Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



Wipes single tear

Your babies are all beautiful. :relaxed:


Like that artist’s style; can’t wait to see how Sophia ends up looking! :grinning:



Love the quotes for Evander. Makes me wish I had some for Damon.

I do have one for Nyx however, want to hear it?


Ayy, another Nyx I see. Why not? Let us hear what you have to say sister.
I see a lot of MC’s named Nyx, we might as well create a club entitled to characters named Nyx :sweat_smile:


The quote is (and I apologize for the minor language): “Lead, follow, or get the hell out of my way!”


Might as well share mine.
My MC Nyx’s one and only quote:

‘‘Aeson best boy’’

No regrets. He’s #1 husbando.


I mean do you really have many options when it comes to boys? We’re brother’s with Saint, barely know Santiago, and a playboy Adonis…Then again I’m still going after the red headed strangler so…

I miss big bro Aeson :sob:


Damon, don’t you dare-

That sentence reminds me of that scene in Ice Age 2 when one of the possum said ‘we’ll have to repopulate the world!’ and his brother deadpans ‘How? Everyone here is either a dude or our sister’. :laughing:


Is that your Damon @Okami-Nora?


asjalkdshjhdgasdjkhgjkfhsaldkj compared to me you’re a saint (hoho pun not intended!)

:thinking: I think my new year’s resolution should be to maybe not swear so much. :sweat_smile:


hello yes, my name is impeccably-stressed and I approve this message :+1:t2: :grin: :+1:t2:


Depends; you want to adopt him @lokidemon007 ? :sweat_smile:

Damon: (Smirks rakishly) You know you love me, Sunshine. :smirk:

…on second thought, I think it’s safer if he stays with me. For everyone’s sake. :sweat_smile:

Joking aside, yeah; that’s my Damon. I’ll admit, as much as I love Evander to the core, Damon’s a really fun character to draw because he doesn’t have a completely traditional look of a hero and has a all-around fun personality.


Well I say poppycock to all that bullfeathers you scallywag


HELP! :tired_face::sweat: i have wit stats on 60 and i killed the Seeker but my father is Zeus(i really want Hades)…
Help plz


Hades is not a father option anymore. Right now it’s Posideon and Zeus but later, only Zeus will be the father to the MC. Sorry :frowning:


Zike. The only option is zeus, Hades and POSEIDON are not fathers anymore.


Oh ok :smirk:
Thank you so much for letting me know
Either way the story its amazing! :heart_eyes:


Honestly, as a hellenic polytheist and a mythology lover, this game pretty much caught my interest for a while, although I never joined in on the conversation until now lol

Anyway…hello? Uuuh, I guess a way I could start off officially joining in on here is to say that I love every single one of your Bearers and I would do anything for them. And Aeson too. And Calypso. A lot of characters, actually.


Ta ta ta TATAN! Homerun



Welcome to the Children of the Gods forum! Where we look relatively tame on the surface, but that hasn’t stopped us from going into the most oddest direction in our crack theories and wondering why our Godly parent gave us things of seemingly questionable nature. :grin:

I’m going to be perfectly honest, this line made me half tempted to draw some of my Bearers looking at you curiously with a few flat out wondering if you were hitting on them. :laughing: (Not that Damon would be opposed to a little flirting).

Careful with that combination; you’re getting dangerously close to one of the game’s possible love triangles (and probably one of the most awkward ones to get stuck between, in my personal opinion). :sweat_smile:


Welcome to the board! And my Bearer is happy for the love. Likewise, he’s very protective of the other demigods (mostly), but his heart belongs to Avery. Oh, and I have to second the whole crack theory thing; we sort of thrive on speculation.