Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



“Time to kill everyone.”
-Duke Nukem



I can imagine my MC, Aegon, going like this. Lol


Yes, they will! Maybe not a great deal of light, but you won’t be in the dark, anymore. Which should count for something, I think :~)



Teeechnically, Athena is your half-sister since you’re both Zeus’ kids…but then she’s your aunt-ish…and then she might also be your mom’s old lover??? maybe???

And I feel like no one really paid attention to this when I first brought it up, but now seems like a good opportunity to remind everyone about that time I put together all the evidence that Athena and Hades may have been a thing…maybe…just a little.

I mean…gd, these Olympians sure do get around…


When I read that, I thought about and I was legitimately mindfucked. Like if that is true, which seems pretty possible, I don’t even know what to say. It’s just absolute mindfuckery.


To be fair on this matter, Sage now has a less hostile first encounter with the Bearer. Heck, I’ll admit, I actually like Sage a good deal more because we get to meet her on more neutral, friendly grounds this time around before we once more are met with her hostility.

Even taking her new introduction out of account, it’s hard not to be intrigued by how her relationship with the Bearer will possibly develop, whether the relationship that gets nurtured is a platonic one or a romantic one (and whether the Bearer technically killed her brother or not). In a weird way, she’s technically the first one the Bearer has a type of connection with due to Saxon.

Also, who can pass up a chance to one of the two worst flirts trying to hit on the Bearer? :laughing:

Honestly, that sounds much more tame of a notion compared to Priscilla having something going on with a man she apparently loved but didn’t even remotely trust (for good reasons) and who merely saw her as his personal possession (to the point he even sees the children he had with her in the same light).

Not sure if the relationship is a romantic one with Pricilla and Athena though (though @gia and @Rohie certainly seem to be having a fun time being ambiguous with their answers about the relationship :laughing:) I personally feel that we need some more examples of what causes Athena to connect with someone and what eventually gets her attached enough that her mentality becomes ‘since I love you, you are mine’ (kinda looks like all the Gods of something of a possessive streak toward those they take some form of liking to, huh).


Basically MC and Sage’s relationship:
Bildresultat för i will murder you vs i love you gif


Oh we both know that it wasn’t as if he was going to kill him.


Yeeeeah I just got rid of it. Probably wasn’t right to say.


Well, that pretty much sums up the first bit of our interactions with her. I mean, just look at how she reacts when the Bearer tries to ask her for a dance (yes: your Bearer can search out for Sage to ask her for a dance. I think it’s safe to say that none of you will be too surprised about her response to that). :sweat_smile:

Definitely looking forward to see firsthand just how unprepared we all apparently are to see Sage’s sweet side (and horrible flirting skills).


Sage is definitely one of the more interesting ROs.


Can I ask what happened to Apollo that made him changed?


That was my speculation. But alot of stuff did happen throughout time that probably could make a god like Apollo pretty jaded to the human events such as the Black Plague.


considering that Apollo is the god of plagues…more like he had a field day.


Honestly it wouldn’t even surprise me lol


There’s something darkly funny about the God of medicine also being the God of plagues.

I wonder if he’ll end up starting a plague on the townspeople during the Salem Witch flashback if he learned that they were the cause of the Bearer’s death (and he had a close bond with the Bearer) or if he’ll go for some more automatic divine retaliation.

People who have immortality often aren’t unaffected by living those centuries and watching those around them leave their lives after a while. It has the potential of wearing a person down and it’s not uncommon to see a person with immortality become more disconnected with those around them for one reason or another (which may be what happened to the Twelve). In a way, the Bearer living a short life and then starting new one as blank as untouched snow is something of a blessing in disguise; they can start each life fresh and aren’t completely weighed down by their past and their powers.

Funny to see all the different words everyone has for describing Sage’s possible future relationship with the Bearer. :laughing:

But out of all the ROs, Avery and Sage do currently come off as the most unpredictable ROs the Bearer can develop a bond with. All the ROs themselves having varying levels of unpredictability to them, but those two feel much more harder to grasp (for me) because it’s just a bit harder to figure them out. With Avery, she’s the RO whose had the least amount of interactions in the past demos with the Bearer and the things that have currently been revealed about her bring up even more questions than before (she’s certainly living up to that secretive trait of hers), With Sage, she’s this odd blend of emotionally honest but unpredictable in regards to how she’ll react. On one hand, as harsh and aggressive as Sage is, she is one of the few that doesn’t hide what she’s feeling; whether she’s curious about them or hates them, it currently feels easy to tell. But it feels like being friendly with her in general will provoke some interesting responses and while we now get a small taste of Sage’s better side, it’s still a bit hard to visually picture what a good bond with Sage is going to look like.


I wonder how Santiago would react when he finds out that his dad used to bang the bearer in their past life…

Probably like this
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Or maybe he wouldn’t even care, classic Santi.


That’s something I’ve been wondering about: how Santi would react if he learns that his father had a romantic relationship with one of the Bearer’s past life while Santiago himself has growing feelings for the current Bearer. Maybe it might not effect him so much if he considers the Bearer and the past life Bearer being two different people, but he might be more reactive if Apollo himself develops a more focused interest on the Bearer once the God of the Sun learns about their connection to that person he once knew (it was mentioned that the more Santiago likes the Bearer, the worse he gets at hiding the fact he likes them). Of course, this thought in general bring up the question of whether the ROs will be effected in some way if they learn about the Bearer’s past bonds and which ROs would be the type to feel a little bothered/insecure about the knowledge that the Bearer has been loved by many people before (possibly including heroes and maybe even some of the Gods/Godesses themselves).

Though as bad as this is going to sound, whenever I mention ROs, the fact that Apollo is now a romance for the current Bearer (and not just their past life) tends to slip my mind half the time :sweat_smile:. He still feels like oddest possible available RO for the current Bearer to start a relationship with, considering the current Bearer’s connection with the Twelve is right now (I do have confidence in @Rohie’s writing; it just feels like Apollo as a romantic option currently sticks out a great deal and not exactly in a good way to me, though I’m not completely sure why).


Wonder what Hermes will think of the Bearer dating his daughter?


Another good question. It was stated that a good number of the RO’s Godly Parent see their child developing a really close relationship as a opportunity, but we don’t know what kind of opportunities those parents are looking to use. Hermes may be willing to take advantage of the fact Sage is dating the Bearer or he may have a few misgivings about it depending on a few factors (one of them being whether the Bearer had killed or spared Saxon); all we can really do is guess right now.

That said, here’s two things that we can all think about:

  1. Despite the fact Hermes was one of Gods who stood with Hades in support of having the Bearer be a Hero Candidate, he’s actually greatly suspicious that the Bearer may be the cause of Saxon’s death. He outright says ‘what kind of father would I be if I allowed my son’s killer’s to walk free’. So he certainly seems to intend on having the Bearer face justice and may be going by the saying ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’, choosing to side with the Bearer to keep as close a eye on them as possible to see for himself what kind of person the Bearer is and if there may be some indication that they’re connected to Saxon in some way.

  2. When Sage was considering going home to take care of her mother after what happened to her brother, Hermes actually convinced her to put her skills to use in order to track down her brother’s killer. Not sure how close these two are, but they might be on the same page in regards to having Saxon’s killer face the music