Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



I would love that! :raised_hands:


This works out perfectly then :blush: Well not the Athena part but Sage is golden.

Anyone else imagining Athena disapproving o all our potential partners now?


Athena DOES disapprove of the Bearer developing romantic feelings for anyone :sweat_smile:. The exact words about it on the tumblr were:

And if I’m remembering it correctly, @Rohie also stated here in the forums about the Goddess of Wisdom’s view about the Bearer being in a relationship with one of the potential ROs along these lines: she doesn’t really care about Santi or Avery, raises a eyebrow about Adonis, laughs hysterically at Calypso (due to dark sense of humor and being somewhat amused about the idea of the Bearer being romantically interested in the daughter of the man who wants to end their life), and is just all around disapproving of Aeson (due to you both being the two most vulnerable people in the Hero Trials).

It wasn’t stated what Athena thinks about the Bearer being in a relationship with Sage or Apollo (the Sage one likely due to it being too spoiler-y and the Apollo one due to him being the most recently new RO revealed). But maybe her dark sense of humor also kicks in with Sage and being in a romantic relationship with ANY of the Gods might naturally spell disaster to our Aunt. :thinking:


I’m surprised she doesn’t like Aeson, protecting him is like protecting ourselves…

Little did we know it was aunties fault our friend died


It’s not a matter of disliking Aeson (though I don’t know exactly what she feels toward the Bestower); it’s more that Athena thinks that being in a relationship with him puts the Bearer’s wellbeing on unstable grounds. She thinks that relationship makes it much harder to ensure your survival when both you and Aeson are too worried about each other to defend yourselves properly (a worry that even Hades somewhat share).

Though I wonder if Athena has even considered the idea that some Bearers may be just as reckless with their own safety if they see their brother or a close friend in just as much danger. :thinking:


Well to be fair, there probably are some Bearers that would be always reckless no matter what the situation may be even if someone they cared about was in danger or not.


From this day onward I shall refer to Aeson as

dat boi

oh shit whadup


It’s such a dead meme. But I wonder if we ever get an option to call him that in the game. Imagine his reaction.


…I really do have no choice but to put it up, don’t I?

Considering that Aeson only really seems focused on putting up the hero persona appearance, I see only one expression he’d make: complete and utter confusion. :sweat_smile:


God, I would pay Rohie cold hard cash if it meant I could get the option to nickname the characters as memes.

Aeson: Dat Boi
Saint: Swiggity Swag I Hate My Dad
Calypso: Mark Me Down As Scared And Horny
Adonis: I’m Always A Slut For Sluts
Santiago: Dumpster Fire
Avery: The Law Requires That I Answer "No"
Sage: You Can’t Hurt Me, These Shades Are Gucci
Zeus: Why The Fuck You Lying Why You Always Lying


I’m sorry, but I think that we all agree that Zeus is a shitty dad. :upside_down_face:


For the most part, yeah. It’s why I’m hoping for a good deal of ‘no’ moments with Zeus to at least make it clear to our only possible father that some Bearers aren’t going to tolerate him treating them as a personal weapon/possession at his disposal and will have a willful reaction if he tries to exert his will too much on them or is making clearly unreasonable demands of them.

But in a number of his stories, Zeus actually did his best to protect his lovers and the children born from his affairs in some way, so he did have some better sides to him. I can’t see Children of the Gods Zeus sticking his neck out like that unless he has something to gain from it (he did defend us, but he had everything to lose and very little to gain from the Bearer dying), but it’s at least something to think about. Not that I’m holding my breath about dreaming of seeing a better side to Children of the Gods Zeus. :sweat_smile:

But can we at least agree that Disney Zeus is a good guy? I mean, look how he is with baby Hercules.

And then when he reunites with his own kid after being apart from him for so long (though it was explicitly stated by the Muses that he and Hera watch over their child from afar).

If Zeus had a more fatherly reaction to the Bearer like that, I’d be more willing give him a chance, even knowing his not-so-great sides. :grin:


Rip Torn Zeus is best timeline Zeus, absolutely, but this version would also probably maybe not try and raise the Bearer to be a weapon, and is thus nothing like CotG Zeus.

Hmm, maybe in one of the endings the Bearer recreates the timeline so that the gods are like their Disney counterparts? (RIP Hot Hermes)


Yeah, Disney Zeus would’ve more likely have had the Bearer completely by accident from a much healthier relationship and would’ve actually tried to prepare the Bearer for the future prophecy more so that they could defend themselves from what the future has in store for them. He also would’ve been more of a father to Saint, given our younger brother a more stable family life, and would’ve cared about the Bearer and Saint equally.

I just figured I’d bring up that at least the Disney version of Zeus would’ve tried his hardest to be a father to the Bearer (in a way that I could honestly have seen Poseidon doing to some extent, though with more awkwardness involved in his case).

But I don’t want Uncle Henry to become a jerk (Although the Disney version of the Gods did make Aphrodite loyal to Hephaestus and Hera actually nice) :fearful:

And it would take away from what makes the CotG’s Twelve really interesting and my personal eagerness to discover what hides behind their Godly masks (even if these gods aren’t particularly friendly and the possibility of the Bearer having a father that at least cared about them to some level is now nonexistent).

(I do want to make it clear that the CotG Gods do interest me a great deal and I’m eager to see in what ways they each lack a sense of humanity, how diverse the levels of humanity in them are, and how they may react to a Bearer who may have a stronger connection with their own humanity or a past connection to the Gods themselves).


Maybe make hades only half like his Disney counterpart then?


I’m actually hoping to have a option to backhand slap Zeus for trying to think he can get everything he wants out of me. Like dude, just because you’re the King of gods does not mean I have to listen to your dumbass.


You confuse Disney with actual mythology. Disney is not repeatable for its exactness… Zeus is basically slut and Hera tried to kill Hercules not Hades.


Well yeah but at the end of the day it isint about the actual Greek myths, it’s about how rohie characterizes them, heck for all we know zeus could be closer to his Disney counter part that his myths.


Am I the only one who has felt that Zeus’ character is pretty mild? I mean, to me he came across pretty chill considering. This is only the very beginning, so I’m curious to see where she goes with his character.


…? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I believe there’s been some confusion about what I was saying.

I was merely stating that Disney’s version of Zeus would have been more likely to take on a fatherly role with the Bearer than the CotG Zeus or some of the other portrayals of Zeus done in a number of his mythologies. I’m well aware of that Disney’s version of Zeus is just one of the many portrayals out there of the King of the Gods; I was exposed to written mythology long before I ever got into animation and learned even during those readings that different writers/artists tended to focus on different aspects of the mythological figures they took a interest in.

Please don’t make assumptions about what a person may or may not know. It comes off as a little insulting (even though I’m sure that wasn’t your intention at all). :disappointed_relieved:

It’d certainly be a shock to see CotG Zeus actually having something in common with Disney Zeus. :sweat_smile:

But you’re right; there’s very little we truly know about the Gods in @Rohie’s story. All we can do is guess until the demo gets updated and see for ourselves what our interactions with them clue us in on. :slightly_smiling_face: