Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



yeah, is suppost to be thanatos.


My main MC Damon didn’t kill Saxon.


Thanks! I feel like all of our interactions have been me asking you questions lol. But for what it’s worth, I think you and your laveis are pretty cool!


I have a confession to make @violet: I’m actually one of Hermes’ kids. I’ve been acting as messenger between the CotG tumblr and the CotG forum, and relaying any new information that has appeared there to others who may be interested the new information under Hermes’ orders. He wants me to try and initiate as many interesting discussions as possible before the demon gets its next update.

…Naturally I’m kidding.

I don’t mind answering questions, especially if it means there’s a possibility of getting a discussion started or getting another reader up-to-date with any interesting reveals. I like Children of the Gods , and I like talking about this and the other WIPs with others on the forum. :grin:

Thanks; I’ve certainly enjoyed developing the Bearers for this game. Hopefully I’ll be able to apply the character building I’ve done for the WIPs like Children of the Gods to my own stories once the time comes.

Did your Damon have a particular reason for not killing Saxon?



My Damon just had a bad feeling that killing Saxon could come back and bite him in the a$$.


Smart boy.

So it was more logics that persuaded him to drop that dagger before something much less easy to take back happens?

Random on my end, but do you intend on having your Damon romance someone? If so, who is it or if not, what are his reasons?


You know, there ought to be a third choice with Saxon.

Killing him is a bit much, leaving him alive leaves him able to follow you.

Ought to be an option to stab him in the legs to slow the Hunters down.

“sage, honey, I didn’t kill your brother, just stabbed him repeatedly. Totally different.”


My Damon is toying with romancing either Sage or Calypso.


[slams the door open]

Guess who’s no longer romancing Aeson???


Pineapple on pizza: Aeson, Saint.

I have no brother.

jk y’all, jk :wink:


I really don’t know what’s wrong with pineapple in a pizza. XD I like it.


There’s nothing wrong with it. I just like making a fuss. :sweat_smile: I’m hoping @gia can answer the last question I had. I mean, who’s got money to pay for concession stand food?

Nvm I just noticed that in my ask I forgot a word. Maybe that’s why she didn’t answer the ‘sneaking food into the movie’ question, lol.


Also, this part:

Aeson…it’s patently obvious that he’s been watching that dog for the past 5 minutes.

it me

Saint has already crossed the street.

it me2

Calypso will probably get this pursed-mouth look on her face, and it’s at that point that you know she’s distracted and not listening to you because of the dog. You’ll exchange glances, and then she’s off.

it me x1023

also, ty @gia :pray:t2: i didn’t think i could like the characters any more than i already did, but i’m so glad i was wrong


But I like pineapple on pizza.

Don’t disown me I thought you loved me whYY


It’s ok, @Fay our friendship is easily stronger than a pineapple. I accept you regardless of your pizza topping preferences.


Confirmed to how Sophia is related to Saint

(pineapple pizza)


Found this old post when I was scrolling up.

But imagine the dirty looks Saint would have given Aeson if our MC actually said that.

He’d probably screech:


Then he’d probably throw a tantrum and try to kill Aeson in his sleep ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I mean, Saint wants us to be the sibling that he always dreamed of. So he would be pretty disappointed if the MC said that they’d rather have Aeson as their brother.


Same with Helena, my gurl loves to mix sweet with savory (which, incidentally, is actually why I don’t like pineapple on pizza, or bbq sauce).

Alex would have the same mostly irrational hatred for it as I do, except unlike me, he’s probably never even tried it, lol. But I feel like that’s more because he recognizes his own tastes and preferences and doesn’t really like to push his own boundaries and good lord, how did pineapple pizza make me write something so deep and though provoking for Alex of all my MCs? It is truly a magical topping.
Anyway, he likes meat lover’s wih extra parmesan on top, and he shares my l u s t for bone out hot wings.

Vess is meh about pineapple. Not her preference (that belongs to pizza magherita) but she won’t turn down a slice.


As along as Saint doesn’t try get Evander to eat said pizza, they’ll be fine. But Evander would probably try to get Saint into some real food like arroz con gandules with a side of tostones, well seasoned pork chop, and a malta goya to wash it all down. Yes; Evander knows how to cook and he can get a little picky about his food because of that (he prefers cooking most of his food rather than ordering out) :laughing:.

Damon would privately wonder about what madman would ever mix fruit with nature’s already perfect specimen (pizza). But he’d just shrug it off and sit with Saint to eat the pizza; he’s not going to give his brother a hard time about taste and food is food (when you’re on the run and sometimes haven’t really eaten for a week or two, finding anything to eat to stop the ache in your stomach is a blessing).



lol Yeah, poor Saint would be devastated and because I’m sure he was snooping he would not at all have caught love confession context!

Saint: He wouldn’t love you like I’d love you!



Vesper’s got three words for Evander:

tamales de puerco

(aka my all-time favorite food. I gave each of my Bearers one of my favorite foods. Alex has hot wings and Helena gets my love of cupcakes and my penchant for eating frosting)

But yeah, between Evander and Vess, maybe Saint will learn what good homemade food tastes like, and maybe won’t be such a fire hazard.

Vesper: Tamales are steamed, you can’t possibly set them on fire–