Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



Currently in my 3rd MC’s playthrough. Rosinante Angelis, pretty neutral towards everyone. Warrior. Average height with an athletic build. Blond short hair with a scar on his nose with a tattoo on his back. Most likely RO will be Sage. Surprise, surprise. Feels very threatened by Cronus and the fact that Rosinante doesn’t know what he wants. Disgusted with the fact that his father happens to be the biggest horndog of all time but finally understands where he got his aloof personality from since he heard his mother was rather… Cold.


:sob::sob::sob: it’s beautiful!!!


I love it, I love you, I love everything about this moment except the fact that I’m in my chemistry class!!!



I love your moodboard. Could you make one for my main bearer?


@lokidemon007 I would love to! Could you PM me about their interests and that kind of stuff please?


Post-study session and chemistry class sketch of Vesper to wind tf down. :tired_face:


That looks amazing. I just made some spicy chili and now I got myself and some roommates sweating from it lol the gods themselves would cry tears of joy over my chili :stuck_out_tongue:


Impeccably-stressed, just got to so I love your short story about your bearer. You have a lot of talent.


if only i could draw like that


@Sazor That’s such a lovely thing to say, thank you! :grin: I can’t stop grinning!

@violet lol same :joy:
most of the time I try to draw it comes out bad some way or another, but very, very rarely, once in a blue moon, I draw something nice…rarely

usually when I’m right in the middle of classes doodling on the margins of paper. that’s when i draw most of my masterpieces, lol
but when I want to actually sit down and draw something lovely? nonexistent. whatever skill i have lying dormant, shrivels and goes into hibernation. so frustrating. :roll_eyes:

That’s why I haven’t even attempted drawing my other Bearers or even finishing it yet, because I know that I have to have that lightning bolt of inspiration strike me, or else I risk ruining the piece or drawing something ugly :weary:



Face claim: Frances Bean Cobain

Hint, it was me.

On the upside. I now know how to make moodboards, so I’m probably gonna make more!

I blame @Fay for inspiring me with her own moodboard. :kissing_heart: It was so pretty I had to try to make my own, and five hours (oh god) later, bam!
Vess City.

Also, I really wanna thank @Chai for turning me onto Pinterest.
I have legit sunk over twenty hours into it in the past three days. I plan to sink over twenty more at the least.


Just telling the truth


One does not simply rip off someone else’s face

But damn. Vess is t h i c c


What is Pinterest like?


Decided to finally do a moodboard for my MC, Phoebe Angelis. :smile:

From having everything to losing everything to gaining it all back and so much more, it’s no wonder that the poor girl seems confused. It’s been years since she had a proper place to call home, and now she’s surrounded by gods and goddesses who wouldn’t hesitate to turn against each other for the sake of personal goals. The world of the Greek gods was a harsh one and being one of their children seems almost more like a punishment than a blessing. Destined to be their hero or the key to their demise. Definitely a little more than your average teen drama, wouldn’t you say?


I will post the moodboard that got made for my Bearer.


Gorgeous, i love it.


I have a question for you!
What would your Bearers say to Priscilla given the chance?
What would they want Priscilla to TELL them? What would they want to hear? Advice? An Affirmation (I love you, I’m sorry)?
Tell me whatever comes to mind. It’ll be important later :~)




My bearer would probably asked why she given her up so easily…


" of all of them, why the serial rapist? If you tell me he use some of his power on you i could understand otherwise…we will have to make this conversation a short one"