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in other news, it warms my heart how lots of us are getting into writing blurbs/fanfics for our Laveis and the rest of the Essenverse.

If @Fay can produce a fic, then maybe I might too! lol


Man just go write one right now lol I wanna see yours as well as Fay’s

Edited: found that post. It’s #12590


Can I tell you guys a secret? I don’t really like the Bearer or Aeson’s surnames. They’re so weird when everything is taken into consideration.

Under the cut because I'm sure it doesn't bug most of you the way it does me.

Yeah, to me it seems Thantos is just a corruption of the Greek Thanatos which is altogether odd to me since Thanatos was a Greek god in his own right, not simply an aspect of Hades.

As a matter of fact, it’s actually up for debate whether or not Thanatos was originally an aspect of Hermes in his Psychopomp role (Guide of the Dead) that simply grew into its own godhood.

By contrast, Angelis is…even odder, to say the least.
Angel, the word, comes from the Latin angelus meaning messenger which itself is a loanword from Greek aggelos which might itself be a loanword.

Regardless, Angelis as a surname is quite…plain. There’s no intrinsic meaning or symbolism associated with the word in Ancient Greek, it simply mean messenger, most likely the mounted, courier kind.

Everything that we (in the West) think of when we hear the word angel comes directly from Christian theology.

Thusly, any duality in meanings and symbolism for Thantos/Angelis are…inherently Western and completely hinge upon Christianity which, I’ll be honest, has always bugged me about the game, because then holy shit, Where the hell does Jesus fit in all this??

I will say this.
While I don’t especially like Thantos as Aeson’s surname, Angelis does fit Priscilla really well, considering that she delivers the prophecy.
But other than that…eh. I would prefer something different for Aeson.

Personally I would give him a surname like Theodorakis (son of Theodore, which itself means god-given), Panagakos (leads from the front), or Thanos (immortal oh the irony) if you really want the whole ‘death’ angle.

And @violet yes, pls, write! I love reading the fanfics you guys make!


Oh don’t you see? You’re the child of God! That means you are Jesus! So is Adonis, Aeson, Avery, Calypso, Saint, Sage, Santiago and every demigod ever but let’s just gloss over that.


Good lord, if my Bearers are Jesus… :fearful: We’re all doomed.


Not to worry, we’re all Jesus here.


Of course you can, my writing skills are kind of unpolished. But I would love to read your fanfic.

Love and support intensifies


I am trying to download this by link but it says the web page is not available. Anyone has any idea?


I don’t think the demo is not available for download. You have to play this online.


It says web page not available. So i can’t play on line either


Try this one! :arrow_double_up:


Appreciate your help. Still says same thing. I’ll go try from pc



I have finished the fanfic!

I think this is maybe the second fanfic I've ever completed?

Anyway, if you like it, please consider leaving kudos or a comment, or better yet, write your own, l’d love to read them! Grow the community! It can only get better with your contributions!

your silence covers me (an awful sound) (3239 words) by impeccably_stressed
Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: Children of the Gods (Interactive Fiction)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Female Bearer, Saint Augustine, Calypso Iman, Santiago de Vera, Adonis Amour, Aeson Thantos
Additional Tags: Angst, Whump, Depression?, definitely PTSD, Abandonment Issues, Post-First Trial, but definitely vague about any details, MC hates raisins and dill weed, MC is me in that regard, Bearer is female but unnamed, Second person POV

The Bearer just wanted some fucking fries. [For the Art and Appreciation event on the Choice of Games Forums]

Anyway, I hope you guys like it!


I LOVE it! :heart: Poor Saint. And the note at the end was hilarious :smiley:


We love hearing abt your Bearers, but please refrain from roleplaying :~) Thank you!


I’d write a fanfic about my Bearer Damon, but I have too many fanfics going as it is!


Yesss loving that ending :ok_hand:

Also, poor Aeson. Getting banished to the corner is an utterly strict punishment. Too strict for dear Aeson.

And Saint is 100% me when cooking.

How can you resist the delicious smell of newly fried fries?
Oh. They’re raw.



Santi when Saint pulled out the fries:

I don’t think Santi can ever forgive him for that travesty of a dish.


I totally didn’t read the tags and somehow expected a crack fic, but this was awesome all the same! Loved it~~!! Love me some angst amirite


@Fay I was just waiting for someone to make a moodboard so I could show mine!

Tried to make a cool moodboard for one of the world’s coolest games but it didn’t came even close,sorry