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Ooh, you’re right! Forgot about that. And thus Soren’s quest for his boyfriend continues. Though he probably believes that Sawyer probably did die, he would likely stop at nothing to get him back. God(s) imagine if we ran into Sawyer/Aelin while in Olympus only to find that they had moved on and found a new boyfriend/girlfriend/datefriend.


If Sawyer did end up finding a new SO on Olympus…gods, I can already hear Lethanavir’s heart shattering into so many pieces. I headcanon Navi and Sawyer being extremely close (inseparable childhood bffs) before they began dating and with Hades and Athena’s identities revealed, Sawyer is Navi’s only hope for a family. His feelings for Sawyer remain uncomplicated (unlike those for Hades and Athena) and he remains the one person Navi trusts and loves most in the world. Finding and reuniting with his bf is his greatest motivation and knowing Sawyer had moved on…:cry:

If Sawyer did end up dying, Lethanavir would want his spirit to rest in the Underworld. He believes it’s cruel to force him to remain in some undead state, which could be harmful for them both. But, that doesn’t mean Navi wouldn’t sneak down into the Underworld to visit him…


Her connection with him gets especially confusing when one remembers that back when the Bearer had the potential of one of the Trinity (rather than just Zeus), Saint was always Zeus’ kid. So that meant that even if she had a relationship with Poseidon or Hades, she still lets Zeus close enough for Saint to be created (a fact that would’ve honestly bothered the former Poseidon born Evander and utterly baffled the former Hades sired Damon once the information came to light).

I wonder if even Priscilla felt that way herself. She’s got enough of a mind of her own, so I wouldn’t put it past her to have at least thought a number of times ‘I brought this on myself and my children due to my own actions’. :thinking:

I really want to see Zeus express shock and later frustration, when he realizes that some Bearers are going to be far from compliant toward his possessiveness and over entitled attitude toward the idea that he owns them in some way.

There’s something morbidly funny about the fact that even when Aegon’s rage is mostly on Zeus, he STILL aims for Ares first. :laughing:

Also forgot to put my own Bearers’ reactions to the journal entry. Naturally, I’ll only write the detailed responses involving Evander and Damon (since if I did all my Bearers, we’d be here all night). :sweat_smile:

Damon: WRATH; sheer uncontainable rage that he doesn’t even attempt to hide. Damon was never interested in really bonding with Zeus, but he always wanted to meet his mother. And to see his mother get treated that way by the King of the Gods? Zeus would only have a second to process what was about to occur before Damon had physically lunged at him, bellowing a sound far too feral to be human. The confrontation would deeply personal and brutal: Damon would be raining blow after blow in a attempt to break as many bones in Zeus’ body and shifting into a beast just to draw blood without relying on a weapon. His snarls would barely be forming words, but the sheer HATRED he’d be feeling would be evident. But if a voice he cared for cried out for him to stop before it can escalate any further, he’d stop. Barely, but the boy had already experienced utter despair; he’s has been to this low enough to not be fully controlled by it.

Evander: Reading that entry would probably break him a great deal. Evander was never expecting a familial bond with Zeus (and considering how intuitive he his, he wouldn’t want to develop a bond with the King of Gods as he was), but part of him would want to believe that Zeus at the very least cared about his mother. Upon reading that entry, Evander would be overwhelmed with disgust, sorrow, and rage. He’s a firm believer that a person cannot fully love a person without knowing there best and worst sides. But that man…his FATHER could barely even be called human. And you want to know the scarier part? Not a ounce of those emotions would slip on his face; his usually expressive face would completely devoid expression. Just a tranquility that feels far too eerie in its calmness as he stands before Zeus. The only word that would leave his lips would be a whispered “Monster” before he soundlessly unleashed his powers on Zeus, wild and raw with emotions. And I’m not sure anyone could stop the young Bearer from exacting his full judgement on the King of the Gods…

As for my other Bearers, they would all probably not be too happy. And they would find a way to have Zeus answer to his past actions.

I wonder how Sawyer and Aelin themselves react to the Bearer possibly moving on to another RO themselves. :thinking:

Damon would certainly not know what to do about his solid closeness with Aelin and his possible growing feelings for either Sage or Avery.


@Okami-Nora I’m curious, why do you pity her and feel insulted on her behalf? I mean, she knew how that man was before it ever got to the point of her asking him, “What do you love about me?” She knew she didn’t like the way he feels, how he had a weird ass claim over her, and how he doesn’t want Hera - the woman he apparently loves - because he already has her. If he’s ignoring and treating the woman he “loves” like trash right in front of her I don’t understand what would even motivate her to be with him in any romantic or sexual manner. She shouldn’t even be asking, “What do you love about me?” when he’s married to and already “loves” another woman in the first place.


I actually pity Priscilla. She is trapped with her "supposedly "love for Zeus. No backbone and doesn’t seem to have value for her own self-worth. Sometimes I would love to shake her to reality.


Well. After reading12000 post someone agrees that Zeus can’t be trusted… That’s is music to my ears. Do I just got back into the game, seem like there a lot but kissing missing. I mean that gods already beg for your help and none of them taken a moment to get to know you? To make things worse they let you be train as if just some halfbreed when you are next member of the Trinity . Please don’t kill me yet, robie but if im the goddess of war why the hell I let someone else train MC ? Sorry I do think outside the box…but also it seems that two of them did…


The pity comes more from a frustrated place (frustrated pity). Like I pity the fact that she probably truly felt like she couldn’t escape her fate and feel frustrated as well because this intelligent, willful woman had not one, but TWO children with a man who thought nothing more of her than a mean to a end and who she more than likely knew how horrible of a father he’d be to both of them.

But I mostly pity the fact that she loved both Saint and the Bearer (hopefully more than she ‘loved’ Zeus) and wanted to be there for them to some extent. But ended up leaving them behind, feeling she had very little rights to call herself their mother after all she had done, probably knowing very well what kind of life she was leaving them trapped in. Priscilla clearly had her flaws, but it’s a little hard for me not to be a little sorry for her. Even if I don’t even remotely like the nature of her relationship with Zeus (can’t really bring myself to call it a romance as that doesn’t seem to be the right word for her connection with Zeus) or the fact the Bearer and Saint came from such a relationship.

As a person in general, I felt overall insulted by Zeus answer. And I guess I felt more insulted on her behalf because I know even if she felt insulted a little, it wouldn’t be enough to convince her to leave him. Kinda like crying in place for someone who whose in pain, but who is unable to cry for themselves for particular reasons (if that makes any sense at all. Also, It’s easy to feel more insulted when you’re standing far enough away from a situation that you can see it for what it really is (me as the reader) than it often is for people far too close to the situation to get a good perspective of where they really are (Priscilla to a certain extent). I get the feeling she would’ve never even ask that question to Zeus had Athena not brought it up in the first place.

More than half of us are far from trusting of Zeus and all of us agree that nothing about his relationship with Priscilla was a healthy one; you just needed to go by two post each time to see that.

Or see the old poll I did and look at how low Zeus scored in terms of who people wanted as a father for their main Bearers


@resuri08 I’ve never gotten the impression that she had a lack of backbone, but that could just be me. She had enough of a backbone to tell Zeus to go to hell each time he asked her to come with him. With the way she spoke to the person in the beginning of the game with lines like,“I do not expect much from you, if anything. How you choose to view this situation with your sick little mind is none of my concern.” and “I assume that will please you all. Though, I suppose nothing truly pleases any of you.” doesn’t suggest a lack of backbone. Then again, this could just be her tired of their games and bullshit at this point.

Exactly, she’s also very great at analyzing people, which aids her in discovering their flaws and negative traits. She seems like she didn’t have any will to leave, but no real reason to stay. Her mentor even told her to run right before dying and she still stayed. Zeus can’t be the reason with all the negative shit she wrote about him. In her journal all we see is a bunch of red flags when it comes to him. I can understand her feeling like she couldn’t escape her fate if she got the sense that it would be forced upon her whether she agreed to it or not.

I get your frustrated pity now, because you would think someone as intelligent and capable of reading people as Priscilla is would run away from someone or a situation this fucked up.


For me, if she has a backbone she will fight against her fate and the gods.


I’m gone for three hours and I come back to…thoughtful discussion intersped by Eggos… :thinking:

lol I love this specific thread so much!! :hugs:

See, I thought you were talking about that, but I’m glad you clarified. Thank you.
I don’t think there’s any canon name for it. Personally, I just call it the Connection™ if it’s just everyday use, but I was thinking about this quite a while ago, and I believe that a very nice, much more poetic term for it would the Cleave, as in the separation of a formerly unified whole.
I think it has a rather nice ring to it, but again, this is just fanon, and you’ll probably only ever see me use it in fanfiction.

Speaking of fanfiction, I’m glad my little Santi short won your approval, I will treasure it, and the imaginary chocolate muffins, always. :blush:

@MichaelCrank @violet what if Aegon’s nickname is Gonny with a soft ‘g’ so that it sounds like Johnny? Sure it doesn’t follow the phoentics of the original name, but I say if Richard can be shortened to Dick, then Aegon can do whatever he damn well pleases with his nickname! lol

@Okami-Nora I’m so, so glad you brought up the little short! It gives me a chance to talk incessantly about my Bearers, lol!

I’ll put each of their reactions under a cut for the sake of length.

I’ve switched their positions up a bit because I find Helena and Alex’s reactions the most interesting, especially Alex’s because holy shit, is that An Emotion™ I see???

Vesper, aka Angst City™

As a coping mechanism, Vesper has–with great effort and difficulty–separated herself from it emotionally.

Vesper first started doing it in an attempt to keep herself from dwelling on the past and essentially becoming like Helena, clinging to an ideal that may well have never existed, but at the expense of severing her (conscious) emotional attachment to Alice and Henry (rather, the idea of a family in general), and especially to Benji (and by extension, all people she might call her friends for the sake of brevity, but consciously refuses to build an emotional connection with).

So…all that said, when/if Vesper reads that entry, Vess–having shut herself off emotionally to all forms of family so that she might never be abandoned again–doesn’t even bat an eye. She doesn’t (let herself) empathize with Priscilla, and she never particularly cared for Zeus to begin with (she’s read the stories before, only a fool would want him as a father).

The only thing she takes from the entry is confirmation of her opinion on Zeus (and by extension the other Gods—because Vess loves leaping to conclusions, lol), but she also takes the entry as a warning:

  • Do not get comfortable
  • Do not let them use you
  • Do not love them
  • Leave

Whether or not this applies to her relationship with the demigods, Aeson and Saint in particular, all depends on the type of interactions we’ll get from them in the intervening time before we read the entry.
She’s never much cared for Donny, Cally, or Santi. She’s only ever been polite to Avery because, well, she healed her, it’s the least she can do. She pities Sage, as much as an emotionally unavailable wreck can pity someone–Vesper did kill Saxon, and she knows what’s it’s like to mourn family. Aeson and Saint are the only ones she’s even mildly tempted to get to know better.

As mentioned a bajillion times before, her relationship with Aeson will be…complicated, because she’ll question both of their motivations for wanting to be together, and might not accept any answer he gives, nor would she even trust her own conclusions. It’d be this weird limbo between ‘I love you with all my heart’ and ‘We weren’t build for love, only wanting’ and actually, she thinks rather similarly of Saint to a much milder degree, yet she’s much, much more guilt-ridden about her emotional dismissal of Saint because she knows what it’s like to want a family so badly and to be…abandoned. She’d rather Saint not feel it, but she also thinks he’s a damn fool for wanting it, and would prefer if Saint just didn’t want her as a sister…it would make things easier. ‘You’re my brother…if only you weren’t, maybe you’d actually be happy.’

And yeah, Vess is just Angst City.

Alexander, aka here come dat other boi

Hot diggity daffodil! Dis boi surprised me!

So no, Priscilla’s entry doesn’t surprise him or move him…but it does get him thinking.

Ever since meeting Saint he’s been annoyed and nagged that he has a younger brother who–he imagines–was given a better life by being on Olympus (even though Alex hates Olympus. Get ready for a lot of doublethink with this character) all because the mother he doesn’t care for…didn’t care for Alex first (the way he sees it, she didn’t care enough to steal him away like Athena did. He will give Athena that much, she proved she cared. It’s more than he can say for Hades) and preferred (in his mind) Saint.

But reading this…kind of changes that view.
Zeus never loved Priscilla, that much is obvious to him, he seems to be incapable of the emotion.
And Priscilla…fell in and out of love? How the hell…?

How do you do that?
Alex just doesn’t understand. He doesn’t get it. And honestly, it just makes him angrier at her, “Then why did you have a kid…why did you have two kids??”

And he (like Vesper) jumps to certain conclusions…
Would it be a stretch to say…neither he nor Saint were planned…?

Were neither he nor Saint even wanted?

And so the entry doesn’t anger him, it only confuses him, and makes him do something he hasn’t done since the day he beat up Gale.
Dwell deep in thought.

If Saint was as unwanted as Alex…?
_If Athena didn’t even care about Saint enough to steal him away…?
What if…Saint…didn’t have a good life?

And somewhere in the jumble of his thoughts, his brain conjures up five words that make the cacophony go deadly silent:

Maybe I shouldn’t hate him?

And then that bangs around his head for the next couple of weeks and months, and without thinking he finds himself talking with Saint every once in a while, because he wants confirmation: is this annoying little shit as bad as I think he is, or am I…crap, what’s that word again…wrong?

And when talking with Saint, Alex always , always, always speaks in an imperious tone, with a bored look in his eye, and very rarely actually turning to look at Saint when he addresses him–that doesn’t change.

But he talks with Saint–not to him, not at him–and that is a huge fucking difference in Alex’s world.

So yeah, Priscilla’s entry actually makes him not hate Saint.

Now, whether Saint can sense the dynamic shift, whether or not he even tries to connect with him at that point after all of Alex’s…(for lack of a better term) Santi-ness, whether Saint actually still wants Alex as a brother…remains to be seen.

Helena, aka the one who would sit in a house fire saying, "This is fine."


Helena is desperate for a family and love and structure and home and all the other things that make life worth living. She needs them like she needs air!

So reading Priscilla’s journal…she brushes it off. She convinces herself that their relationship changed, that Zeus did love her mother, and that Priscilla did love her father, and that if I just try hard enough…

But she never knows of what to say next, and she refuses to let herself wonder why.

Instead she focuses on how sad and tragic this chapter of her parent’s relationship was. Tries to cry over it and console herself that things got better. They had two kids! A boy and a girl…

She goes so far as to stay in her room for the night, to feel sad about it. Doesn’t tell anyone why, she just goes into her room to play sad music and wallow in self-doubt pity for her mother. Doesn’t let herself wonder why she can’t actually summon any tears to cry at such a sad, sad moment. Doesn’t let herself wonder why the only thing she’s doing is glaring at the journal.

And for a fleeting moment she considers burning the journal.

And somewhere in the dark side of the moon of her mind, Helena decides that Saint should never learn about the journal, and especially not about this entry.

It would only hurt him, she thinks. He deserves better.

Because somewhere in the back of her brain, she recognizes that Zeus and Priscilla’s relationship was toxic, and showing it to Saint would mean…that he might acknowledge that fact out loud, and then she’d have to face it, come to terms with it…but she can’t.
She won’t let him.
She won’t let herself.

Phew, that got deep and much, much longer than I expected. Thanks for bringing it up, @Okami-Nora!
lol And thanks for reminding us about that very enlightening poll you put up a while back. The results were damn hilarious! :joy:


[It’s an ungodly hour. I should be in bed because I have 3 more events for work in less than 3 weeks but welp here is my opinion that no one asked for. Big meta and wall of text ahead]

Probably will be my last post on the Priscilla/Zeus thing in a long while (because this topic has exhausted me no joke) but I agree with you @Okami-Nora especially on why Priscilla and Zeus cannot be called in love or in a romantic relationship. Also my hopes for Priscilla are something like this?

Priscilla is defiant at least insofar as how she treats the traitor god. She’s no lamb to be sure in that sense but also I feel that her resignation to her fate is because she dared defy fate. And as you know, Greek cosmos and logic run on it. You cannot change it less something worse happens or at best you still fulfill whatever destiny you’ve been prophesized to do (with much horror, see Oedipus for prime example)

So I’d like for to actively defy it. She hates the gods and why wouldn’t she? She was essentially captured, locked in a tower, and now has been foretold that she’d fall in love with one of her captors. Why wouldn’t she try to leave or otherwise defy what Gothel has previously stated. There is no logical reason as to why she would honestly think that “hey, this lady said x and I think she’s right”

[If we are to believe she’s as perceptive and willfull as she is, then logically something has to be up]

So I want the tragedy of it to be because she runs, try to subvert what was originally destined for her, the universe falls apart. Like the very act of being unable to love each other – because frankly Zeus is very also much at fault for being an asshole if not outright an abusive one – is what allows for chaos to happen.

Ironically, this is probably what Priscilla saw. If she is indeed the Great Prophet then by glimpsing into that future – one that she and Zeus are unable to love one another – it ushers the end of all worlds. Not just Olympus but earth too and I’d like to think Prisicilla feels responsible to make sure that doesn’t happen

[Like Olympus can go to hell but earth? She’d try to save humanity]

And this utterly destroys her. She’s trapped into a relationship she doesn’t want any part of but if she doesn’t do it, there is more suffering to be found and resigns herself into doing her “duty”

[Which is what would make sense for me as to how she’s able to have 2 kids with Zeus. She might’ve thought love would extend to the “right” – for the lack of a better term – to bed her and what not]

Which again breaks the prophecy

Love is an active choice. It is continuous and active decision that can only come if you have the capacity to choose. Which of course was long broken because Olympus and friends robbed Priscilla of being able to do so (and again for being awful people except maybe a few)

So now, in order to fix the mess and for the universe to come back into order – because what they did was a wound to the tapestry so to speak and like any wound it requires healing, whether by itself or external measures – the MC and co have to fix it

(Which she likely forsaw and why she’s remorseful in that sense. Her freedom and the way to fix things comes at an awful price)


If Soren were to discover that Sawyer was alive and well on Olympus, he would be overjoyed and would likely try to search for him after trying to relax a bit. But if he found out that Sawyer had moved on and started to date someone else, saying he’d be heartbroken is an understatement. Even while on the run, Soren refused to open up his heart to anyone else, his heart still loyal to Sawyer even after losing him. And though he would deny it, one might even say that he loved him, despite the two of them still being in their early teens when they were together.

To see Sawyer with someone else would be devastating to Soren. First he’d try to assure Sawyer that it’s fine, really. He’d be trying to hide his emotions, though anyone with working eyes could see that he was hurting. Then he’d try to just get away, not wanting to be around him anymore. Then when he was alone, he’d let the wave of thoughts and emotions hit him. First, he’d feel anger: he’d feel that he had been loyal to him for nothing. He waited, holding onto the slightest hope that they’d be reunited someday, and this was what he got? Then, after cooling down, he’d be sad. The one person he thought could bring him happiness once again was out of his grasp.

Finally, he’d make a silent vow (one that would almost undoubtedly be broken, given some time) to himself to never leave his heart unguarded, for even a moment. He didn’t want to be disappointed again.

oof, that turned out lengthy but that was fun to write!!


My Damon, as far as he’s concerned, sees Athena as his mother.

My female Bearer’s name has changed to Jaehaera.

Wish we had an opportunity to have purple eyes.:wink:


The Eggo has definitely made a resurgence in pop culture.

do you have more cotg fanfiction bec if you do i need it pls

you’re totally welcome! I treasure you and your thoughts too heh :hugs:

sooo it would be more like a…“ghonny”? lol okay I leave that up to you, @MichaelCrank. Gonny with a hard g doesn’t actually sound that bad lol.

Even if Benji found a new best friend I’m sure many of us would react the same way those who went with Sawyer/Aelin would if they found another.

Kasia’s emotions would be a riot of shock, disbelief, relief, hurt, disappointment, sadness, jealousy, and anger.

Okay, well, even though you can draw similarities from meeting Sawyer to meeting Aunt Alice and Uncle Henry, you can’t really expect the reactions to be the same.

Towards Uncle and Auntie, Kasia was more surprised than anything. She didn’t really have any anger, just twinges of disappointment over broken promises.
Well, okay, maybe a bit of resentment over leaving her to fend for herself on the run. She understands their reasons though, so water under the bridge.

But with Sawyer? Hah, hard to justify having another girlfriend. Moving on? LOL GIVE IT A TRY AND SEE HOW THAT GOES.

Kasia’s point of view would be like, “No one forced you to move on and find someone else. I swore off trying to find another for so long because of you! Even though I thought you were DEAD! I LITERALLY JOINED THESE TRIALS TO RESURRECT YOU OMG AND YOU FIND SOME OTHER GIRL!??!!!”

EDIT: this makes her even more furious when she remembers that she laid two lives on the line for him (hers and Aeson’s).

Sawyer, be prepared for a barrage of questions. Kasia will interrogate you to the death (okay wait that’s funny lol) so u better honestly not have known she was the Bearer or that she was one day going to make it to Olympus.

I wish you all the best luck in the world, gods know you’ll need it to face Kasia Angelis.


Now that you mention it…I’ve actually been writing something small…though I’ve recently hit a snag… :thinking:

I’m hoping to have it done by the 14th, when the Art & Appreciation Event is happening though! And I’ll be sure to post a link to it on here.


Wait, you write fanfics?
And assuming by Violet’s message, you’ve written several others?
Where? When? Gimmie the link please


Oh, I don’t write much, and so far I’m only working on the one CotG fic (unless I sudden go insane and write a longfic dedicated to one of the MCs), and my AO3 literally only has the one fanfic…

And I think we were just referring to my tendency to make little scenelettes such as this:

Aeson: Wh-Wha? What’s wrong? Why are you mad?
MC: What the hell were you thinking when you posted this??? [shoves phone in face]
Aeson: What? What’s wrong with me eating pizza–

I swear to god this is the last time I’ll make a pineapple pizza joke!! :joy:

If you’re really hankering for some fanfic, I wouldn’t mind sending you what I have written so far. Besides, I think I need a new pair of eyes to tell me if there are actual tone shifts or if I’m just being paranoid. :confused:


Don’t worry, you’re not paranoid. You’re probably just high on imagination :upside_down_face:. But seriously, I would love to see your stories.

And if you really are paranoid, then it’s ok. Our friendship is stronger than some weird voices trying to consume your mind and soul.

I support you, and your writing of course.


I haven’t felt this accepted since my friend’s cat laid her paw in my hand. :sob:

Alright, pming you the fic now…friend. [uncontrollable sobbing]


First rule of survival. Always. I repeat. ALWAYS TAKE OUT THE GOD OF WAR FIRST