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Right, so I don’t remember reading this! Was this part of the game or did Rohie/Gia reveal this somewhere?


I’m wondering what will happen when Sage finds out that the Bearer did not do what she accused them of?


I’m curious to see what she’ll do when she finds out that we did do it.


True. Good thing my female bearer who killed him is a fast runner!


Oh believe me, Sage is faster.


It was mentioned a bit on the CotG’s tumblr from a particular ask. Here’s the bit that says it.

Sage considered going back home to take care of her mom after Saxons Death, But Hermes encouraged her to put her skills to use and track down the killer.

The question itself was about what the other side of the RO’s families are like and if the Bearer will get a chance to meet them. Apparently yes: there’s a strong chance that the RO’s will eventually introduce a Bearer that they’re in a relationship with to their human family. Here’s the full answer about the RO’s family.

Calypso has two twin younger brothers; Elias and Mohammed, and her mother. They live on this beautiful rolling hill in Eritrea, in a big blue house with a wrap around porch and a giant Redwood tree. When the chance arises to go into Saint’s room (and it will) you’ll have a chance to look at a large wall of pictures, and many of them are of Calypso back home and candids of her family.

Adonis has a younger sister and a mother back in Paris. They live in a loft above a café owned by his mother, and his sister goes to a private school a few miles away; Aphrodite still visits Adonis’s mother from time to time.

Santiago has a younger sister and a mother as well. He’s extremely close to his mother; she’s his inspiration and he honestly believes her to be he strongest person he’s ever met. They live in New York, Upper East Side (due to Apollo), but he was originally born in South America. His little sister is the sweetest, most adorable 8-year old; she’s also incredibly smart and looks up to Santi. Bad combination, imo.

You all know the deal with Sage; her mother and a dead twin brother. Her mother is in Ireland right now, in a small town by the coast. Sage considered going back home to take care of her mom after Saxons Death, But Hermes encouraged her to put her skills to use and track down the killer.

Aeson’s family background is a spoiler, sorry!

Avery! Her mother was one of the best Healers to ever reside in Olympus, until she retired. She has a half brother the exact same age as the Bearer (hm.)
And yes; whoever you romance will introduce you to their family–it’s inevitable.

Though I wonder if the family members are coming to visit the ROs (meaning that the Bearer will be meeting them on Olympus) or if the ROs are the ones doing the visiting (meaning the Bearer would be accompanying them and getting a chance to see where their boyfriend/girlfriend grew up and having a rare moment away from Olympus). :thinking:

I giggled more than I should’ve; I keep hearing those words get stated with the most deadpan expression and the driest sarcasm. :laughing:

But yeah guys, Sage is a daughter of HERMES. Even if you were a Track star at you old school, you are not out-running her. She WILL catch you. :sweat_smile:

Though I can’t see Damon even attempting any form of escape once the knowledge of his encounter with Saxon comes to light: he’s going to face Sage head on in that matter, because he’s not the type to run away from his actions and he’d feel like he owes it to Sage to look her straight in the eyes to tell her his side of the story (even if Sage won’t listen to it and he does very much intend on defending himself due to the fact there was something clearly wrong with those Seekers that attacked him). Though originally, I did have Damon kill the Seeker partially because I kept imagining that as a child of Hades, he had a particular sensitivity toward people’s life energies and something about Saxon’s felt really off to him.

Your guess is as good as mine. But it might still be a little difficult for her to bond with them fully; Sage has nurtured a strong hatred toward the Bearer for a good number of years. Even if a Bearer was telling the truth about not killing Saxon and something in their trial proves their innocence, it doesn’t mean Sage will be able to let go of all her animosity toward them right off the bat. It’s likely still going to take her some time to come around to being on friendly terms with Bearer (though sparing Saxon might make it a bit easier for the bonding to take place).


Basically one of the reasons why Sage completely turns me off romantically. I mean, my MC did straight up kill her brother but let’s be fair here. Dude was possessed and it was a “kill or be killed” situation even if we didn’t know dude was gonna kill himself by throwing himself off of a building. I also find Hermes to be total dickhead that needs to shut his mouth at the appropriate time but then again, no one has it worse than Ares since my MC would love to straight up kill him as well. Maybe during the war, I may “accidentally” discharge my power that ends up killing Ares and I take his place as the new God of War…
narrows eyes No one would have a chance against me…


Some would say she’s almost as fast as the speed of light, wink, wink.

It’s a fine line between overpowered and underpowered. The Demigods can’t be more powerful than the MC in relativity; that means I’d either have to make the Essence’s powers far more omnipotent, or I’d have to weaken the potency of the Demigods powers. Then, on the other hand, if they’re too weak, the MC seems far too overpowered in comparison before they even receive the full Essence, and that leaves you wondering…what’s so special about Demigods?

Sage has the gift of Speed, but how fast is she? Would the MC be able to compare once given the full power of the Essence? If so, doesn’t she become irrelevant?

The same goes for the others.

	#Adonis Amour
		Full name: Adonis Amour
		Birthplace/D.O.B: Paris, France. July 1st, 1999.
		Lineage: Yi Seo Yoon and Aphrodite (Mortal identity: Iris Amour).
		Source powers: Ability to freely transform physical self, siren song, cultural and lingual knowledge.
		Trained skill: Efficiency with daggers, acrobat.
		Weakness(es): Low strength, secretive, indecisive.
	#Saint Augustine
		Full name: Saint Augustine
		Birthplace/D.O.B: Mount Olympus. June 20th, 1999.
		Lineage: Priscilla Angelis (The Great Prophet) and Zeus.
		Source powers: Heightened awreness, enhanced strength, ability to conjure electro magnetic waves. 
		Trained skill: Efficiency with swords and dagger.
		Weakness(es): Low motivation, reckless tendencies, gluttony.
	#Sage S. Cosse
		Full name: Sage Saoirse Cosse.
		Birthplace/D.O.B: Dublin, Ireland. March 21st, 1999.
		Lineage: Saoirse Gallagher and Hermes (Braden Cosse).
		Source powers: Exceptional speed and agility, heightened perception.
		Trained skill: Duel weilding daggers, crossbow.
		Weakness(es): Quick tempered, lack of trust, stubborn.
	#Calypso D. Iman
		Full name: Calypso Dion Iman
		Birthplace/D.O.B: Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. April 9th, 1999.
		Lineage: Eden Tani and Ares (Mortal identity: Elias Iman)
		Source powers: Enhanced strength, physical prowess, tactical perception.
		Trained skill: Long bow and arrow, wide sword, martial arts, military prowess.
		Weakness(es): Stubborn, shortsighted, prideful.
	#Avery S. Monroe
		Full name: Avery Sutton Monroe.
		Birthplace/D.O.B: West Virginia, United States. November 2nd, 1997.
		Lineage: Cadence Foster (Magai, previously employed as a Healer) and Richard Monroe.
		Powers: Necromancy, witchcraft, healing, mental imagery.
		Trained skill: Applied medical knowledge, some combative experience, (Magic?).
		Weakness(es): Selfish, secretive, vindictive.
	#Aeson Thantos
		Full name: Aeson Thantos.
		Birthplace/D.O.B: Olympus. June 20th, 1999.
		Lineage: Penelope Savvas and Hades (Mortal identity: Damaris Thantos)
		Source powers: Abiltiy to manipulate shadows, the Essence, ability to see and communicate to spirits.
		Trained skill: Duel weilding long swords, limited necromancy.
		Weakness(es): T.B.D.
	#Santiago C. de Vera
		Full name: Santiago Caesar/Carlisle de Vera
		Birthplace/D.O.B: October 23rd, 1999
		Lineage: Mary Rosario and Apollo (Mortal identity: Demetri de Vera)
		Source powers: Limited prophecy, healing, ability to manipulate light.
		Trained skill: Archery, daggers, light scorch.
		Weakness(es): Selfish, manipulative, lack of loyalty.

They all have different source powers, and managing their capacities will be fun to do!


I just love how you made this Aeson’s last name lol basically the name of the Greek’s personification of death and the reason why Marvel’s Thanos has the name. Plus it sounds pretty sweet


That’s a handy summary! Now I know how to kill everyone.

Except Aeson. Figures my fellow cosmic entity got all the good powers and none of the weaknesses. :confused:

Incidentally, I notice that all of them seem to correspond to one of the Deadly Sins. John Doe from Se7en would squee so hard.


If we’re being honest though, even with her speed and heightened perception, it looks like Sage could kind of leave herself very vulnerable to a counter due to her even quicker temper. I can see a particularly calm, observant Bearer eventually being about able to catch on to this very quickly and finding a way to one up her in another confrontation if they are already prepared for another sudden attack (even if they’re not as fast as her).


Avery’s selfish? I didn’t see that one coming.


Not so incidentally! Every character is associated with one of the deadly sins for plot purposes.

Saint is gluttony, and Adonis is lust, obviously. Avery is envy, Calypso is pride, Sage is wrath, and Santiago is greed. Aeson is a combination of all seven, excluding sloth.


…Is it OK to ask where Apollo fits in this group then? Or if there is something else that is intended on being explored with him that doesn’t have to do with the seven deadly sins (though I have no doubts he got a good number of sins crawling on his back, like with the rest of the Twelve)?


He’s a god! That’s a sin in and of itself.
Though, if you insist; he’d be combination of lust/pride. I just can’t coincide with the gods being attributed to sins, even though they each very obviously represent one or two (Athena’s pride, Zeus’s greed, and Aphrodite’s envy for instance.) Sins are something I associate with human nature, and that’s something the gods surely lack; though they do imitate it, and I’d like to think that gods imitate that to some extent.


soooo are we sloth?..



He-he, big bro’s a little pudgy

Santiago’s a white mage… godsdammit

So despair?



I’m sorry for bringing up the Apollo thing once more. I really don’t know why, but something about him being a RO for the current Bearer makes him stick out in a odd way, yet it’s also felt a little easy to forget the fact that he’s even able to romance the current Bearer like the others (which gets even weirder since I never forget that we’ll be able to develop a bond with him in our past life, and I’m actually interested in seeing that).

And you want to know the most ridiculous part about all this is? I honestly don’t feel like I have good deal of reasons for being this leery toward the concept of Apollo being a RO to begin with! :disappointed_relieved: I really do love the way you handle your characters and their interactions. And I love the way you’ve been telling the story. And not only have the others voted for a Apollo romance to happen (an relationship that is, at the end of the day, completely optional), but we haven’t even seen anything concrete about how he interacts with the Bearer and others, so it’s not like there’s been any actual reasons to be this wary about the idea because we have yet to see any reason beyond the skepticism of how a romance between a God and the current Bearer would even work. It just this strange gut feeling I keep having whenever I’m reminded of the fact the Current Bearer can enter a relationship with Apollo that kind goes ‘something feels weirdly odd about this’.

Sorry for the rambling. This is all just merely my opinions anyways.

Maybe we’re the Original Sin… :scream:

Well, he was very adamant about getting Adonis’s fries and wasn’t too happy as a kid about Adonis dropping the sword on the table since it destroyed his fries.


A game where I have the chance to kill the embodiment of Lust? I’m sold.


I thought it was Thanatos.