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I don’t know how @darkwolf76 did it. What do you think Damon thinks of Zeus?

As for names for my female bearer, I’m torn between Nyx and Anastasia.


Ooohhhh, character guessing! My favorite pastime! :smiley:

Just saying this now though, this Damon is your character; you know him better than I ever will be able to. All I can really do is guess from the information about him that’s available to me. Much like how there are things about Evander and my other Bearers that I haven’t shared yet (I swear, if you guys saw the amount of information their character sheets have right now…:sweat_smile:).

But if I’m going by those words in the picture…I’m not sure what your Damon would think of Zeus. The fact he believes he can’t escape his destiny could indicate that he’d feel resigned about certain matters. But he also went to Olympus searching for family, peace, and himself…and it’s hard for me to picture Zeus being able to offer any of that to him.

Family? The King of the Gods (as of now and who knows if it is even possible for him to change) doesn’t even know how to love someone in some healthy manner. And if Damon learns from Saint himself how much of a neglectful father Zeus is, that could drop his interest in wanting such a man in his life.

Peace? The Twelve are involving the Bearer in a war. And Zeus very likely expects a great deal from the Bearer and won’t be opposed to putting pressure on him.

Himself? The fact that Zeus views the Bearer in the same way he saw Pricilla (as his personal possessions), only makes me think that Zeus will likely disrespect Damon’s sense of self on a number of occasions (he’s already doing it by thinking of those connected to him as possessions).

Of course, these are just guesses; there still a lot about your Damon I don’t know about. What does he believe makes a group of people family? What was his childhood like? How did being on the run from the Seekers so long change him? What some key aspects of his personality? What are his personal values? There’s a good deal I don’t know about him, so all the stuff above is just basic guessing on my part.

As for you naming dilemma, how do you usually choose names? Do you choose a name for the way it sounds or do you choose it for its meaning?


Is it ok to ask how you made that piece on the Bearer?


I used various photo editing apps , maybe four? I got the pics from internet.

Sure! What’s the face claim for your character, and can you give me some basic information about them?



He has family in Athena and Hades. A way he finds peace is playing the piano. I like the idea of the name being so terrifying, that few dare speak it. So I usually go with Nyx.


Oh, you’re willing to take a request? I’d like to make one then for Evander (if it’s ok with you).

I can give you some of his basic information…but I don’t know what it means to face claim’ something. Can you explain that? :sweat_smile:


But what makes someone a family (or a close friend) to your Damon? The amount of history they have together? The idea that they know him in ways that very few people really do? Something even he’s not sure he can put into words (he just knows who he considers his family)? What is it about the piano that gives him peace? Would he ever share the sense of peace he feels from the piano with someone he feels is close enough with or does he prefer to keep this peace a private sanctuary for himself?

And how does your female Bearer feel about having the name Nyx in this case? Does she know the kind of meaning that lingers in that name? Does she behave in a way that supports the deadliness most people would associate with the name Nyx or does she act in a way that causes people that know the name’s meaning to pause and go ‘you don’t act like how I would think someone with that name would’.

Also, how do you think your Damon will feel about having Zeus as a father from what you know about him?

Sorry if I’m bombarding you with these questions; I take character building really seriously. :sweat_smile:


I don’t mind.

Damon is cautious in regards to Zeus. Willing to give him a small chance, but still sees Hades as more of a father, even though their time together was short. I really want the option to declare for Hades at the ceremony.

Hades and Athena are his family. He’s unsure about Saint. It’s also something of a feeling he can’t explain, how Damon defines family.

As for his piano playing giving him peace (I’m hoping we get a chance to play it again) it’s more of a private peace for him. He might play for Athena and/or Hades.

Nyx is considerably more ruthless than Damon. She plays the violin. Her faceclaim is Nina Dobrev. She’s not as defined as Damon at the moment. She might also be trained in magic, but I still like the idea of her as a fighter.

What do you think so far @Okami-Nora? That was a lot of fun! :grin:


It’s a particular actor or actress that you associate the likeness of your character to. It can be from a particular role they play or TV or film or the person just in general. I need a face claim for your person because I pull images from the of them from the web to make the picture. So if you cab find a particular actor or TV/movie character that looks close what your bearer looks like, let me know. If the eye color on the face claim is different then your character, I can change it for you.:blush:


I’ll give you some comparison facts about Evander in trade for your notes on Damon.:grin:

As I stated before, Evander (and my other two Bearer that made up the Trio of Poseidon) all one particular trait in common: strong intuition. So strong that they tend to grasp certain matters quickly and often tend neutral in some way. So Evander will pick up quickly on how Zeus sees him in the beginning and that alone will make him not trust the God as he is right now. He won’t be hostile toward Zeus nor deceptive toward him, but he’ll quickly destroy any illusions the man ever had about Evander being his latest possession to claim and he’ll be perfectly honest to the God that he’ll never have a claim on him if he chooses to stay that way. Evander is too warm-hearted, too genuine, too…human to put up with Zeus for too long.

I guess I see their relationship potentially being similar to that of the Emperor and the Nightingale (at least, the version I read as a child). The Emperor was so enthralled by the Nightingale’s beautiful singing and liveliness, he captured the bird in a beautiful gilded cage and tried to claim it as his own. But the bird stopped singing and became miserable, even as the Emperor offered it finest gifts of his lands. It was only when the Emperor truly listened to the bird’s pleas for freedom and he had set it free that allowed the bird to be happy once more and it truly sang for the Emperor at the end.

Now whether Zeus will truly learn to listen and not treat the Nightingale as a possession or whether his Nightingale will die in its gilded cage without him ever once hearing its true song is something we’ll have to wait and see…

Evander loves both his Aunt Alice and Uncle Henry. Knowing he has a brother as genuine as Saint (and now that Saint is not as antagonistic toward the Bearer as he was in the previous version) makes him hopeful that the two will be able to create a sense of family with one another at some point during Evander’s stay on Olympus. Though Saint’s occasional thoughtlessness might irk him at times, he’s willing to be somewhat patient…but by the Twelve, he is going to teach Saint how (because Evander is a dancer himself and he is utterly flabbergasted by what Saint considers ‘dancing’ :laughing:).

Of course, it might be a while before he can say he loves Saint. He’ll admit to caring about the boy, but love is a powerful word that he feels should when it meant at its fullest. So when Evander says ‘I love you’ to someone, he means it with every fiber of his being, right to the core (he’ll only really state this after he’s gotten to know someone at their best and their worst).

Evander is a guitarist who enjoys playing for others to help lift their mood up. But he also enjoys playing some music privately when he’s in a contemplative mood.

I also hope that the Bearer’s experience with music comes up again. Love some intimate moment where someone close to the Bearer finds them playing a tune and something happens.

It’s fine to only have the basic of a character’s build; character building doesn’t happen over night any way. Heck, I’m still building on some of the aspects of my own Bearers to pass the time until the next update.:grin:

Heck yeah, it’s fun! I love hearing about other people’s characters and comparing notes with one another. :grinning:

I’d love to see a gathering of all our Bearer and find out who would get along and who we need to prevent from maiming each other :laughing:.


You guys probably will have to keep my MC away from the gods at all costs aside from good old Uncle Henry and Aunt Alice, seeing how my MC would curb stomp Ares and Zeus without thinking twice about it. If he can see he’s being manipulated… Well let’s just say things will not end well for those that’s trying to manipulate him. He will deal with Cronus if he has to but he wants absolutely nothing to do with anyone on Olympus at all, he just generally wants to be left alone after being hunted down for years then suddenly finds out he had a half brother and his mom was still alive for a short while in his childhood. As Zeus being his father, my MC would straight up tell you that Zeus is no father of his, only Uncle Henry was the father figure he had in his life. As for romance options, he’s kinda interested in Calypso but he’s not going to make the first move since having a romantic relationship isn’t really one of his priorities. He can shred on the guitar and his biggest stat will have to be strength since I just find it amazing if you get it high enough, it says you’re basically strong enough to shake the ground when you walk so he’d definitely challenge Ares to a hand to hand fight and legitimately try to kill him.

Yeah… Pretty anti-social and full of hatred… And views his powers as nothing more than a curse and definitely doesn’t want to be immortal but he can see he has no choice.



Thanks for the explanation!

I guess the closest actor I can think of who look like Evander is the actor who plays Jon Snow (Kit Harington I believe) from Game of Thrones, and that’s more like how I think he’d look a few years later down the road (though Evander has melting chocolate hair and watery blue eyes). :sweat_smile:

As for basic info on him:

Evander Angelis: The latest reincarnation of the Bearer, this sweet tempered young man has been forced on the run by the Seekers after the disappearance of his Aunt Alice. Due to his gentle nature, many forget that behind Evander’s soft, watery blue eyes lies a sharp, perceptive mind nurtured by the Goddess of Wisdom herself.

2 Quotes that Apply to his nature:

Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong.

Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.


Huh… That’s some pretty great quotes. Now I’m gonna have to think of some quotes that would fit my MC.


Hi, everyone! I still haven’t finished the demo, but i was wondering if anyone could help me out. Sometimes, whenever i choose an option, a pop up box will appear with “XXXX error: bla bla” and then my screen freezes and i can’t continue with my game unless i start over. When i have to choose which person i’ll go with in the first trial, it happened with 2/3 of the options (i still haven’t checked the last one because, well, i am playing it all over again -.-’) and it’s kinda frustrating. Does anyone know anything about this or if it’s been reported already?


It’s already been reported but it’s not finished. Rohie is currently rewriting the story so we most likely will see some changes to the plot.


Is it just me or would Severus Snape from The Harry Potter series be a good visual fit for Hades?


busts through the wall like the gatdamn kool-aid guy

@Okami-Nora @lokidemon007

Am I too late for Show and Tell??? I drew pictures of my own MCs!!! :sweat_smile:


The update for the demo is going to be a while before it becomes public, so I think there’s a good deal of time for all of us to brag about our Bearers.:laughing:

It’s fun to hear about everyone’s Bearers anyway.


I’m putting all my drawings and info about my MCs below a cut bc I can legit talk all day about my demigod children.


Helena (Ellie)

So I mentioned Helena before, she’s the MC that actually genuinely wants to be a Hero because it will justifying all her suffering it’s the right thing to do!

She’s Zeus’ kid and honestly you wouldn’t even be able to tell by the way she acts. She’s got spunk, moxie, and she’ll always do the right thing if possible (coughSaxoncough).

The keyword for Helena is denial. The reason she so vehemently tries to do what’s right is because a) she watched too much Disney as a kid, and b) guilt. She feels guilty for abandoning her best friend to hunters and believes that her action directly caused the disappearance of Aunt Alice, who she believes was kidnapped by hunters.

She absolutely forgives Aunt Alice and Uncle Henry when she sees them again, as the fact that neither are dead means that it wasn’t completely her fault, though she still regrets abandoning Benji and her positive thoughts and actions are her form of atonement.

Even as kid, she always wished she could know her mother or have more family, and Uncle Henry leaving and the Aunt Alice’s disappearance solidified her desire for a family, so she jumps at the chance to get to know Saint (perhaps too quickly) and Zeus (definitely too quickly).

(I’m gonna say this right now, I think Aeson’s relationship with the Bearer is one of the most potentially interesting in the whole game, so I have no regrets when I say that all three of my Bearers end up romancing Aeson to an extent.)

So Ellie finds her connection to Aeson to be…well, enchanting to say the least and likely falls head over heels over the idea of their seemingly perpetual connection without a second thought (if that option is presented in the game).

In the end, I look forward to playing the full game with her because I know the final choices are probably going to suck and tear her apart Lisa!! because even as I write this, I don’t know if she even lets herself doubt the gods because it just doesn’t jive with her view of “Zeus is my dad, they’re his family, so they’re my family, and I love my family, so I love the gods…simple!” and trying to contradict that would probably result in error: does not compute!

The point of Helena’s character for me is that she simply doesn’t let herself think things through because when she was living alone, living exactly day by day without any forethought or reflection is what kept her mostly sane because she simply refused to let her thoughts overtake her and spiral her into a depression, but she still hasn’t shaken that off once she’s on Olympus. So I predict that when the time comes for her to reflect on not only the god’s actions, but also her mother’s, Athena’s, and Aeson’s (I’m presuming), and especially her own…it will not go well, and (I predict) it will not be without casualties.

Her mother didn’t name her after Helen of Sparta for nothing.


Vesper (Vess)

Poor sweet Vesper.

All three of my Bearers share one thing in common: a desire for the unconditional love of a family, but they each have a fatal flaw that could potentially keep them from fulfilling that desire.

For Helena that flaw is impulsiveness, but for Vesper it’s self-doubt and severe abandonment issues which all my Bearers tend to have to some degree, but unlike the other two, Vess allows herself to acknowledge it.

Originally she was Hades’ daughter, but being Zeus’ daughter is possibly even more emotionally devastating for her, so I approve of the change @Rohie!

Before everything went down, much like Ellie she was outgoing and sociable, if ultimately lonely. Cheer squad, guitar, and magic? What more does a kid need in life?
Well, stability for one, she loses that. But to be completely honest, I think her life on the run wasn’t nearly as terrible as Helena’s because she actually came to accept her losses and managed to move on emotionally, the only thing that really kept her from healing was being hunted.

But then meeting Saint and finding out Aunt Alice was alive…gosh, things were almost looking up for her!
And then she finds out she’s a living weapon, and things never recover (not if I can help it, ohohoho). To say she feels betrayed is an understatement. Her entire worldview is shattered and her trust in Athena and Hades is irreparably damaged and I struggle to think of her ever forgiving them (silent treatment for them).

After the revelation, she feels adrift and numb, no longer feeling comfortable in her own body, her own thoughts feel like they’re being shouted from miles away, and when she recalls her younger self, she feels like a stranger in her own memories. She makes no effort to find friends or connect with Saint. So I guess Vesper’s keyword is desolation.

And then she meets Aeson and finds comfort (and eventually more) in knowing that someone might understand how she feels. But judging from what Rohie’s been reblogging on tumblr, there’s a pretty damn big chance that it’ll end in heartbreak (sweet, delicious angst). I don’t know the exact nature of Aeson’s romantic feelings for the Bearer, but one of the things that nags me is the possibility of Aeson being compelled (likely subconsciously) into loving the Bearer because of their shared connection, as opposed to falling for them because he genuinely likes the Bearer.
It will likely be a mix of the two but depending on how it’s written, and I’m fairly certain that poor sweet Vess will be just as devastated as when Uncle Henry left or when Aunt Alice disappeared.

Essentially, Vess is the exact opposite of Ellie in her romance with Aeson, what attracts Ellie will repel Vess.

The possibility of Aeson feeling compelled into loving her would really, really fuck with her already fragile state of mind. If even his love could be a lie, a compulsion by the Essence in an effort to be as close to whole as it can be, by masquerading (or being misinterpreted) as love, then she would begin questioning everyone’s motivations.

Athena took Vess but left Saint because Saint wasn’t the Bearer, would Athena have left Vess if her and Saint’s roles had been switched? Would Hades have ever even bothered to get to know her if she hadn’t been born the Bearer? Priscilla abandoned her at birth, would she still have done that if she hadn’t been the Bearer? Is the only reason Zeus takes any interest in Vess because she’s the Bearer? (Yes, Vess, that’s canon)

Is her life truly her own when everything about her life has been dictated on the fact that she is the Bearer?

At this point, I should also mention that the only character she might ever not hate or resent is Saint because she sees them both as being victims of circumstance. Whether or not she can muster the motivation to actually get to know him depends on rewrites, but as it is, I can see them having a strained but comparatively healthy relationship.

In any case, the point of Vesper as a character is to explore the nature of being the Bearer and of being a mortal individual, and whether they are mutually exclusive or coexisting identities. For all their power, the Bearer is dangerously beholden to fate and predestination, and surprisingly I can see this as being one of the few things that Vesper will consider a comfort, because in her point of view, nothing that she does will matter, not amount of effort on her part will change destiny, because if she is as powerful as the gods say she is, then the Essence put all this in motion to begin with, so she can find solace in accepting her destiny in a way that my other two Bearers can’t. But this acceptance, I imagine, would come at the cost of her humanity. Ironic, she would become as godlike as the Olympians themselves, yet still be wildly out of place, as though she was never meant to belong to this pantheon…

After all, there’s a reason why Priscilla specifically named her Vesper.


Alexander (Alex, Lex, Xander, pick your poison! He doesn’t care!)

And then there’s this fucker.

Ok, so legit, Alexander has the potential to be the most entertaining of my three Bearers. If Helena’s keyword is denial, and Vesper’s is desolation, Alexander can be summed up by douche.

It’s my intention for Alexander (hereafter typed Alex because my fingers are getting tired) to completely embody six of the seven deadly sins (envy, vanity, hubris, wrath, and lust, but not sloth), and to essentially be a very, very dark mirror of Aeson and Saint.

When he was Hades’ son (let’s be real, Alex fits really, disgustingly well as a son of Zeus), he was supposed to have a Cain and Abel-like relation with both Aeson and Saint, but now he only has it with Saint, and that’s actually changed his relationship with Saint accordingly (surprisingly for the better!).

Speaking of Hades, Alex hates Aeson for taking away his uncle every few weeks. If Hades hadn’t felt the need to visit Aeson then Alex would’ve had his uncle twice as often! Then maybe he wouldn’t have felt so devastated when Hades left… Furthermore, Alex envies Aeson for the way the citizens just loooove him but hate the Bearer, as if Alex chose to become the bringer of destruction or whatever, the pea brained idiots…

Let’s see…Alex thinks Calypso is only good for punching things, he’d fuck Adonis, and…oh, oh yes, the Banshee, his nickname for Sage, whose real name he doesn’t remember, and oh yes, you better believe he killed Saxon, whose name he also doesn’t remember. (“Who?” “The seeker you killed!” “You’re gonna have to be more specific than that.”).

Avery is aggravating but he’ll be damned if he doesn’t manage to tap that ass! And Psyche and Santiago don’t even register on his periphery.

As far as Alex is concerned, Athena betrayed him by denying him a life on Olympus (not that he cares, I mean, fuck Olympus, right?) and further hurt him by isolating him among the mortals, and generally resents her existence and role in his life. Everything Athena did as Aunt Alice, in Alex’s mind, was manipulative and selfish, and yes he blatantly ignores any possible good things that Athena may have done as Aunt Alice. He was always a petulant child who tested her limits because he found her limits to be annoying and arbitrary and anyway what kind of a person brandishes a sword at a child?
“Is this all because I never let you have a dog?”
sniffling I would’ve named him Rocket!”

And Hades…oof, the minute Uncle Henry left his life, he was dead to Alex, so seeing him again inspires nothing but contempt. Besides, doesn’t he already have another, better son?
“Good thing you didn’t stay or else I might’ve turned out like him.”
“Why don’t you go father your real son instead of bothering me?”
“Oh so you were the God of Death all along? Hm, at least you took my advice and went to hell.”

And then there’s Zeus…he has no particular feelings for Zeus. Like…at all. He recognizes that he’s king and all, and that’s like…whatever, but as a father…
"Thanks for the sperm donation, I guess???"
Thing is, he should probably hate Zeus for being the reason Hades left him as a kid, but that would preclude Alex admitting that he still cares for Uncle Henry when, “No, absolutely not, he’s dead and never coming back because that’s what happens to dead people, right Hades? They’re gone forever and they don’t matter anymore, end of story.” So…surprisingly he doesn’t hate Zeus!

This also applies to Priscilla.
Alex’s logic is that if Athena stole baby Alex because she didn’t want him to be trained so early (or whatever, he wasn’t really paying attention so much as seething in hatred), she probably would’ve done it even if Priscilla wasn’t a neglectful mother (or something? he wasn’t paying attention to that either).

And now back to Saint. I should again mention that all three of my Bearers wanted a family because the patchwork one with Aunt Alice and Uncle Henry simply didn’t suffice. So, he doesn’t really hate Saint as much as envy’s little family of friends, but when (if) he finds out that Saint’s life was probably as lonely as his because of Zeus’s…Zeusiness, then Alex’s opinion would probably come around until finally he would just walk over and drop his tray of food at Saint’s table during lunch like he belongs there instead of eating alone in an effort to be aloof and mysterious.
But until that revelation, he hates Saint’s guts.

"Oh yeah; Giant Dick, Giant Slut, the Crippled One, That One Bitch, and I Think There Was Another One (Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hera, and Hestia) can all die, thanks."
Alex…doesn’t take kindly to threats against his life (“Just ask…um…y’know…that one kid…Banshee’s brother? What’s his name? You know, the one that died? Anglo? Angler? Oh, Angel!” “SAXON.” “Who?”).

And then there’s Aeson (again. Alex just has a lot of feels, mkay?), aka the guy that Alex would gladly hatefuck but refuses to (consciously) catch any feelings for. Think of it…the way that Vegeta hates Goku…but gay.
“Why won’t he look at me?? I’m strong and powerful and handsome!”
“Did you say someth–”
“I said you suck and I hate you.”

For all his crudeness he’s really quite charming (he is Zeus’ son after all), he’s very, very angry but patient, and he’s handsome in a severe way. He’s also arrogant, envious, and slutty and there’s nothing qualifying or softening those aspects of his personality. He certainly has the potential to be well-liked if he cares to be, as proven by the fact that he lived on the streets for three years, and didn’t once die! And to be perfectly honest, Ares has every reason to want to kill Alex because Alex definitely has every intention of trying to depose the gods if possible, and kill them if necessary. “It’s nothing personal, I just hate all of you.”

My intent for this character is, oddly, to metaphorically recreate the Christian supplantation of paganism. The Essence is the One True God, and he is its avatar, its human incarnation…like a really fucked up Jesus (really fucked up) insofar that he is also Milton’s Satan. He is envious and arrogant, and resents having to kneel to others, and hates the golden boy Adam (Aeson). And Cronus? Cronus is gonna have to suck it up because there’s only room for one god now, bitch.

…Ok, jk jk I just want to use Alexander to go absolutely hog wild in the game, lol.

And obviously, Priscilla named Alexander ironically.


Well after thinking hard about my MC, there’s really only one quote that could perfectly fit him.

“Damn me. Damn you all.”-Loki, after basically killing off Kid Loki to take control of his body in the Marvel comics. This quote alone pretty much would show how much Aegon never wanted the powers or to be a child of a god. Being told that if he’s not a god by the time he turns 18 he’d die, it threw him into a deep rage because this proves to him that even the trials he would have to go through would be nothing more than entertainment to everyone else that isn’t participating. So now he knows he’s part of the end game between the gods and Cronus but he’s going to show them just who he really is. After that’s all over with and whoever is left standing by then, he’s going to abandon them and wander alone for eternity, cursing the gods for as long as he lives.


Since we’re talking about our MC’s, my most canon one is Sophia and she’s getting drawn! I commissioned niccalan to do her (she’s amazing guys I could gush about her but I’ll just drop her IG here because she’s so so good and I really wish she posted more online)

Anyway, Sophia is someone who cries a lot – and hates this, like imagine being mad at someone and then tears start falling, rendering her anger not as…not being taken as seriously – and is so very, very, very affection starved. She’s also empathic and kind, generally such a softie who horrible things have happened to but this just makes her all the more nicer? Like she has every reason to be angry and bitter but she’s not because she understands how shitty life can get and no one deserves to go through that

So yeah. She’s fundamentally a good person but also wasn’t ready for the responsibilities the plot has thrusted onto her :)) like being a hero was the last thing she had in mind during this whole debacle. So she messes up especially the crash course in hero 101/trying to play the early parts of the game but eventually grows into her role (on her own terms though)

(at least headcanonly)

Her biggest desire is to have a family, or at least someone/somewhere to call home, and generally just normalcy. This was the reason why despite being very angry at her Athena for keeping her away from her brother, she chose to forgive her as things are indeed complicated but damn if she’s not going to try to make it up to the poor guy

[Who’s just as lost and searching just as much as her for family]

[Honestly. If you want to exploit her, play that card. The family card is her ultimate weakness]


Her Achilles’ Heel, if you will, lol.