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I love this! So fun to see you guys sharing deets about your Bearer(s). Now I want to commission my own Na Lavei art :cry:

To be honest my Bearer Kasia is more an extension of myself than anything else, so it wasn’t a super straightforward process for me to explicitly define her.

I actually listed down all her stats and decisions she made throughout (what we currently have of) the game. It was a refreshing experience; really brought her to life.

Anyway, Kasi certainly resonates with @SereneBird’s Veronica, in that she really just does want family and friends (and true love lol). I guess you can say she’s been like that since the beginning, since her toddler instinct was to hold Uncle Henry’s hand. She has longed for the gods ever since Aunt Alice told her about her origins.

With that being said, she probably made and will make some unwise decisions in pursuit of these.
For example, she legit convinces herself to trust everyone to, like, the max and will do almost anything to stay in their good graces.

Key word: almost. The morality is strong with this one, so that has so far caused her to be very earnest and good and kind. If ever it comes to doing what’s right or doing what will please whom she loves, Kasi will probably do the right thing. (But Kasia as Korrina Spiros would flip to Paris’s side in a heartbeat, no joke.)

That’s not all there is to her, naturally. Despite her soft spot for people, she is intelligent (AP subjects ftw). She has trained as a Warrior, but is not physically violent. Most of the time she doesn’t put up a fight. If she has to, Kasia fights on the defensive, relying more on smart attacks rather than strong ones. She’s also pretty into hiding and stealth. (Headcanon: she was probably Hide-and-Seek champion of the world growing up).

She is curious, one of her key traits. Whenever there has been a choice to ask questions, she has always done so. She investigated the rack of potions (God knows what that might do in the future), trailed Alec (but didn’t confront him only because she didn’t want to be even more late to class), and told the Scooby Gang all she knew to 1) get on their good sides and 2) find out more about everything going on. Oh, and in the current update, she investigates Priscilla’s room.

LOL I could go on and on (the first draft of this post was a much longer exposition of choices + traits), but y’all probably aren’t interested hahaha. I’m interested to know you guys’, though! I’m ready to read through each and every list of your decisions and even why your Bearers made them :purple_heart:


Guys, who is best husbando in COTG?

  • Lmao, what do you expect? Aeson ofc. He’s our soulmate, metaphorically and literally.
  • Adonis (Aeson is still bae)
  • Actually, no, Saint (Incest is wincest)
  • I’m actually into waifus, Calypso. (Aeson is still best boy)
  • Sage (Ugh)

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Calypso is definitely my wifey. Well that depends on how the events in COTG will turn out. Especially since Aegon’s biggest beef just happens to be Ares.


Well. You all asked for an unpopular opinion and Sophie delivered :)) so now you all gotta deal with that info bomb

Mmmm. Top of my head, Sophia is a smart but cautious cookie – trust is hard to come by after being hunted all these years – but also just wants a family (blood or not)

So against her brain on survival mode telling her to not, she does end up trusting Saint off the bat. One, no spell can replicate how uncannily similar they look. And she, being empathic and intuitive, felt like he wasn’t lying when he said they were sibs and probably was just as yearning for a fam as she was

The thing though that threw her off this whole fam acceptance was Zeus. She hugged Hades since it felt like reuniting with her father/father figure – and definitely felt like he was waiting for her to make the first move on whether or not he’s still welcome in her life. She forgave Athena for the same reasons (she’s still mad at her for Saint but even Sophs had to admit things are…complicated)

But Zeus?

Now she definitely felt (vibe wise) he had no interest in her as a person because look at that reception. It felt like a king and his subject rather than dad and daughter. He expects a lot from her and while she understands that expectation finds it cold that after 16/17 years, this is how you’ll greet your child? Nothing on an apology or explanation? Anything to explain your absence and why your distance is still there and why you feel this detached?

[Logically he doesn’t know who you are personally Sophs but given you’ve been family starved this stung a lot]

It doesn’t help that when the 12 were convening and talking about the Seekers, no harsh word or what not on the fact that she was hunted (and as confirmed by Saint and co that something is off). Quick apologies and what not doesn’t cover the suffering she did (nor does he attempt to find this out per se)

As far as she’s concerned, king of the gods you are but you’re not my dad. If Hades could find time to raise me then why couldn’t you?

[Depending on how the plot unfolds we’ll see if she feels differently]

Also she didn’t kill Saxon. He was subdued already so she didn’t want to hurt him or what not – she just wanted to get away – since her being a magician helped feel out that he wasn’t himself. The incident though scarred her and she has occassional nightmares on this. But she did take his dagger, hoping to find his next of kin and return it

[Good luck with that]

So top of my head moments. Will probably add when I remember more


I cannot wait until we kill Aeson and be a complete being.


Same here… I don’t really like Aeson that much. Probably because he told me that I can’t trust Athena or Hades or any of the gods but aside from those two, like who do you think you’re talking to buddy? I have nothing but love for those two because at least they tried to be like parents to our MC.


I don’t think you need to kill Aeson to get your essence power, considering you would automatically gets it from him during your 18th birthday, but, hey, no one is stopping you if you want to.

Edit : Remembering back to earlier discussion, I would strongly advise against it, it seems like the death of the bestower will also result in death of the bearer. That is, of course, if that rule still applies to the current version of the game.


What if we kill him after we get our immortality and become an actual god?

Edit: Well if they’re both conspiring to ensure my safety during the Trials then I’m 100% cool with it.


Probably because He was getting his pipe wet by his niece.

I mean after that conversation those 2 had in secret I wouldn’t trust them either.

I thought if we didn’t find a safely way of extracting the Essence he would die. I remember it being a thing at the beginning of this wip.

Idk even if that was the conversation about, my MC wouldn’t like it. Maximus is the type of person that hate when people do stuff behind his back. Even if is for his sake he will start to doubt them, “what if they are the ones kissing Kronos ass?”. Probably we all going to suspect that the weird god that sounds evil is the one that works for Kronos but then in the last fight the one that comes out to protect him will be Athena and everyone will be like “OMG :fearful: " and I will be like " I knew there was something wrong with that bitch”


Nah, the essence inside him would automatically returns to you once you hit 18 (probably gonna have to edit my earlier post because of this), the essence was yours from the start anyway, he’s just holding it for you, hence the bestower, and also as Cronus’s safe-guard so that the essence won’t be used against him, wonder how that would work for him now. After the exchange is done he’ll be the same old Aeson, minus the essence inside him of course, what you should be worrying about is the fact that no previous bearer lived long after their awakening. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the exchange process itself is safe enough so he won’t die from it, but when it’s your turn to manipulate the essence there’s a significant risk of death, unless you can control the amount of power you use, of course.

Intriguing, maybe there is something like that and I just forgot about it. Though I am pretty sure that the exchange process itself is harmless and only the manipulation process could result in death, if I’m wrong would someone kindly correct me?


Well, I didn’t know what would set people off. I can swear better than that.


My Damon’s favorite band is Queen, favorite song is We Will Rock You, and his favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

He can’t stand people who think pineapple on pizza is a good idea. Or the idea of putting ketchup on a hot dog. To him it’s a sin.

What do you think of some of Damon’s likes and dislikes, @Okami-Nora?


Why is there no Santi and Avery :disappointed: (lol they’re not really my type but had to point it out)

@squarelyblue Okay, so Kasia and Sophia def sound like they’re on the same page. Smart + cautious…but that was thrown to the wind in Athena’s and Saint’s cases. Kasi didn’t go for the Hades hug bec she realized that her summoning was a formal event of sorts. In any other situation, she would have gone for the hug.

With Zeus, she wants to trust him. She really does, as he is her father biologically nmw. But he honestly hasn’t appeared interested in filling his fatherly role (unlike Poseidon, former dad) which strikes a bad chord with her. When he expressed disappointment towards her saying that she wants to give him a chance (or smth to that effect), that was a wrong move. I shake my head at thee, Greek Jupiter.

Aaaaahhhh okay interested or not, imma post character deets and stuff as soon as the opportunity presents itself hihi


I’ve been meaning to post about my bearer for a while (and post more here in general) because this game is wonderful as well as the community for it! :heart: I’ll probably add much more to this plus fix any spelling or grammar when time allows it. School is very stressful so I’m always happy to relax by writing!

Zondra Angelis: The Atoner

Maybe it’s okay to not always be brave. Maybe it’s alright to not be right. But when your life hangs in the balance, every mistake another mark against you, when is it ‘okay’ or ‘alright’?

From a distance, Zondra has held up herself pretty well for someone who’s been on the run for three years. You couldn’t tell her from a face in the crowd she’s always found preservation from. She has a stoic demeanor, a taste for thrills, and ultimately hasn’t been broken down into pieces.

No. Those pieces of her were left behind in Phoenix.

Zondra is nothing short of paranoia and fury wrapped up into a girl who has a jar of nightmares enough to last her a lifetime. Her ‘taste for thrills’ really denotes into staying alive. She never forgets, never forgives. This logic applies to even her. In order to correct the past, she preservers onto the present.

She can be self-righteous, comparing her morals and humanity to the gods and ultimately takes pride in her position as the bearer. Finally, power has fallen into her lap, waiting to be revived as she wakes it up with her own will. (With Aeson’s help too I guess lol)

The death of Sawyer left Zondra with endless nights of crying and realization that her world was not for everyone. With deep revulsion against the seekers, she is on constant guard. She won’t be a coward ever again.

Zondra lives her life through the sacrifice of Sawyer. So many nights she thought that it’d be better to just let the seekers take her away, from the streets, even if death was the final destination. It is an insult and disgrace to Sawyer to ever think about death. It’s one of the reasons why she wants immortality and to ultimately become the hero that Olympus desires. Sawyer was a hero for her that day; now, now she gets to play the part of one because of it.

Death is unthinkable. Death has many places in the mind of a coward. Not so much a hero.

The fateful encounter with Saxon is a decision even I find difficult to pinpoint for Zondra. Finally, a chance to strike back at the seekers. They don’t play fair, that much was shown when Sawyer died. But it wasn’t a fair fight when the kill came down to Zondra; she had always known that her magic wasn’t a typical demigod deal. Seeing him actually defenseless made her feel as though maybe the hunters weren’t so . . . invincible. I usually go back and forth on it so my playthroughs shall vary a lot with this decision.

From Zero to Hero. Maybe.

Like all the characters I come up with for CoG, I give them themes for their journey to discovery of the world or themselves. The themes I had going on for Zondra was the great demand for purpose and the power no one could capture from you even when in a cage surrounded by greater domination. She was built with the intent of being the character who has many pieces from her broken heart and ego then catching them with all she has left, arranging them into something that most would call Hope. All the seven deadly sins can pick themselves up in Zondra but Wrath and Pride illustrate her actions the most. I’ll go more in-depth with her virtues at a later time.

Zondra’s displeasure at a life taken away from her is the core of her ultimate Wrath. Being hunted like an animal with no room to breathe and your chances of survival depending on you running away was not a position that she wished for in life. What’s worse than taking away someone’s freedom? Dangling it in front of them by forcing them into a competition that they want no part of.

Pride is considered to be the most dangerous and even Athena admitted that cocky heroes don’t last long. Zondra’s pride isn’t so much that she’s better than anyone else, though it can appear that way when it comes to her self-righteousness. It stems from the fact that it’s a defense mechanism in a way that the role of the bearer is finally something she can scare the gods away with. There’s pride from the power that’s apart of her destiny. What else is there to her?

Envy and Greed wrap themselves up together in a ‘nice’ present that presents Zondra from forgetting the past in many ways. All around her, people are having fun, enjoying the gift of life and unwrapping it with no worry of what will be of consequence in the future. It ultimately holds her back from truly getting to know her own brother, someone who has people to claim as his family. That’s something better than what she could possibly offer to him after all these years separated. In fact, that’s why her relationship with Aeson might be strained at first, before all the bonding shows up. There’s always someone better.

While Aeson has been controlled by the gods for a good portion of his life, there are people worth fighting for. Zondra doesn’t want to make her relationship with him based off on a competition of who has it worst. Instead, it’s a competition of who has more in spite of their circumstances.

The other remaining sins have their place but for now, I went over the ones that are critical to Zondra’s character.

Relationships Thus Far

I could go on all day about Zondra’s relationships with the characters but for time’s sake, here’s ‘Zondra’s Guide to Olympus 101: Who to Avoid or Play Nice With’.

Athena: Zondra does not forgive her, mainly because there are so many emotions and near-death experiences that she has to say sorry for. There is a sense of regret from Zondra’s side. Whether or not she likes it, Aunt Alice is all the family she truly has. She’s on the ‘It’s Complicated’ List.

Hades: Although they may be the two sides of the same coin in many regards to how the gods treat them, Zondra can’t move past the broken promise forged years ago. He should have been the one to find her, not the other way around and in front of an audience no less. Aeson being his son doesn’t help the implications of why he never returned either.

Saint: Both can acknowledge that they’re related but don’t have to act on it through some bizarre family bonding time. Saint evokes Zondra’s envy; he has friends to turn to, a boyfriend for much needed affection, and knowledge of what’s going on.

Calypso: It’s complicated. Calypso’s dad wants Zondra’s head on a polished, crimson platter. She also qualifies for the seeker category and our heroine shall keep her distance.

Aeson: His hero act is endearing but not enough to win Zondra over who doesn’t think that he’s a real hero and basically has to play the part to keep his life in check. It’s a position born out of fear and it evokes understanding from her. The gods ask many things of people and Aeson is no exception. It’s no surprise that their idea for a hero is a poster boy for Olympus representing all the pomposity they have. He’s on the ‘Play Nice With’ List considering that he’s her other half.

Adonis: She’s a little uncomfortable by the fact that he was so into his smithing that anyone from outside could consider the noise a murder scene. At least that means he can concentrate on a task a hand, right? Though his joke fell a little flat.

Avery: A friendly enough person with a friendly enough face. Out of all the people Zondra has met at Olympus, Avery is pretty tame compared to the rest of the colorful cast she’s encountered. It reminds Zondra of home, in a way. Back when bullies tried picked fights with her which lead to many adventures at the nurse’s office. The bandaids are a nice touch. Avery gets an A+ from Zondra! :medal_sports:

Sage: Zondra is, at first, admittedly impressed with the amount of hatred Sage has. Now, she’s replaced that with her own kind of hostility for the girl.

Santiago: Why should she deal with someone with a name that sounds exactly like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? He’s annoying at best and aggravating at worst. He gets points for being honest at least. It’s his delivery that sinks the relationship; his way of getting under her skin makes Zondra keep Santi at arms length.

Priscilla: Best not to get attached to a memory that never will be. She’s gotten used to the idea that her mother is truly dead, regardless of what Aunt Alice and Zeus confirmed.

Zeus: It’s not too surprising that the king of gods wants the bearer as his child. Essentially a relationship born with the intent of power. Zeus wants power to keep his own whereas Zondra desires it for freedom and the release of her fear plus a sense of security.

Harris: The unexpected roommate from nowhere! As long as Harris doesn’t try to pry into her life and make any loud noises, Zondra is a-okay with sharing a room. It’s a place to sleep, a luxury in her world.


Alex is actually fine with Zeus being her father. She’s high-key in denial about half of everything–far as she’s concerned, she has a bed for the night, steady meals and has at least some protection from hunters. The Trials and the whole soulmate thing are overwhelming to her, so she’s just ignoring it until she has to deal with it. She hugged Hades and forgave Athena no questions asked, and she is willing to help Saint in any way she can. Zeus’s coldness just made her want his approval more. She is also stressed out to the max. Like if any of these people asked for a favor, she’d probably do it without hesitation.

Mia, however, has no interest in Zeus. She won’t rationalize his treatment of her, and if he doesn’t want to be a father, so what? She never had one to begin with, so how’s it any different? As for her aunt and uncle, she’s willing to forgive them…eventually and cautiously. She isn’t sure how much she can trust them after lying to her for so long. She wants to forge her own path, and cares little what anyone else thinks. She’s aggressive, but she generally won’t hurt anyone unless they attack first.

Alex’s is that Zeus can’t possibly that bad, lol.

Mia hates ice cream. She doesn’t like how cold it is (brain freeze), or how you can’t store it without a freezer.


I feel Sophs differs here slightly in that she had 0 expectations per se. Like she’s more surprised she has a living father :))

Then less than stellar first impressions happen and now she’s decided to have Athena and Hades as her “divorced” parents

Sophs does not give a damn :)) mostly because she’s overwhelmed by the thought that her uncle is back and he’s just right there. And when he goes to her, and waits if she’ll accept him, the wall of feelings break

So at that moment, decorum? Psh. Can wait

She probably was crying too when she ran/hugged Hades and generally looked like a mess. She’s also an ugly crier and probably was hiccuping afterwards (stuttering through some of her q’s until Hera happened)

(And then jumped at the first sign that Ares was going to hurt Hades)

(No one is going to hurt her fam if she can help it)