Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



Pan is more than aware how horrible he is at doing anything outside washing and cutting the food, so provided he also knows that Saint wasn’t good at it, he will no let either of them step a foot in that kitchen to do anything that involves fire. If Pan wasn’t warned about Saint’s lack of cooking skills…well, at the most, a kitchen’s life would be the only thing lost.

Ana and Saint would still have the kitchen intacted and just a few battle scars from the cooking…but they would’ve created a abomination of nature that no human should see, smell, and DEFINITELY not taste.

Alex will just jump in with Saint without a care in the world. And whole world (even the UNDERWORLD) will be on all kinds of watches, fire watch being the most basic.

I’d say poor Santi, but he’s chooses to deny the feelings in the first place, so I’m just casually waiting for that blow up (which will likely happen at the worst moment and before he can stop himself).


Same. I mean, if he dies then we die. Vice versa. And he’s out on dangerous missions a lot too, he even stated himself that he got his gut crushed in the game.

My MC is pretty unhealthy (living off on ramen and sweets) so I can actually imagine Aeson screaming at her to stop shortening both their life spans by eating unhealthy shit.


Oh, I thought it was the other way around, since the person asked lowest to highest and I thought it was starting at the top. Thanks for clarifying. :sweat_smile:

Slowly realizes that it means SAGE is the 3rd most needy RO and Avery the 2nd most needy RO out of the six :flushed:

WAIT, WHAT?! :scream:


weLP my little Santi scene just got shooketh outta canon by @gia lol Oh well, it’s still funny, imo.

@Fay hating puppies in an unforgivable sin!!! That said, I’d probably stil romance him b/c hating puppies does not automatically mean he was evil to puppies.
And also it was a past life so like…I guess that means it doesn’t apply… :unamused: …I guess.


Sage didnt surprise me. Rohie stated that Sage is very passionate around those she love. There is no grey area for her. If it’s hers, then she’s not letting go.


Helena’s in the same boat. Her version of PB&J is just two slices of white bread with a thick layer of vanilla frosting sandwiched in between.

Aeson: There’s no…there’s no peanut butter or jelly, wha–?
Helena: I know, but it’s tastier this way!
Aeson: [dies of heart disease]

And Vess…

Vesper: [spitefully chugs an entire bottle of vodka]
Aeson: [dies of alcohol poisoning]

Oh, god, and Alexander!

Alex: [spitefully devours three plates of hot wings] [regrets it immediately] [refuses to acknowledge aforementiomed regret] [regrets it so fucking much omg]
Aeson: [dies of firehole most foul]




Fifty shades of Grey

Ok tho but imagine Aeson taking the role of Christian Grey.
Poor Aeson, he must be really confused about what to do with those whips.


Violent retching noises


I think Aeson’s really vanilla though, so he would just make awkward eyecontact for like 5 minutes. But he’s such a bro so he would probably just let us go and never speak of it again.


Let’s not, thank you ! No more of this.


@Fay you know, I was actually referring to Helena and Nyx, but…a’ight, Christian Grey works too, lol.

[shuts up before I get flagged]


Didn’t a new one came out recently?


Wait, which Nyx?
There are a thousands of Nyx here, because appearently, everyone wants to strike fear in Zeus.

Edit: Ay guys I found someone named ‘‘Nyx Helena Thanatos’’ on Google i’m not even kidding and I’m both amused and scared??


Ughhhhh, yeah. I’ve been getting for it every time I watch something on Youtube.
It doesn’t matter how many HistoryBuffs, Nerdwriter, or KilianExperience I watch, they always assume that because I’m in the demographic I would be interested in the trailer.

Even watching the Deadpool teaser didn’t do anything to change my ads. [/end rant]


Wait, is your MC not named Nyx? I’m so sorry! Ugh, I should’ve double checked before I opened my mouth. :tired_face: Sorry!


My MC is named Nyx! But there are so many Nyx(es) on this thread. :sweat_smile:


Yet no two Nyxes are perfectly alike! Like snowflakes, souffles, or my socks after I take them out of the dryer and can’t find the damn matching sock, oh my god.


For a moment I thought of your Helena and I was like:
Bildresultat för eyebrow wiggle gif

But then I rememberd queen Helena and I was like:
Oh, right. Nvm

EDIT: Wait wait, so if Helena Angelis met Queen Helena then how would their conversation go?

‘‘Hello my name’s Helena’’

‘‘No, i’m Helena’’

‘‘What? But my name’s Helena too…’’


DOUBLE EDIT: Wait wait queen Helena is actually Helen?? It’s so late where I live and now i’m so confused help

TRIPLE EDIT: Found more people that goes with the name Nyx Helena Thanatos on Google. I’m still laughing.


I know Sage was stated to be passionate and possessive toward those she loves, but I really wasn’t expecting to hear that she has a bit of neediness as well. She seemed like the second most independent RO the Bearer could have a relationship (the first being Santiago or Avery), so I thought she would not be all that high on the list (was honestly expecting her to be the lowest). Although I find the fact that she’s a little needy kinda cute (though who knows how she behaves when she’s looking for some attention/affection from the Bearer).

I’m very surprised about how high Avery herself is. But considering that she does have a bit of selfishness to her and is a little insecure about the age difference between her and the Bearer (and maybe insecure with the fact they’re a particularly special Demigod), I guess I can see her need some reassurance about her bond with the Bearer.

So Donny is actually the highest one in regards to neediness…huh. This is going to be interesting. I’m less surprised about the possible neediness and more curious about how he behaves when feeling needy.

Athena, the Goddess who also loves in a possessive way?

@lokidemon007: I’m Nyx!
@Okami-Nora: I’m Nyx!
@Fay: I’m Nyx!
@squarelyblue: I am Madula Mufasa Felix Gonzalo Princess Butterfly.

Now I just like the idea of Zeus being surrounded by a million Nyx (and one of them being the real Nyx). :laughing: