Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



Veronica is, like, semi-innocent lol. Her mind is somewhere in between maturity and naivety. Like, she’s intellectual and witty, but at the same time she easily gets lost in hopeful fantasies and can be taken advantage of by other if they appeal to her more emotional side.
Also, Ronnie just really likes the idea of someone caring about her and her well-being, and she’s just desperate for something like that.
She’s kind and tries to consider the feelings of others but a lot of the time she makes a lot of bad, destructive mistakes due to her own selfishness and emotional immaturity.

She’s somewhat of an optimist in the sense that she always tries to find the beauty in other people and she trusts in the better nature of everyone, but she does get really impatient with other people easily and there are definitely people she wouldn’t want to hang out with, especially since she still has some pent-up aggression.
But at her core, Ronnie really does believe that even people are capable of change and becoming a better person (including herself) and she also believes that very few people truly deserve to die.

I feel like Veronica might like Sophie and Helena because they seem like kind people, and those are the kind of people Ronnie just aspires to be.


Here’s a fun lil question I’d like to hear people answer about their Bearers.

What is an unpopular opinion that they have?


Helena thinks Frozen is the best Disney movie and knows all the songs by heart.

Vesper thinks that mayonnaise is an affront to nature and gags at the taste.

Alexander once wrote an eighteen page essay on why Ringo was the most important Beatle.


I guess Ronnie would be the type who dislikes Skittles and a lot of other candies (that don’t happen to be milk chocolate, at least) and doesn’t care about superhero films for the most part. She also likes to dip her fries into ice cream, that barbarian.


I suppose my MC, Aegon, would say that Elvis Presley and Metallica, with an irrational hatred of Lars Ulrich like how Dr. Cox from Comedy Central’s tv show “Scrubs” has an irrational hatred of Hugh Jackman, are overrated. He’s a huge metalhead and would listen to bands such as Slayer, Death and Cannibal Corpse.


Sophia thinks pineapple on pizza is valid

(Tbf. She would eat most things since being on the run means she can’t afford to be a picky eater)




Hey. Sophie would agree with fries and ice cream. Sweet/Salty is a valid flavor profile

And she would lowkey order a pineapple pizza in parties because she knows no one would touch that so more for her to eat (honestly, having a regular food intake after how many years is a bit overwhelming at first since habits die hard)


Aegon would give Sophie and Ronnie a nod for liking french fries and ice cream. For some reason, they seem to go well together.


Oh man, I’m loving all these answers. Considering that we all have only a handful of major choices in game, seeing all these tiny little details really makes difference in seeing how unique all our Bearers are in our minds.

So here’s another question:
Favorite band, favorite song, favorite movie?

@MichaelCrank I’m going to guess that none of those answers would include Elvis or Lars Ulrich? lol


Oh, if you mention either one of these names to Aegon and he’ll lose his mind in a rage. But his favorite band would have to be Pantera while his favorite song would be Sun of Nihilty by Job For A Cowboy. Hard to say what his favorite movie would be but he’s a big fan of Star Wars and any of Quentin Tarantino movies.


Maximus believe that once every 10 years, Battle Royale should be held among the 7 continents, 2 fighters from each continent. the winner will be taken to a plane of existence like Valhalla, the loser’s family will be taken care off by their government. the continent where the winner came from will be granted a blessing; the specific country where the winner came from will be given an additional boon. the whole event will span a whole year, 10 years waiting then a 1 year for the event and after 10 years more of waiting.



(If you got this, then bonus 5 points to you. Lol)


That in the scope of the universe, everything that you’ve accomplished, whether good or bad, is meaningless because everything that is created will eventually revert back to nothingness?

Sorry, Hannibal is just a severely stressed and depressed person after what he’s gone through during his life on the run, pay him no mind.

On another note, Ramiel seems to think that a spicy ice cream flavour, if it exist, would be the best thing ever created by mankind.

EDIT : Hey, whaddya know, spicy ice cream does exist!


Spicy ice cream does exist. I had it once when I was younger and ooooooh man… Now I need to Google the recipes for it.



I’ve basically had that before (it used cayenne, if I remember right, and didn’t have chocolate chips, but it had a good burn). For that matter, there’s jalapeño chocolate bars.

Speaking of which… It might not be an unpopular opinion, but I can see Evander being picky about Mexican food. He wouldn’t turn his nose up at free food, but he still rolls his eyes at Taco Bell.


Ew Taco Bell… They really have some horrible food options there, especially the ones in the breakfast section where most of them just looks revolting. I’d take an authentic Mexican restaurant over Taco Bell any day even though it may be a little more expensive. Or make it yourself if you already know how to cook them.


I prefer to go out and eat either Colombian or Dominican food. not really a fan of mexican food.


Band: Oh gosh. Sophia is a casual fan of stuff, like doesn’t super follow anyone. But she does like SVT and Mamamoo for work music

(Throwback music for her though, band wise, would probably be Backstreet Boys, I guess? Maybe S Club?)

Song: (currently) toss up between You Can Be a Hero or You Say Run (Plus Ultra) (EDIT: if it’s 2016, then Everybody or What Makes You Different by the Backstreet Boys)

Movie: The Shape of Water (EDIT: if it’s 2016 then, Song of the Sea)


Nyx approves pineapple on pizza.
It’s ok if Aeson doesn’t like it, she’ll force him to.