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I feel Sophia won’t have a lot but just a few loaded questions but mainly:

  1. Why couldn’t you stay? Did you want me and Saint or did you have to have us?

  2. Was this really the best choice?

(I feel Sophs would be very tired at this point. Like she didn’t want this adventure but she got saddled with it anyway. Plus finding out in a presumable diary entry that Priscilla pretty much noped out via choosing to fall – likely out of guilt and what not – would make her upset. And while at a later date might be more understanding, she’s suffering in a role she didn’t want and her mother couldn’t even face her or somehow make a personal trip to tell her in person as to why she did what she did)

As for what she wants to hear from Priscilla but probs doesn’t want to ask:

  1. What exactly went down between her and Zeus, and by extension, the rest of Olympus

  2. If the answer to Zeus and her is complicated, then she’d really want all the details (just not the explicit ones, like I know someone here is going to joke about this I swear) and explanations for why everything unfolded the way it did and that relationship is very close to the center

I don’t think Sophs is looking for apologies or an I love you. I think she wants the truth and answers :))


“Am I wanted? Or am I just a means to an end? Did you ever love me, or am I nothing more than a tool for this prophecy? Tell me mother…what am I?”


For what they would want to hear

Some like Evander wouldn’t be able to help themselves and ask if they were one of her regrets. Reading about the type of relationship they came from would bother some a great deal and (if they were at a pretty big low when meeting her) make them feel like their existence is a really bad joke come to life. Maybe would even ask ‘if you knew the kind of man Zeus was, why does Saint exist?’ (they’d wouldn’t be asking this out of dislike towards Saint: this would be asked because they just couldn’t wrap their heads around the fact why their mother had another child with Zeus after already birthing the Bearer. A child who wouldn’t have the same protection of the Bearer status that they themselves had).

Some like Damon would want to let her know they were going to be OK. I’d like to think that Damon in particular, to some extent, would probably understand being haunted by personal regrets from past actions.

Can’t say for sure about this part, but both may want to tell her simple things that have happened to them even if she may know about it: the friends they made, the misadventures they got into with Saint, the classes/hobbies they’ve enjoyed, maybe even about the person they may be in a romantic relationship with (I wonder if she would laugh just as hard as Athena if she heard about her child getting into a relationship with Calypso). They would probably want to let her know that they don’t hate her and maybe even love her despite everything.

As for what would be nice to hear from her:

Answers about some of the really heavy questions the Bearer likely developed by the time they meet her and a possible verbal affirmation that while she had many regrets (one regret hopefully being Zeus in some way), the Bearer and Saint weren’t one of them.


Is it still that Zeus can only your dad because I love hades.


Yes. There is still no changes. Zeus is still your dad.


Nyx probably wouldn’t say anything,just stand there looking very,very surprised
Something along the lines of "Hey, I’m sorry for just giving you up! Let’s have a day of parent-child fun! We can go to the park,play a game,give some gods a judgement stare…"
Affirmation I guess,they kinda need it after spending 3 years on the streets having no one but themselves


Do you know when the other gods can become your dad is when the game is finished and


Hey,Zeus is going to be the only father option


Elias would apologise. In his perspective, Priscilla is another person who sacrificed themselves for him. He’d feel guilty and responsible for her pain, despite how unreasonable it’d be.
He’d want her to assure him that all the suffering, others or his own, wasn’t/isn’t a waste, that he can redeem/be free of it. Just a lot of motherly reassurance that everything is going to get better.

With Electra it’d just be a lot of angry confusion. “Why’d you leave? Did you even care about Saint and I? Were we a means to an end?” Ya know, the classics.
Depending on Priscillas answers it changes.
If her answers weren’t satisfactory, Electra wouldn’t stick around to hear anymore. Of course she’d regret it later but her anger would get the better of her in the moment.
If her answers were enough, she’d just want to talk about anything and everything. She’d try to savour the time they have together, however short it may be.

Also they’d both ask for a message to Saint if Priscilla hadn’t already given one.


I clean my hands of you all! It’s been hectic, but I woke up at 5 AM and pushed out this monstrosity of a passage. I had a nightmare you all burned me at the stake for not updating; this is my olive branch. But, I’ll be back with (more) wonderful news.

Aeson, and the MC romance scene.

Read here.


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Ok, but really? I think it gave me the Diabetus™.
the boy’s too sweet how am I gonna live with myself when I have Vess break his precious heart when she starts questioning the legitimacy of her love for him goddamnit


… Now I know who I’m romancing first :eyes:


Found something


Nice Work! I like it!


and after awakening in the hospital in chapter 2, when taking the last option an error occurs something with the variable slumber


Ok, tumblr mobile ate my damn reply so I’ll just post it on here.

Helena, my sweet, little, needy, abandonment issues-having Bearer would ask something along the lines of:

“Did you ever think about me? Did you really have to leave me? …Do you love me?”

And Helena would definitely kill (well, she’d punch someone real hard) to hear Priscilla say that she loved her (and idk, maybe make her feel better about the whole abandonment thing because that’s kind of eating her up inside).

Vesper wouldn’t want affirmation or validation, she’d definitely prefer advice or clarification more than anything.

“How did you deal with knowing you couldn’t change anything? That you didn’t have a choice? That everything was put into motion long before you even existed…or in my case, because you existed…? Do I even have any control over my life? My thoughts? My feelings? Do I even really love him, or is it just–?”

I’m not even sure if she’d care if Priscilla loved her or not, because…well, Vess is kinda dealing with deeper more existential questions that may very well undermine any love and affection Priscilla may have had for the Bearer.

And Alex…

“So…do you have anything that can help me or…?”

  • “No? Well, this was a giant waste of time. Thanks for having as much affect on my life in death as you did in life. Now if you’ll excuse me, I got a real life to get back to instead of wandering Hades for eternity. [clicks tongue] :wink: :point_right:t2: :point_right:t2: See ya never!”


  • “Yes? …Alright, cool. Well thanks for being marginally more involved in my life as a dead spirit than you were as a living person. [clicks tongue] :wink: :point_right:t2: :point_right:t2: See ya never!”

So yeah, Alex runs on spite and unless Priscilla actively helped him in any way, he’d completely stonewall her.
Besides, he’s already got a mom and he’s pissed as fuck at her too, Priscilla doesn’t stand a chance.


Did a rough sketch of my Bearer Evander during break; figured that I’d share it (one day I’ll color him in properly :sweat_smile:)


Cool Drawing Bro! (20 awesome characters)



I could really feel the emotions through the writing. I really can’t wait to how the game turns.


I’ve been working on a short story in pieces (this cold or whatever I’ve got is not helping, and me working late nights [routinely] probably doesn’t help), but it’s the weekend, so…

(Assuming that how this happened was already addressed; otherwise, he’d really want to know.) Evander would surely feel a little awkward at first. Being used to hearing about her second-hand or reading parts of her journal, he would be confused about how to react. He’d definitely show it in his voice. But, seeing as she isn’t Zeus, He’d make a couple of things clear: he probably would never be able to see her as his mom. Of course, he sees her as his mother, but Athena (as Aunt Alice) was the one who filled that void. Even so, there isn’t much for him to forgive. Apparently, things aren’t as quite clean-cut in Olympus as he would’ve hoped, and, in his own way, he understands why she couldn’t be there. But he has a certain pride in being her son and wished he had known her while she was still alive. Although, he’d like to know more about her relationship with Saint–at least some indication that he was loved.

He would love to have as much advice as he could possibly get from her. Her take on the prophecy (the idea of whether or not he really will end up on the side of Cronus or if there is some sort of double-meaning; he’d rather not have to betray the gods unless there was no other choice) would probably be its’ worth in gold. Some kind of confirmation about which of the gods are worth trusting in (as in, least likely to betray us, isn’t simply looking to take advantage of us, and what Zeus likely really meant with the promise of immortality). Maybe break out of the paradigm that the gods who stand with him automatically have the best plans for him. And, YES, knowing that she loves him would absolutely make his day. He knows that Athena and Hades feel that way about him, but there’s that underlying desire to know that his birth mother feels that way about him.