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That sounds like a great way to spend the day, especially since it took place in the mountains (this is coming from someone who loves mountain climbing despite being afraid of heights). :grinning:

I really do wonder at times if part of Ares’ hostilities toward the Bearer does stem from the fact that the God of War cares about his children and feels like the Bearer is too much of a dangerous thing have on Olympus near the other Demigods (especially his children).


For all the faults he may have, the care that Hades had for the Bearer was evident in a number of ways. Not having so many children in general probably made it even easier for him value the children involved in his life.


I don’t wanna be a that ‘guy’ BUT…I love being that guy. No one has said anything about the whole “Relationship” in like a 100 post or so because people just don’t care about those two anymore.
Is like someone is trying be the Fire nation, always bringing up stuff from the past and making a commotion.

But who is going to play as Hades and Zeus?


Weird, the stress parameter isn’t shown anymore, yet it is still shown in the ‘review personality’ section, I wonder why the author hides it?

How I imagine it feels to be the bearer right now

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Probably is not going to be part of the game anymore.



You know, that picture just really makes me want to hear the opening of Avatar: the last airbender narrated by the Skyrim guard’s voice.:laughing:


Not sure about why it is hidden, but @Rohie did mention that being part of a love triangle will put up the stress of a Bearer whose just being indecisive about their feelings rather than being intentionally being promiscuous, so the stress stat likely still exists.

Maybe she wants the effects of the stress levels to be a surprise to the players?


Hades:… Benedict Cumberbatch I think he could pull off a fair hades, if not you could go the Tom Hiddleston route.
Zeus: hmm, Mark Addy… or Sean Connery


Glad to know I am not the only one who is willing to give Zeus a chance. I like your theory that he might actually be freaked out by someone looking up to him. @impeccably-stressed



Honestly, all the Gods have something to freak out about with the Bearer’s presence, but it would certainly be funny to see @impeccably-stressed’s theory come true and watch Zeus visibly squirm due to a Bearer’s actions.

But something tells me that’s it going to be a Bearer that’s very…human that going to make most of the Twelve uneasy. @Rohie had stated that she not only wanted to tell a story that explores the aspects of love and destiny, but also one about humanity and the lack of it. It feels easy to imagine that one particular group of characters that would have a good amount of disconnection with their humanity side would be most of the Greek Gods themselves (in varying degrees). So imagine them having to interact with a Bearer whose power rivals (or even surpasses) their own yet who also harbors has a stronger connection with their humanity, being something akin to a reflection that shows the Gods their lack of humanity. Really curious to see if that kind of Bearer will make some in the Twelve perturbed for various reasons.

Also want to know why the heck Hestia (a neutral Goddess who is known for keeping out of the whole drama often in Olympus) smirks at the Bearer when they lock their eyes on her. She’s probably even harder to predict than Aphrodite.


Perhaps Hestia is the traitor?


Will we ever meet hercules?



I’m not so sure about that personally; it kind of goes against how she’s often like in the Greek myths. She was one of the Virgin Goddess who had very little interest in flaunting her status as a Goddess like most of the others in Olympus and was perfectly content with her hearth and staying away from all the drama (in some stories, she even gave up her seat to Dionysus since she had no particular attachment to it).

Of course, we know next to nothing about any of the Twelve outside the ones in the Trinity and Athena (and we don’t even know much about them either) and have no idea how @Rohie intends on writing the other Gods, so we can’t really rule out that chance.


It was stated that we will meet Hercules at some point in the story.


Got bored so I doodled the head of Evander as a kid. :laughing:


I had just started to try it out yesterday … i am not sure whether it was already mention but the opening chapter where our main character was hunt by the hunters , i feel it may not be a good idea when we were given so many “choices” to choose when the main character and his/her partner(s) were capture by the Huntress … and all of these choices lead to the death of our partner, thus far i had tried 2 different choices and they lead to the same outcome, and it may be a bit “disturb” when we need to restart all the way to choose another choice, only to realise we can’t save our partner … and given all those choices , perhaps some readers may actually try them all only to realise their choices won’t matter in the end… this may cause certain upset to the readers ?

and i did feel a bit weird when my main character run away and left my girl friend to die ? there wasn’t even a choice if my character stay and surrender ? Well… if it was meant for my character to escape while my girl friend die, hopefully there can be a bit of re-write to make it less “depressing”… for a guy to run away and let his girl friend die is just too much for me, and the guy was supposed to be a “hero” with power? personally i feel that, this scene had define my character as a coward and a “fake” hero in future, no matter what my character do in future … there is always the taunt from others that my character is just a “fake” or 'hypocritical" person who let his girl friend die while he ran away :frowning:


To be fair, the Bearer is really only a child, acting in the heat of the moment. You get to choose how you feel after the fact, guilty, etc. As a young adult, you can make different decisions, develop character growth. If you surrendered then, the game would’ve been over.



Yeah, I don’t think Hestia is really the traitor, and I would go so far as to rule her out entirely. Because of her extreme dearth of stories, readers won’t have a clear picture of who she is outside of her occupation and probably virginity (it is possible that the importance of virginity to Hestia has been conflated with her Roman counterpart’s, we just don’t know), so for Hestia to make a narratively satisfying betrayal Rohie will have to build up her personality from the ground up so that readers don’t feel completely blindsided by what is essentially a stranger.

And considering that the game is…a third (?) of the way done and Hestia hasn’t made a second appearance, I’m going to very confidently say that she’s not going to have a large part in the game at all, juuuuuust like in mythology, lol. So, that smirk may very well stay as enigmatic as her irl figure.

Hercules makes an appearance??? Oh, god I hope Hera doesn’t drive him mad again so he’ll kill the MC. I mean, it’d be a ridiculously cool boast for the MC to be able to say that they beat Hercules, but still.

I just hope Herc is nice.


I don’t think our ideas are mutually exclusive.

The way I see it, my MC’s desire for a family in the form of Zeus is a very human thing, in that it doesn’t seem like any of the gods express similar desires for father figures. Of course, their father was Cronus, but then again my MC’s father is still Zeus, so…

Either way, I think a Bearer who actively attempts to form a family with the gods would cause the gods to forcefully acknowledge their lack of a humanity the way you’re thinking.

Of course, it would be nice if any form of positive interaction on the part of a Bearer to a god makes them realize this as opposed to a strictly…familial intention, and I think Rohie’s already hinting at this with the MC’s talk with Aphrodite.


Even as a child, i believe that my main character should be given a choice on how to react on such situation …well , he already made a choice on who was his girl friend , shouldn’t he be allow to show how much he value his girl friend ?

the game shouldn’t necessary be end if my character chose to save his girl friend, perhaps by saving his girl friend, my character lose a hand or an eye …thus making him weaker in the future, and my character can be forever think back whether it was worth it to lose a limb or an eye by saving his childhood girl friend , even if this girl friend leave him afterwards … i think it will be more intriguing for the character build-up … of course it all depends on our choice , personally i believe if the story was build up in such way, it can generate more interest and talking-point at first glance to attract the readers…

Let say that my character already lose a limb in the beginning, then in future he face another similar hostage situation … how will he react this time? ls he willing to sacrifice more ? How much a Demi-God willing to sacrifice for mere “mortal” … should a Children of the God willing to sacrifice more for mortal(s) as compare to his/her father ? These can all be sentimental talking point(s) for a children of the god right? :wink:


I’m personally looking forward to having more interaction with Zeus.


I didn’t see them as all that mutually exclusive either. Often times, some get uncomfortable around young children because of how genuine they can be, making certain people really reflect on something unpleasant about themselves that they normally would just brush aside. I can see a Bearer that’s earnestly reaching out to create a familial bond making some Gods uncomfortable because ‘why? Why are you looking at me like that? With such purity, such genuineness to connect when it’s…not possible. I’ve…lost the the ability truly connect…too long ago. It is the one thing I cannot offer you.’

I just prefer to have Evander unearth those realizations with some of the Twelve through (at most) a platonic manner if a positive or neutral relationship exists between them, like a soft rain gently falling on a person. If the bond with the particular god lean more toward the negative side or is a negative neutral (something I see inevitably happening with Zeus), his reflection to said God about their aspect of humanity will be more akin to the waves: calmly lapping at the feet until a spontaneous, powerful tidal wave suddenly crash into you with a unexpected force.

Well, I mean, our father’s Zeus…of course I’d pick the mortals over him right now.:laughing:

While I still feel a great deal conflicted about having only Zeus as a father now, I do want to see how often it will be possible to be willful toward him or flat out reject him when he tries to treat the Bearer (or Saint) as a possession who is at his beck and call. So I guess in a way I’m looking forward to the interactions?:sweat_smile:



Here’s my main bearer. @darkwolf made the image for me.


He looks awesome. :smiley:

How does one make such a picture look that though? It’s a really interesting format.