo’s bio was cute!

He is the fruit of my hours of Google Images scrolling, Jessey Stevens. I got a little obsessed looking for faceclaims for the COTG bois back in Nov.

Here are three photos I have on file for Sonny 🌞


I have faceclaims for Donny and Santi too, just in case anyone was wondering… :blush:

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my vote for Adonis is this guy from a post back in '16:

three more pictures




:arrow_double_up: he could be a good Adonis too :thinking: