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You did it! You discovered Priscilla’s reason for naming her Helena…so they could fight a duel to the death!

Honestly, Helena Angelis would probably be like, “Whoooooa, that’s so cool!” completely oblivious to the fact that Helen of Troy is horrified beyond belief that Priscilla named her (possible) old flame after her, like, “What the hell is wrong with you Priscilla why would you do this???”

And then Priscilla cackles from beyond the grave.


I can imagine Zeus having a nightmare of being surrounded by us Nyx(es).
I can also imagine that he would throw all the Nyx bearers into an arena and let them compete Hunger Games-style, the last standing Nyx is the true and only Nyx.

Because there can only be one


Yeah, I can see Zeus doing that.
Oh man, I guess @Okami-Nora’s Alex and my Alex have to fight Highlander-style too

In that case, Vesper is glad to be the only Vesper, lol.


Of course, since this is supposed to be a nightmare for Zeus, instead of the Nyx(es) fighting one another, they combine to make a giant Nyx and start heading for Zeus. :laughing:

Edit: I meant Nyx, not NYC! dang it autocorrect!


The Nyxocalypse

God you could literally make a movie about this.

@Okami-Nora Creating a giant NYC (New york City)? Sounds like a great idea. Let’s rename New york city to Nyx york city. All hail the Nyx(es)


What if this is what Priscilla’s prophecy was about all along???
No wonder Ares hates and fears the Bearer, they can come together to form…Mega-Nyx!!

[mecha style transformation sequence]


Goodness, y’all are thirsty.



reads the entire topic Well… I’m glad I missed this one. lol


:hushed: Aeson and Santiago are the least needy. Nice!


Everyone freaking out about being wrong about that list, while I expected it to be this way from the first time I saw it,lol

And I think the queen was Helen, not Helena :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re not wrong. Helena is just the Latin form of Helen. :slight_smile:

Sorry if I confused everyone with my use of it, I just find the Latin version of most names to be vastly more appealing.

As you can plainly see with my MCs names, lol.

Helena, Vesper, Alexander…Latin, Latin everywhere!


I’m not sure why I was summoned but okay? Nyx army people have at it?

Currently still working on developing Sophia if anyone wants to shoot q’s that way and what not but PSA: going to be a bit away from posting since real life is hectic right now

(But ya’ll do you! I’ll eventually get back to regular posts and yeah since Feb is a busy month for me)


Oh! Well, in the Troy flashback, when you pass Paris for the first time:

Then, a feeling overtakes you.
The feeling is cold and ancient, awakened deep inside you; somewhere no one could ever reach.
Quickly, you turn, just as Prince Paris passes by you.
Prince Paris looks at you too, eyes wide, as he passes. Then he pauses, ever so slightly. He opens his mouth to speak…
And his brother pulls him away, rather violently.
You feel a not so subtle pull, an invisible string tugging between you and the receding figure of the prince. The feeling is now warmth, building up deep in your chest. A voice in your mind whispers sinisterly, “Go, go. Now!”

If you choose to sit by Paris at the banquet, it gets mentioned again:

You close your eyes and feel the invisible tether pulling at your heart strings. It’s stronger now, its power seeming to pull something from you.
You have seen magic; the beings in this very room are proof of it, but never had you thought magic could be inside you.
Prince Paris looks up as you approach, which in turn captures his brother’s attention.

And then if you choose to play for the Trojan side and decide to say something to Aeson - I mean, Paris:

You take a step toward the prince, and then another until you stand directly before him.
“Do you feel it as well?” you ask him, observing his reaction. "It’s a force deep in my chest. I first noticed it when I saw you at the wedding."
The prince seems to freeze.
“Does it feel like a sort of tether…?” he asks quietly. "Something that guides you to me?"
You nod eagerly. "Yes, exactly!"
The prince visibly sighs. “Oh, thank Gods. I thought I was going mad.”

Don’t feel bad about asking, Rose! It’s nice to rehash stuff every now and then haha.

Lol expect a buttload of them on the way - I don’t care what Hermes thinks (tbh I think he thinks of us all in a pretty bad light regardless), I’m using Nephlim’s banned summoning spell thingy.

I can see it already: Hermes gets called to the gates just like when Saint and MC arrived, and he’s like annoyed that someone had the audacity to use it again…only to find a mountain of chocolate muffins. :chocolate_bar: :cake:

That if it was Helena, Vesper, or Alexander haha.

If it was you, Kasi would probably use the spell in reverse?? She’d probs need Avery’s help tho; Kaz’s not a magician.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, Avery would probably launch into a whole nutrition lecture about how “too much sweets aren’t good for you” and the complications of diabetes…

But since Kasia’s highest stat is Allure and Avery secretly loves her so much she ends up giving in and helping haha.


Lol! I can imagine Kasia at some point in their relationship randomly turning to Aeson and saying, “You were much cuter as a girl.” Or she would just gush about how Prince Paris was so hot and deliberately be like “meh” when Aeson is mentioned (only to spite him of course lol). He’ll definitely have his hands full with us haha.

(AAAAAAAAHHH I hope we get chances to tease the ROs that would be so good. yo i hope they respond well tho :worried:)

Okay, so going back: definitely knowledge of past lives would affect Kasi’s perception of, and by extension relationship with Aeson.

Honestly Kasi’s a little miffed at that haha but she was placated bec at the end Paris kissed her back and if she dances with Aeson, he does tell her that he did feel…feelings for Korrina.

this conversation has to happen aaaaaah

Sonny Boy will be Sonny Girl in the next flashback so Kasia’s gonna be a dude lol. Let’s see how that goes.

nuuu why is Aeson so independent

need me pls

this deserves an award for being so accurate


Fun fact: that random topic was pretty normal compared to some of the earlier ones that have been created on this forum. :grin:

Although jokes aside, Nyx really does seem like a name that will burst in popularity with players who are familiar with name’s origins and may not have a particular fondness for Zeus. No (default) female name comes off as a bigger ‘screw you’ to Zeus than Nyx, the name of a Goddess the King of the Gods would never mess with due to fear of triggering her wrath.

In our defense, the anon asked who was the neediest from ‘lowest to highest’, not highest to lowest. And the list didn’t originally clarify that it was highest to lowest either. :sweat_smile:

I wanted the oddball name to belong to one of the older CotG poaters to end the joke and your name was the first one I thought of. :sweat_smile:

Can’t wait to see how Sophia develops when you get back!


So with the silly stuff out of the way, I actually do want to know what everyone else thought about interaction short between Zeus and Priscilla.

I remember earlier on in the forums where I played with the idea that MAYBE Zeus did care about Priscilla, and MAYBE he did feel some type of genuine affection for the Bearer who is their child due to having a interest in the regardless of who the truth father was. But that short alone has made me shoot down and bury those theories in a grave, along with any small thoughts that the King could care about something other than himself. I’ve never looked more forward to being given chances to be defiant toward Zeus and destroying any illusions he had about having a strong hold on the Bearer due to technical blood ties.

The only credit I can give to Zeus is the fact he’s honest; he doesn’t even try to pretend that Pricilla means anything to him beyond what he can gain from her. But that’s just one credit against a growing hundred marks against the King of the Gods. I don’t think I honestly pitied Priscilla and felt insulted for her at the same time more than when I read how she asked Zeus if he only loved her for her beauty and gifts, and how he reach out to touch her cheek while saying “what else is there?” That was a painful read, but it was painful in a good way (and I can only imagine how much more soul crushing the journal entries will be the more Priscilla writes).

Interestingly enough, despite not trusting Athena earlier on, Priscilla had seemed to listen to The Goddess of Wisdom’s words. Maybe it was because something had been built between the Goddess and Prophet or maybe Priscilla had subconsciously thought of that question herself as time went by, but it does seem to say something that the Bearer’s mother considered the point that Athena had brought up (even though she was certain that Athena brought up those words with ill intentions).

Now (if this moment becomes canon), how do you guys think your Bearers’ would react to reading this moment as one of their mother’s journal entries?


He’d be pretty pissed after reading the journals. Like not low-key pissed. More like pissed to the point that he’d charge in the throne room and insult and degrade Zeus in front of everyone without giving a single F. And it would give him more motivation to get away from the gods themselves after he’s finished dealing with Cronus, and if anybody tried to get him to stay at Olympus afterwards, he’d scoff at the idea, threaten them to leave him alone and walk away. Dude had a very rough life being alone and on the run for years, it’s not going to be easy for him to trust anybody, not even Aeson or his so called brother Saint. In fact, he already thinks very little about both of them.


I know this would break Kasia’s heart. She might not immediately storm into the Council and degrade Zeus like @MichaelCrank’s MC would, but this would definitely fracture her relationship with him. She did want to give him a chance tho, to prove everyone wrong even by just a little bit…for shame, Zeus, for shame. If ever this topic would be brought to light in conversation tho, Kasi will not hesitate to voice her opinion, however painful it may be.


Man now you guys got me thinking about what my MC would do.

MC: kicks in the doors
God’s: gets scared seeing how pissed Aegon is
MC: points finger to Zeus You. You have so much explaining to do before I wreck you and everyone in this room.
Zeus: shocked face

Obviously if you know me, Ares would be the first to go down and save Zeus for last.


Right, so I don’t know if anyone mentioned it yet, but I find it amusing how your Lavei is named Aegon and Ne Dineis is named Aeson. Did you mean to do this? Haha.

I wonder if Priscilla already knew the name of the Bestower. No joke that would be funny if she did canonically - makes your case all the more funny. Even more so if Hades was your (former) father!

I know it’s already hard for parents to keep their kids’ names straight all the time - Lord knows I get called my brother’s name a lot, though our names are leagues apart and we look nothing like each other - so that would be…amusing. (I literally cannot think of a better word, sorry for the redundancy)

Aegon and Aeson are the new AA.

…wait, does that make them Sonny, Donny, and Gonny?

i mean no offense!