Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



Huge fan of Hades! Him being the father would definitely be awesome, but having the father play a more important role would be great too, e.g. little scenes or choices that impact on your relationship with him (and building one if you would like to do that!)
Love the story so far, also the story of mcs childhood is very interesting as well and the choices about life and death are great! Like the MCs personality choices, being sarcastic and more toughI guess :wink: Looking forward to!


I’m so hyped for this game, guh. Checking in every so often to see the buzz is fun as well.


I loved Hades in that movie!


A conversation between a father and his son:

Saint: So dad, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor
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I wonder if the gift will still be a blue pill?


idk man, but now I’m hoping for ice-cream!

wait…a fucking minute…i don’t mean dad’s ice-cream.


I need that flavour in my life, 2 scoops of Vanilla and one scoop of Viagra.-Zeus


…yes, yes you do.



Ah jeez! Was going down this road needed? :grimacing:


Just embracing the Greek life.


…I mean I laughed…but at the same time, I think I’ve lost some faith in humanity if that is a actual existing ice cream. :sweat_smile:

That aside:

I was re-watching the anime Spice and Wolf, and when I got to this particular scene, I could not help but see something like this happening between Sage (when she’s a little calmer) and a laid-back yet playful Bearer.


I hate to be that guy, but I can’t keep track of all developments in a thread this size. Have the bugs been fixed yet? I can’t count the number of times the game broke when I chose to have a staring contest with Avery.

Addendum: I’ve tried going into the forest with Santiago and with Calypso, and the game breaks every time. I have to say, having to constantly erase all my progress doesn’t do much for the 'sperience.


That particular bug has been fixed. You can play up to the first Trial (the Artemis one). Also, there’s been some added content once the MC arrives to Olympus.


So I decided to go on the Children of the Gods tumblr and ask a question that came to my mind after reading a particular ask about if Persephone’s love for Aeson was similar to Athena’s affections for the Bearer.

What was Priscilla to Athena.

Didn’t technically get a answer to the question (though the responses from both @gia and @Rohie did give me this mental image of both making an expression that says ‘finally, someone asked about this’), but they both did say to discuss, so I’ll toss it out to you guys as well.

What do you guys think is the nature of Priscilla and Athena’s relationship? The connection was likely a powerful one in some way if Athena’s bond with the Bearer has some fraction of whatever made up her bond with Priscilla and it was stated there’s some baggage involved with Athena because of it. And apparently Athena was one of the few from the Twelve that Priscilla tolerated in the beginning (not necessarily trusted, but the fact she tolerated the Goddess of Wisdom despite clearly not being fond of any of the Twelve does say something).


Is it OK to at least ask if Priscilla’s later journal entries will shed some light on her history with Athena and how their relationship develops as time went by?


I think it was definitely an interesting relationship. Maybe Athena just didn’t try to suck up to her?


I’ll put up the journal entry part from the demo where Priscilla talks about Athena for the first time for reference.

May 31st, 1989

I am nineteen, and in land of the Gods, or better known as the land of the Tyrants. I have met all twelve of the Council, which is what they call themselves in these modern times. It’s ridiculous; the way I see it, a wolf can call itself a sheep, but it’d still be a wolf.

Athena is my favorite, but that doesn’t mean much, considering I’d sell any one of the Gods for a soggy loaf of bread. Still, she never asks how I feel in an attempt to pacify me, like Aphrodite. She doesn’t try to intimidate me into complacency like Ares or Hera, nor does she try to befriend me like Demeter or Hermes.

But I don’t trust her, and I don’t need a vision to warn me not to…there’s something in her eyes. There is a fine line between ambition and greed, and she stands wavering in the middle.


I really hope there wasn’t any sort of romantic relationship. My adoptive mother (technical aunt) and my biological mother? That’s rather unsettling.


I really doubt it. The only person that the mother had a “romantic” relationship with would be Zeus. But then again, she hated everyone on Olympus


Yes, well, Sage wants our head on a stick, and that doesn’t keep us from goin’ SWIGGITY SWOOTY DAT HERMESIAN BOOTY. When it comes to CoG romances, I’ve learned to be prepared for all manner of mindfucks.

(My current WIP features an actual shark as an RO. Seems Legit.)


Yeah believe me, I’m starting to see why no one on Olympus should be trusted now. I mean we’re basically the “Chosen One” if you can say that. Even Cronus wants us too so… Athena and Hades has their own endgame going on while Zeus did say at one point that we shouldn’t trust anybody, even him indirectly. So I’m just gonna try to figure out my own endgame while screwing everybody else over.