Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



Gosh, you have a bearer named Nyx too?
I swear to God that Zeus is trembling right now. His worst nightmare became a reality.

Nyx: Oh, what is this? The goddamn Creepiness Olympics??


Yeah; I’ve had her for a while now. She (along with Pan and Alex) were the three Bearers I created that were made to be Zeus’ children to begin with.

Nyx does seem to be a name that’s going to get particular popular with female Bearers.

Damon: I think others call it ‘a fun way to pass the time’, but whatever helps you sleep at night, Sweetheart. (Slowly smirks wider) Although…if you need assistance with that last problem, I’d be more than happy to lend you a hand. :smirk:


I am tempted to write a fanfic about Nyx and Damon’s competitive relationship but at the same time

I feel like that my writing skills are kind of dissappointing


@Fay, your hair turned black! :scream:

That would be fun to see; they sound they’ll get along like gasoline and fire. :laughing:

Hey my writing needs a good deal of polish itself, but I still write because it’s fun to be puppeteer to characters and make little scenarios with them. So I say take a crack at it for the fun of it. :grin:


I’m very uncomfortable with black hair Fay. Go back to pink dammit!


Wait, what?

Holy shit I didn’t know that Pink Fay was so loved.

Well, Pink Fay is dead.

Ok tho this is a very serious matter

Click this please

Alright then, I’ll try to write something good. Just a few questions though, how would you sum up Damon in 5 words?


Haha honestly I just might become used to it. I was thinking about changing my profile picture as well.

Maybe this.


Or I’m just gonna go with Rosinante Donquixtoe from One Piece.


Everyone needs to shed their skin once in a while. Go for it.

I can’t believe that i’m excited over that someone wants to change their profile picture.


Okay I changed it to Rosinante Donquixtoe. What do you think guys?


Words to describe Damon…well you do know he’s competitive, so I’ll leave that word out (hopefully I’m doing him some justice with these words)

Beastly (more in the way he holds himself; most people get intimidated by him because his abnormally tall, husky body moves with a feral confidence of a predator).

Gentle (he can be quite tender with people he bonds with and he handles animals and children with a delicate touch no one would associate with a young man of his strength).

Teasing (the more reactive the person, the more he gets a kick out of teasing them. He does also enjoy the challenge of making a person who rarely gets flustered blush as well. He tries not to go too far though).

Passionate (When he likes something or someone, OH BOY).

Intelligent (that brain of his is always at work, even when he seems at his most nonchalant).


Ok not gonna lie
I’m lovin’ it
It kind of gives creepy yet chill vibes, and what satisfies me the most is that I know what it is i’m looking at.

I hate it when the original artwork becomes too small when converted to a profile picture, and then you can’t see what it is. I have this problem a lot because I prefer light and pastel colors when choosing a profile picture.


Love the new hairdo @Fay! Very sophisticated.
And please, please write the fanfic if you’d like. As my writing teachers have always said, "The only way to get better is to practice, and the only way to practice is to write."
Besides, if it’s even half as entertaining as your posts then I’m sure I’ll love it!

@Okami-Nora I like to think thay everyone has that ‘big brother’ type reaction when meeting Helena, even Saint and Calypso! She’s just so…sweet? goddamn naïve you’d be hard pressed to not want to protect her from the evils in the world.

@MichaelCrank I’ve got no idea what that is but I support your endeavors, my friend.


Haha I’m just glad it turned out pretty clean here. But yeah Rosinante is hands down one of my favorite anime characters. He’s cool, a huge klutz like whenever he lights up a cigarette, he always set himself on fire much to the annoyance of Law. Aaaaand his heartbreaking death scene and final farewell to Law. No one really had that kind of emotional impact on me like Rosinante.

This video pretty much shows just what kind of a person he was in One Piece.


Shit. Damon and Nyx is like oil and water, people with that trait tick her off. A lot. But you know what they say, opposites attract.
Well I’m going to write that fic now.

Excuse me, but marry me please???

Thanks for the support.


Still afk-ish (slightly more active on tumblr if you want to chat with me) but since I got an ask asking about what am writing on with Sophia, decided to share it here so have a snippet

She Deserves Good Things Tbh

Sophia smells like a girl drowning in her own memories.

Every night, in the stillness of forgotten alleys and city lights, the pungent taste of salt — so very much like how the bay air used to smell like when her Aunt Alice would take her to trips along the shore — clings to skin. Her hair and back are slick with sweat, like the sand that used to pebble along the gaps between her toes, as she clutches around the thin sheet of her sleeping bag. Tighter, Tighter, Tighter.

She never really dreams. There are only nightmares when she sleeps.


hi so i’m importing again an ask from tumblr

i feel soooo naive for not thinking of this myself!

Yin and Yang vibes for sure. I feel like this has a deeper meaning I can’t fathom just yet aaaaaahhh


Lol I kinda had that feeling as soon as Rohie said what Aeson’s last name was in that list of everyone’s personality a week or two ago


where was that exactly?

i am internally facepalming; shameful child i am


Man I don’t wanna go all the way back. I’m too lazy for that shit right now lmao but if you remember that list Rohie made with every RO describing their personality and their weakness like Calypso being prideful while Adonis is lustful I think?


ooh right now I remember


I always thought his last name was Thantos simply bec his dad was Hades :woman_shrugging: