Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



If you have q’s you can ask any of us here about the early versions of the game (the rewrite is really extensive) to clue you in more about dynamics and why there was a mourning period for Hades and Poseidon :))

On Sophia: if anyone has watched Baccano or BNHA/MHA she is a bit like Jaccuzzi or Deku come to think of it

(Will absolutely do the thing but tears may or may not be involved and gets on with determination and tends to think her way out without losing that empathy)

She’s a Hufflepuff. God. Why haven’t I made note of that


I wish you a great deal of luck with that one. According to @Rohie, Avery is even more in denial than Santi (a guy who would apparently prefer to fight a army of demons before EVER admitting he has feelings for the Bearer) in regards to having feelings for the Bearer partially due to their age difference and partially due to her personal demons.


Sophia sounds like the kind of person Damon would just casually princess carry and walk off with while just saying ‘I’m keeping her’ and having every intention of adopting her (he’d probably do the same thing to @impeccably-stressed’s Helena too). :rofl:


My MC would scoff at the idea of someone willing to do something for him lol but welcome to the thread!


And she’d probably let him carry her too!



It depends on whether or not Aeson is around, tbh.

Of my three Bearers, Helena would straight up quote @Fay

And she’d probably say this out loud too! Poor Aeson and Calypso, Helena barrels right through things like “subtlety.”


Good luck with that :)) she probs won’t let you near her unless she knows you won’t hurt her. Being on the run for years makes for trust issues

She’s not a fan of using force but if she has to she will. Though come to think of it, if I had to pick a fighting style for her, she probably just deflects and runs if possible. Subdue but never kill/uses the opposing force against the attacker

(There’s a reason why she chooses a barrier spell during the confrontation)

(Her goal is to protect herself not harm the other)

(I should also note that Aang fron ATLA is another inspiration point)


I like how Sophia is like a more level headed version of both my female Bearers, er, as level headed as you can be given the circumstances.

Like Sophia, Vesper definitely doesn’t let people near her unless she knows them, BUT, while she never wants to kill anyone, Vess won’t disregard it as an option if necessary.

Vice versa, if we had the option to have the MC rush Saint into a hug in their first meeting then Helena would be all over that option despite not knowing him, but refuses to even consider killing anyone and exclusively uses nonlethal tactics.

tbh It seems like Sophia and Helena should start a support group for people who desperately want families due to severe abandonment issues.
gasp Saint could be the third person to join!


Great idea! Then my girl Veronica could probably join too. She’d probably just walk in wearing sunglasses and holding a bottle of beer that she never even drinks out of. “Hey I’m here, I’ve got issues, and I’m ready to party.”


True. Though, I’m sure my Bearer has gone through enough weirdness in his Three Years that he’d be more than willing to compare scars to pass the time. And, as far as age is concerned, just having a willing ear to listen to him would be enough. Besides, he can wait until he’s legal.


“And I definitely don’t illegally drink while underage!”

The More You Know theme plays


Don’t worry, Ronnie abstains from drinking. :wink:
She probably tries a little too hard to come off as cool lol. She’ll carry around a beer bottle just to give off a certain vibe but the moment someone dares her to actually drink out of it she’ll just go “You’re asking me?? An actual nine year old??”


Tbh. I have a headcanon scene in mind where Sophs pretty much escapes her room to find Saint to talk about that :)) she so desperately wants to believe him

They end up hugging it out and Sophia realizes how much she misses this and is internally swearing up and down how she plans on making good on lost time

(She is a cuddle bug as an fyi, evident in the knee jerk reaction to hug Uncle Hades when they first meet again)

As for drinking. Sophs wouldn’t even consider it :)) there is a very present cloud of “Aunt Alice would disapprove and I cannot do that to her”


Alcohol? B-B-But that is i l l e g a l !”

“I don’t hate my life enough to drink Bud Light.”
[sips vodka]

“Nah thanks, I got my own.”
[pulls out a flask and chugs]

My uh…my kids have issues.


Well, Damon would being doing this strictly for platonic reasons; he’d see Helena more along the lines of a little sister and want to protect her while also helping her be more aware. Heck, he’d even try to teach her how to flirt with Aeson, though he’ll definitely be doing everything in his power to hold back a laugh whenever he sees Aeson being too oblivious and Helena being too forward.

And he’d mostly be doing this to keep her as far away from Zeus as possible.

Where Evander can’t trust Zeus due to being too intuitive, Damon won’t trust the King of the Gods due to being too experienced; he’s seen men like Zeus and knows how unhealthy it is for someone to be in any type of relationship with them. So Damon would be highly concerned about leaving someone like Helena around Zeus and would do what he could to make sure she wasn’t spending too much time with him. He knows how it feels to desire a family, but he’s too grounded to ever delude himself with the idea ZEUS would ever be capable of offering that and he would never forgive himself if he left someone as innocent as Helena to be manipulated by the man.

If it’s any consolation, Damon would quickly tone it down if he saw that his teasing was making her more tense rather than relaxing her (he knows he can look intimidating to people; he’s abnormally taller with a heavy build and tends to be beast-like in a number of ways). The moment he sees her tense up from His possible intentions, he’d put himself at a respectful distance and talk softly to her for a while, letting her set the pace so that he doesn’t overwhelm her. And once a bond of trust gets established, MAYBE go back to being a little playful and teasing (if she was comfortable with it).

Damon would see Sophia along the lines of a little sister as well, but his main priority would be helping her to relax and smile.

Hasn’t stopped Damon from drinking in the past while he was on the run from the Seekers (something I’m sure Athena would be highly displeased to learn about). As far as he’s concerned, he’s already considered legal drinking age in other countries. :sweat_smile:

Guess Damon can be the chaperone/bouncer of the support group.


Do it. She has a smile that is worth protecting. Very wholesome like my skin has cleared, my crops watered, world peace

[Sophs loves found families and is more than willing but getting there is another hurdle because of all that doubt]

Also please please please. Don’t make her angry. She’s not someone who naturally is and if you get her there you probably deserve what’s coming to you

Ah big difference between them. Sophs regards any loss of life as a huge failure (like there is no such thing as acceptable casualties). Now whether that extends to people or beings that actually cause harm is a big question

Oh boy. This one. This one has me on the fence because am not sure anymore if I’d ship Sophia with him or Donnie

So we’ll see?


I really want to draw her and Damon in a little comic short now; their interactions sound like it’d be really sweet. :grin:

I’ll admit, if it were possible, I would’ve played Evander as being stuck in a love triangle involving Adonis and Calypso; those are the only two people I could ever see him having feelings for (Aeson would only ever be a close friend to Evander and Santiago is far too arrogant for Evander to even see in a romantic light right now). With Calypso, there’s this strong opposite attract kinda thing going on in the beginning, with Evander being both drawn to her and a little scared of her at the same time. I feel like some of the conflict that would take place between them would come from her status as a Favorite since he’d see it as her being the most Demigod of Demigods while Evander’s this guy whose feels so out of place in Olympus among other Demigods and would sometimes wonder why she chose him out of all the other (and that not even counting the fact that he’d quickly catch on to Aeson and Calypso’s friendship issues). With Adonis, I feel like there would be more common ground between them and Evander would get comfortable around him faster than he would with Calypso. But that intuition of his would also kick in and tell Evander when Adonis approaches him more for a casual relationship rather than a serious one and (as much as he may have feelings for him), he’d turn down Adonis’ proposal while not even hiding those sad puppy eyes from the Aphrodite Favorite. Evander would definitely have a time dealing with Adonis’ indecisiveness toward love.

And considering Evander sees himself as more human than Demigod, the idea of being the object of affection for not one but TWO Demigods (who are the not only the Century Favorites of their Godly parents, but the first people he’d have bonded closely with) would likely cause him to freeze up in the worst way. It’d be kind of interesting to see happen.


Honestly that sounds like such a cute idea? Both of them seem like very, very good fellows who I want to protect and a drawing of them sounds adorable.



Her character notes have her as someone people would want to protect (but she’d probably beat them to the punch as much as she can anyway)

She’s the kind of person who will do things not because she’s brave – honestly she’d be scared shitless – but because the alternative of cowering down is unthinkable. It’s kind of like that line from Princess Diaries where courage is not the absence of fear but rather doing something more important than fearing the thing

Overall is a good egg and honestly a lot of bad things have happened to her that when it does you’re just…UNIVERSE STOP IT LEAVE HER ALONE


My ears hurt from just imagining the squealing noises coming out of Helena if Damon would do that for her.

:cry: It’s not even canon, but I’m so touched at the thought of it. :sob: Damon and Helena would be such good friends, it’s not even funny!

Ok, it’s a little funny.


Helena has the same reasoning, but I still feel like she would grate on Sophie nerves because Helena is just such a huggy person.
And then I feel that Sophie and Vess would never see eye-to-eye because Vess has been bogged down by all her suffering and can very easily change her worldview accordingly. For her, morality is inherently subjective depending on the situation, and once she really starts detaching herself mentally, she starts believing that morality is entirely arbitrary, though necessary.

Man, Sophie and Vesper just would not get along, I can feel it in my bones.


Sophia wouldn’t mind (in fact she loves hugs) but you have to earn it? Like once she’s comfortable with you expect a lot of them :))

But gosh. Vess and her do sound like they wouldn’t get along. Helena might irk her if she tries to overstep her boundaries off the bat so yeah?

Honestly the difficulty with Sophs is if the situation has a damn if you do/damn if you don’t, she probs would freeze up. And inaction in itself has consequences so yeah (things am working out in developing her)