Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



Honestly I wasn’t even aware that there were a character named Aeson when I first started playing Children of the Gods as Aegon so it was unintentional lmao

PS: I totally liked the name Aegon when I first heard it on Game of Thrones so that’s where I got it from. Then I became aware that some people were also named Aegon in real life, specifically during the Anicent Greek times.


oh! lol, I feel you. Kasia was originally named Charis but I had to scrap that name since our baby roommate (aka the one called chipmunk) was named Haris.

EDIT: oh my gosh it’s been so long since we talked about Haris. i think we almost forgot about her/him

It was way too close. I actually do change my MCs’ names all the time if I see their names are too close to NPCs’.


Haha yeah I know what you mean by that. I usually go by my real name, Aegon or even Loki. There were some WIPs that had some NPCs named Michael so either I went with Aegon or Loki. I just like these names so yeah lol

… Maybe I need to add a second MC named Loki that ends up being a magician. That would be pretty wild.


how do you pronounce Aegon by the way? I did Latin for two years in high school so automatically when I see a and e together I read it as “eye”.

I actually love that idea, GO FOR IT.


Personally I don’t know since I’m fully deaf in both ears but in my mind, I always said it as “Ay-gon” since it seems pretty natural to me. But if there is someone that does know for sure, please do enlighten us here.

Edited: Just looked it up on Reddit and apparently I was pretty close. Seems like there’s two ways to say it. “Ay-gone” or “Egg-on”

I think I’ll stick with the first one.


Okay, so fun fact: as far as I know Rohie said on her tumblr Aeson is pronounced “ay-son”.

I guess the correct pronunciation would depend on what time period of language you’re basing on. In the modern English world “ay-gon” is probably it, while in Ancient Greece or Rome or even modern Greece it would probably be different.

“Eggon” is interesting. Not my pronunciation of choice tho lol.


All hail Eggon, the creator of everything, the destroyer of worlds and the slayer of Cronus and the gods! Lol I’m actually laughing hard about this at the moment so it’ll be a while til I calm down.

Aegon would definitely kill me for this lol


Which one? There were five of them. Only one was actually good.


My bearer Soren would probably be indifferent at first, though deep down he would be rather pissed (to add to the rest of the anger and confusion and fear he’s already feeling), and that anger would come to a boiling point which would result in him being rather harsh (even more than usual) towards the gods he clearly holds disdain towards, specifically Zeus.


this kills me bec it brings waffles to mind

all hail Eggo(n)


Did… Did we just become friends through mutual hatred?

@violet okay now I’m laughing harder lol jeeeez


Aegon and Soren, friends til the end (likely caused by them) :smiling_imp:


Now I’m thinking about Aegon and Soren being like Ferrell and Reilly in Stepbrothers lmao but much more violent


The short only confirmed the feelings I had (towards Priscilla/Zeus) since I first read Priscilla’s journal in the code over a month ago. Zeus is a parasite and I still don’t understand how or why Priscilla fell in love with him. Their relationship is an icky thing and a few moments of ‘tenderness’ does nothing to make it more palatable. Honestly, I don’t pity Priscilla either. Harsh maybe, but I don’t sympathise with those who insist on orchestrating their own drama. As someone who firmly believes that love is a choice, all I see is Priscilla choosing to love Zeus (and have children with him) despite having every reason not to. She may have been told it was inevitable, but it seems very much like a self-fulfilling prophecy, one ultimately driven by her fatalism.

As for my MC Lethanavir, he already thinks Zeus is a disgusting being and wants nothing to do with him or the gods. When he looks at the gods, all he can see are reflections of every unsavoury character he was forced to deal with during his time on the run, the embodiments of everything wrong in humanity. And Zeus is the king of them all. Knocking Zeus down a peg–or a thousand–would make its way onto his agenda one way or another, and the knowledge of the nature of Zeus and Priscilla’s relationship would only serve as fuel for his tirade. (If asked for his opinion on their relationship, he would say “Priscilla was a fool to fall for someone like him and Zeus was being his usual, repulsive self.”)


Aaaaand Aegon just found another friend.

What is this? Is today “Give Aegon More Friends” Day? Lmao


An enemy of an enemy is a friend, am I right? :smirk:


These fools won’t stand a chance against three Bearers now… insert evil cackling here with rubbing hands


So, I just remembered that Avery has necromancy powers (as does Aeson, albeit his are limited). I just thought of something… what if the bearer asks Avery (because she always has feelings for the bearer) or Aeson (if he has feelings for the bearer) to try and revive Sawyer/Aelin? :innocent:


It was never confirmed whether Sawyer/Aelin/Benji is truly dead or not. Based on Rohie’s response on tumblr, I believe they are still alive. I’m more concerned with what might’ve happened in their 3 year absence :disappointed_relieved: I have a bad feeling they’ve been tortured and/or brainwashed by the Big Bad. Like Peeta in the Hunger Games. But I’m hoping we can save them–Sawyer is my preferred endgame romance for Lethanavir.


Bah! Not asking Aeson for help although I did force the gods to make a deal to bring Aelin back to life before I even agreed to do anything for them.