Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



Love that! Each character is their own.

I adore how some Bearers can technically make the same decisions in-game, but have totally different motivations and character behind them.

Kasi just watched in curious anticipation when it looked like Ares and Hades were gonna fight. Lol


The more intellectual, cautious side of Veronica is telling her to be wary of Zeus but at the same time the more emotional, hopeful side of her really wants to get to know him.
While she doesn’t think that Zeus is necessarily irredeemably terrible (she believes that there’s a little bit of good in everyone, after all), she knows that in the end he’ll probably prove to be really bad for her, but that doesn’t stop her from hoping to have a genuine father-daughter relationship with him, and she has a pretty bad habit of going for things that she knows are dangerous for her.

It’s kind of the same thing for Athena and Hades. Ronnie loves them and all, but at the same time she’s still upset about what happened and she’s very overwhelmed with recent events so she’s kind of struggling about whether or not to truly reconcile with them.
Still, despite everything, Ronnie will defend them when she needs to. She hates the idea of them being hurt.


Sophia finding out that Zeus had Athena imprisoned and barred Hades from contacting her puts him even more in her black list

Like she understands why but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt her. And since 0 apologies were made, it’s you reap what you sow kind of thing

Oh! Sophia is totally that “hurt me or whatever but for the love of god don’t harm them” sort of person for her loved ones. She’d probably accept any burden so long as they’re safe

(Am honestly waiting for Cronus or the rest of Olympus to exploit this)


Kasia’s favorite band is One Direction. It throws her back to better times. Laugh all you want, but their songs made her feel, even just for a little bit, that she could be normal and carefree and not terrified of Hunters at all.

Sometimes she remembers this bittersweet memory of Sawyer expressing his distaste for them. Kasi’s Directioner phase was just reaching its peak (she was, like, what, 14?), and Sawyer couldn’t ignore it any longer. He made this adorably stupid comment about how they weren’t even that cute; she knew right away that he was jealous. This gave her life. Kasia milked this hot button for all it was worth.

Her favorite song…okay, since COTG is set in 2016…hmmm. “I Know Places”, Taylor Swift. Headcanon: this song is where she got the idea of calling the Seekers Hunters.

Fave movie is…lol, Percy Jackson! She’s read all the books, but Kasi thinks the Lightning Thief movie is pretty good too as an AU. Also, Logan Lerman.

She planned to watch Sea of Monsters with Sawyer on opening weekend, but she never got around to doing it after…you know.

(I remember it either being on COTG’s tumblr or here on the forums that Hades would have been appalled at the idea of him in leather pants. Lol. Kasia was blissfully unaware of Aunt and Uncle’s true identities when she got into PJO, so I think it’s only fair that she would grasp for anything that breathed life into the fabled gods apart from Aunt Alice’s lectures and books. I doubt Athena could have dissuaded her without revealing too much.)

Aside from her stance on One Direction? Uhh…she usually doesn’t ship canon pairings together? Kasi’s pretty nonconformist and stuff. Like with Katniss, she ships her and Gale. And with Percy, Rachel. Welp.

(This kinda leaks into her own romantic relationships? She likes Aeson, but she feels like it’s too predictable of her since, like, the universe seems to be shipping them together.)


We’re sharing bearer right now? Can I join?

Hannibal Angelis

Hannibal is, was, a sweet child, someone who only holds good will towards other, someone who never meant any harm he has done and is quick to apologize for every wrong, perceived or not. Someone who is afraid of getting hurt, but is more afraid of hurting others. Someone who, more than anything, wanted to have friends and build connection with others, this comes from an abandonment issues that stem from the absence of his mother and father for all of his life, and being forced to watch every day how everyone else at least have one of their parent picking them up from school. The existence of his aunt and uncle made the pain bearable to him and he can at least smile with all his heart.

The day uncle Henry left him was one of the hardest day in his life, he tried to be calm and rational about it because that’s how aunt Alice raised him to be, but deep down he was panicking, he just can’t understand why one of the most prominent figure in his life would leave him, was it because something he had said? Something he had done? Was he not good enough a boy anymore to warrant his uncle attention? Was it because he was useless? He’s not the strongest boy around nor is he the most charming, but he’s pretty sure he’s one of the smartest people at school, is that not enough? When uncle Henry promised that they would meet again he felt a glimmer of hope in his heart, maybe, just maybe, he wasn’t being abandoned after all! Too bad reality has other plan for him. He tried his best to hold into that sliver of hope, but each passing day prove to be harder than the last, until after a year without a single word from uncle Henry finally managed to tore that hope away from him. That day is the first time he tasted despair. Thankfully, his rational mind managed to help him by reminding him that there’s still aunt Alice and a myriad of other people that could still stay in his life. The scar never fades but his heart became stronger after that, swearing that never again will his friends and family abandon him, he strengthened the bonds between them, he became more self-sacrificing, he cherished every moment of interaction he had between them, in the hope that if they liked him as much as he liked them, then maybe they won’t leave him like uncle Henry! And it worked, he became one of the most popular guy in school thanks to his intellect and likeable personality. He lived in contentment, never once giving anyone a false smile because he’s at his happiest when he’s interacting with them.

The day his power awakened is one of the most confusing day in his life, on one hand he’s grateful that he has been given a means of protecting all he holds dear, but on the other hand, he never meant to hurt that person, yet his power hurted them anyway. After the discussion with aunt Alice, he’s filled with both determination and doubt. The determination to master this power so that he would never unintentionally hurt others anymore, and the doubt of why would aunt Alice hides those magical world from him, don’t she trust him? He never lied to her, so why would she mistrust him? The event from today would have been avoided if only she would train him how to control his power! But he dares not confront his aunt for he fears that it would strain their relationship with her, so he resolved to just master his power. The days spent alone in his room reading magical tome and doing mental training made him realize how much he longs for the presence of another, and how he loathe feeling alone. “Never again…”, he reminded himself, “not anymore.”. The prospect of being able to protect those he holds dear helps him bear the pain of loneliness, so he soldiers on.

The day he asked Aelin out is the most stressful day of his life, it has taken months to gather the courage necessary to do it, and he don’t think he would be able to bear the pain of rejection, but his rational mind gives him the reassurance he needed. “Calm down”, he whispered to himself, “I can do this! We’ve been close enough friend to make this not completely out of the blue, there’s also that plan I made to increase her likeliness to accept, besides, she herself seems to like me too, so everything is going to be alright, right? Right!”. Gathering his composure, he proceed to put his plan into motion. This plan of his is one created after much time spent reading romance novels, even though aunt Alice seems to think it is a waste of time and he should spend it more on reading scientific book, but he disagree, to him, social life is as important as his grades were. The plan went more or less smoothly, though most scenario don’t exactly play out as how it does in the novel, but it is fine as long they had fun and it helped set the mood. When the time of confession comes, he can feel his heart beating so fast that Aelin must have had heard it, the silence between his question and her answer seems to stretch into eternity. Once that eternity ended by her saying “yes” he was the happiest boy in the world, never before he has felt this kind of happiness, in his heart he swore that he will make this relationship work, it won’t be one of those relationship that started out with a blast and end with a whimper, no, he would definitely make Aelin his wife when the time comes, he would definitely builds a happy family with her by his side, he would definitely stay by her side, only death itself could tear them apart, and he would rather die first than to watch Aelin pass on before him.

The day the seeker came to him is the day his world shattered. What should have been a pleasant day spent with Aelin turned to be his own personal hell, he do not understand, what business could those people have with him or Aelin? As far as he know, Aelin is just a regular human girl, though very special to him, so that means they we’re stalking him, right? Not wanting to lie to Aelin, he showed her his magical power, thankfully she’s open minded and accepting enough to take the news. He took care not to hurt those seeker, wanting only to get both Aelin and himself to safety. Everything went well until that fateful encounter in the maze, planning to blast the dagger out of the seeker’s hand, he prepared to channel his magical power…until Aelin bit the seeker’s hand. He could not believe it, so shocked was he that when Aelin screamed for him to run away he instinctively does. When he returned to his sense, he felt sick toward himself, how hypocritical of him to abandon Aelin when he himself fears abandonment the most, how pathetic of him to not being able to do anything when the time to protect his loved ones comes, is this not why he spent all his time learning the art of magic? How useless, maybe if he spent more time furthering his pursue of magic he would be able to save her! Maybe if he spent more time strengthening his heart he won’t be left in shock! How weak of him, to not being able to fulfill his own promise. “Just like uncle Henry…”, he whispered to himself. He is useless, weak, he do not deserve happiness if he cannot protect it! Yes that must be it! He do not deserve to be happy if he cannot protect those that will make him happy, so he cutted his ties with everyone out of fear of what would happen to them, the only one left is aunt Alice. Aunt Alice must surely be strong enough to protect herself, right? Surely he can have enough happiness just with her, right? He tried to be happy with his situation, and it worked, even though the encounter with the seeker makes him paranoid and stressful.

The day aunt Alice disappeared is the day he lost all hope. He cannot fathom it, there’s no way the aunt Alice he know could be kidnapped or killed by those seeker, but that would mean she has abandoned him…but why? Why would she leave him? It must be because he did not lived up to her expectation, it must be because he’s useless and worthless, it must be because he has only been a burden to her all this time, it must be because she didn’t need him! That’s right! This happened because he is weak, useless, worthless, a burden to everyone, nobody needs him, they’re better off without him, they must’ve had a hard time because of his selfishness, they must’ve hated him! It’s not that he doesn’t deserve to be happy, it must be because he doesn’t deserve happiness itself! He never deserved happiness! What he does deserve is suffering! Yes, he deserve to suffer! He don’t want to suffer, but that’s what he deserved for being a pathetic human being. Such thought roam his mind as he roamed the earth. Never again would he make a relationship out of fear for their safety and of fear of getting hurt himself.

The day he met Saxon is the day that he learned that how afraid he is of dying. He may fear hurting others more than he fears getting hurt himself, but he fears dying as much as he fears getting abandoned. He don’t want to die…he don’t want to die…but this guy seems intent on killing him…that’s why he killed them the first chance he got. After the deed is done all he could do was try to stop himself from vomitting, he can’t believe he just killed a human being, he tried to justify it by telling himself that if he didn’t, that seeker would continue to try and kill him again anyway, but even that sounds hollow in his own ear.

The day he met Saint is the day he learned pure envy. Why is the world so unfair? He has no keepsake from his missing mother, yet Saint does? Why? Why does he have everything I wanted, but I don’t? What made him so special? What made him worthy of happiness? Needless to say, the fact that Saint has something from their mother further worsen his abandonment issues. Did she abandoned me because she wanted to spend more time with him? Why did he chose him over me? Did she not want me? Am I worthless since the start? Am I not supposed to be born? Why him but not me?! And with that, his self-worth plummets to the abyss. “I’m unwanted, aren’t I?”, he whispered to himself.

The day he learned of the prophecy is the day he learned to hope once again. Maybe he does worth something, maybe he can be useful too, maybe he is needed by someone! And maybe, just maybe, he deserve to be happy after all…but deep down he feared that hope, knowing full well how painful it is to have it taken away from you. For now, he just have to do his best.


Saint (Incest is wincest)

:rofl: OMG that made me spit out my water!

This reminds me of the first time I played the game I thought Saint was gonna be an RO for all of the two pages before he says he’s the MCs brother. I admit, I was disappointed to learn that, and more than a little tempted to see how, ahem, Classical, things could get.

But then Aeson showed up and suddenly my MC had an even hotter brother a soulmate and I was all, “Sign me the fuck up! :eyes::ok_hand:

And Aeson has been #1 husbando of all time ever since.


Same, yo. Except that I read it waaay back, when we didn’t know who he was.

Horrendous, cliché-infested YA romance novels have clearly tainted my brain. Not every cute stranger-with-superpowers-who-tries-to-murder-me is an excellent boyfriend option. Who would have thought! :thinking:


No this time it’s only girlfriend material with Sage around.

He has a lack of opinion on most things not relating to him or his interest.


B-B-But!! Our meet-cute scene where I kicked him in the balls! Surely, touching their crotch so early on means we’ll get together in the end!

That’s it, that’s YA, right?


I actually don’t know, I mostly managed to avoid YA Lit because I’m 23 going on 24 and the YA boom wasn’t until I was in high school, long after I’d already started reading regular ol’ adult(?) literature.

The only YA books I ever read were the first three books of Vampire Academy (I went through a phase ok?), the first four books of H.I.V.E. (those were dark times), and the Orphans of Chaos series (I am not at all ashamed about this, they were genuinely entertaining reads that didn’t feel like they were patronizing to teenagers).


It took me 5 minutes to understand tha YA=Young adults after I read it.
in my bed watching TV while thinking of ways to create a new missile that is cheaper but as powerful as the GBU-43/B MOAB
have random thought
Me: oooh she meant young adult!! I am a fucking idiot.


…u wot

rereads the comment

…run that by me one more time? :rofl:


Same here dude. At first I thought they meant YAOI and it took me a whole day to realize that they were talking about young adult fiction.


What you describe is more anime than anything else.

The only Young Adult books I’ve read that weren’t The Hunger Games had Serious Stuff™ in them. Like one I read about a pair of childhood friends who grew up and ended up getting torn apart when both of them ended up on drugs, and even though one of them managed to overcome addiction, the other didn’t.

Young Adult seems to be a category for books in the same way Action-Adventure is a category for movies: both are way too broad to say “all X are like this”.


Odd, I’ve only ever seen one whole anime in my entire life. :thinking:

That, and all the other animes that I’ve seen bits and pieces of haven’t had the joke I described (as far as I know).

I think it’s just one of those jokes that happens a little bit everywhere but for whatever reason always gets attributed to a single um…genre(?).

Like the joke that teen dramas always have 30 years olds playing the teenagers when really, it happens all over the place in media, not just teen dramas.

Anyway, let’s get back on topic because I had a horrifying thought earlier and I need people’s input.

If Saint looks exactly like the MC (face wise, of course), would any of the ROs just look at Saint and be like, “Oh no…oh good gods he’s cute why did I just think thaaaaaaaaat nooooooooooooooo!”?


Someone: If I can’t have the original (Mc)
I can settle for saint and just Pretend it’s the original and not some copy
Saint: hurtful, I’m right here…
Someone: shhh {MC}


Well. It’s more of the reverse if MC x Santi happens since according to the tumblr, Saint used to have a big crush on the guy

On more MC related questions: Hogwarts House/Wand/Patronus?


Great question!


I know for sure she is Gryffindor because she truly does value bravery and doing the right thing at all cost–though she would still fit in nicely with Hufflepuff, Gryffindor is her true home.

Her wand would be a 10-in Ash with a unicorn hair core that is slightly yielding.

Her patronus would be a husky.



His wand would be 15-in Ebony with a dragon heartstring core that is unyielding.

His patronus would be a black bear.


I’m actually having a lot of trouble trying to sort her. I’m stuck between Slytherin and Ravenclaw. Any thoughts?

Her wand would be a 14 and 1/2-in Hawthorne with a phoenix feather core that is surprisingly swishy.

Her patronus would be a nebelung cat.


Just me…trying to ‘better’ the world.




Okay, so here’s what Pottermore says would be the House/Wand/Patronus for Helena, Vesper, and Alex.

Maple wood with a dragon heartstring core, 11 ½" and solid flexibility
Nebelung cat.

Fir wood with a unicorn hair core, 14" and supple flexibility
Black Stallion.

Fir wood with a dragon heartstring core, 13" and reasonably supple flexibility


Helena being sorted into Hufflepuff wasn’t that much of a surprise. Honestly, I was caught between either that or Gryffindor.
I was honestly surprised at the results for her wand and patronus (I had originally pegged Vesper with the nebelung cat!), but they do seem fitting if you think about it.

I had already been caught between sorting Vesper into Slytherin or Ravenclaw, so I’m not too surprised.
I was however, surprised at her wand core and its size, like damn. She even outdid Alexander “Hey Look At ME” Angelis, impressive. And her patronus also makes sense.

Alex, Alex, Alex…I was not even surprised at him getting sorted into Slytherin. He’s the most Slythering Slytherin to ever Slytherin.
His wand wasn’t all that surprising, except it’s not as long as I expected nor did I expect it to be so flexible! And his patronus…it’s so damn fitting.


I’m doing that now so here are the results for Sophia!

Wand: Pear, Phoenix core, 12.5", slightly yielding flexibility

On the Details/Meaning of This

Pear: This golden-toned wood produces wands of splendid magical powers, which give of their best in the hands of the warm-hearted, the generous and the wise. Possessors of pear wands are, in my experience, usually popular and well-respected. I do not know of a single instance where a pear wand has been discovered in the possession of a Dark witch or wizard. Pear wands are among the most resilient, and I have often observed that they may still present a remarkable appearance of newness, even after many years of hard use.

Phoenix: This is the rarest core type. Phoenix feathers are capable of the greatest range of magic, though they may take longer than either unicorn or dragon cores to reveal this. They show the most initiative, sometimes acting of their own accord, a quality that many witches and wizards dislike. Phoenix feather wands are always the pickiest when it comes to potential owners, for the creature from which they are taken is one of the most independent and detached in the world. These wands are the hardest to tame and to personalise, and their allegiance is usually hard won.

House: Hufflepuff

Patronus: Fire-Dwelling Salamander

Symbolism as Per Mugglenet on the Patronus

Fire-Dwelling Salamander – This small, fire-dwelling lizard is born out of flames and lives as long as the flames that spawned it, though it can survive outside them for up to six hours if fed properly. This Patronus represents a person that was born and/or has lived under pressing circumstances but overcomes every obstacle, getting stronger each day. People with this Patronus love challenges and are good at handling stress.

Overall: I feel this is very accurate and I could go into a very long post as to why but I don’t want to bore you guys with my rambling