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Hera and Zeus are siblings.
Aeson would still be an RO even if he were our brother.
Because appearently, incest ain’t a thing in Olympus.

But then again, the Gods don’t have DNA do they? If they did, then every demigod would be related to each other. Calypso would be our cousin, so would Adonis. So I assume that the demigods only get their DNA from ther human parent. So if Hades would be our father, but our mother is a complete different person from Aeson’s mother, he wouldn’t be considered as our brother right?


Actually, in the Children of the Goes universe, the original Six aren’t siblings by blood either; their creation had just made the humans describe them in that matter.

Also, the only possible way for two Demigods to be related to each other is if they had the same mortal parent. The Gods do not have a DNA, but they sort’ve mark their children with a small bit of their source as proof that the child is theirs. So due to the fact that Demigods only took the DNA side of their mortal parent, Aeson wasn’t related to the Hades Bearer due to the fact he had a completely different mortal mother.


Honestly, I was so hung up on having Hades as a father in the beginning because I fell in love with all the myths and tumblr headcannons about him. The worst thing he did was kidnap Persephone while Zeus and Poseidon have so many rapes on their record that it was an immediate nope. Also Hades in Disney’s Hercules was amazing okay I love him

But then Tuna Dad was so adorable in the game, I couldn’t be mean to him. Ever-- I tried! Having the first demo limit us to Poseidon made me want to only have Poseidon Bearers. I’d be happy to have him as dad even though my number 1 enemy is water. I really hope we get to have a relationship with him even if he isn’t our father.

Now Zeus… He’s a massive plonker, which makes him interesting. I don’t mind if we get limited to him but I’m gonna make things as difficult as possible for him in every playthrough. The fact that he’s not even willing to be more fatherly to us hits hard but at least he didn’t try to allure his way through it. Also, Hera is going to be annoying with her ploys… at least I can have more things to complain about to Saint to and relate to each other? I hope we get as many petty but subtle options that say “Gods, I hate you” as possible.


I’m hoping we can talk Hera into divorcing Zeus.

“Zeus has been emotionally abusing you for thousands of years. Kick the bum to the curb already, take some me time, or find a guy who won’t treat you like gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe. I don’t even like you and I know you deserve better than this.”


That would be funny to be the first Zeus kid Hera liked.


… I found my new goal.


to kill all the gods and become king of olympus :thinking:
i rule :sunglasses:


Hephaestus continues laughing, crying as he does.

(That is, if the mythology you ascribe to says he’s the son of Zeus and Hera, and not the child Hera had as a literally single parent)


i vote for poseidon 70% of earth is water who rules earth now :grinning:


“Oh I forgot he existed” Hera
“Ouch” mc


Actually, in a good deal of versions of the myth, there is one child of Zeus that Hera took a liking to despite the fact he was born from one of Zeus’ affairs: Hermes.

So technically, the Bearer would be the second kid Hera liked in this case (if it’s even possible to get her to like you).

Oh, and since a couple of us were mentioning water:

I forgot to mention this when I wrote down reasons why I had a stronger liking to Poseidon as the Bearer’s father, but I also liked how he was connected to water due to the symbolism often linked to water. Many cultures tend to link water to life, rebirth, purity, reflection, and a number of other things that I personally felt was the best reflection about the nature of the Bearer (and something I felt Evander would be more strongly connected to for a number of reasons).

Nothing that Zeus (the King of the Gods and the Skies) is linked to really has that same symbolic ‘oomph’ that Poseidon would have as God of the Seas in regards to being the father of the Bearer.


First thanks for making me miss posiden more with that awesome remark. Second Hera and Hermes were close? May I ask what makes you say that?


I’m sorry? :sweat_smile:

In many versions that told of Hermes’ birth, the future Messager God had easily charmed all the Gods were currently part of the group when he was a young boy, including the usually hostile Hera with a abundance of playful charisma and engaging wit even at a young age.

In some versions of the myth of his first meeting with other Gods of Olympus, Hermes had taken down one of Apollo’s cows to make the first lyre and Apollo proceeded to chase after him in fury as the boy easily outpaced due to being naturally fast and laughing all the while. The chase actually went all the way to Olympus, and when the other Gods saw the the grown man Apollo struggling to catching little boy Hermès (who was younger than 5-years-old), they all quickly died of laughter sat the ridiculous sight and took a quick liking to the young god (yes, that included Hera). Apollo himself quickly forgave the young Hermes for taking down his cows when the little god gave Apollo the lyre in good-will and as a peace offering. The rest became history.

Even without counting all this, in the Children of the Gods universe, Saint flat out states that Hermes is liked by pretty much all the Gods due to knowing a great deal about them.


Fair point, now that you mention it he is the only kid Zeus had where she didn’t try to make their life miserable.


To be honest, my MC wouldn’t give a shit if Zeus cared about him but regardless he’d probably screw over Zeus, Hades and Athena seeing how petty he can be.


It WAS an unhealthy relationship! I’m not disputing that! I’ve never tried to pass it off as anything else, and the journals make that abundantly clear. I can’t very well write it out for you without giving entirely too much away but, Priscilla never deluded herself into believing what Zeus felt for her came remotely close to even resembling love. She’s an intensely self aware character. She knew that she was a means to an end.

I think a lot of you, at least from the asks tht I’ve been getting seem to think that their relationship was some sort of forced descent into hell, and it wasn’t that. Wht happens to Priscilla happens because she’s a Prophet, not especially because of Zeus. His culpability can’t be negated, he’s certainly responsible for no small amount of her suffering, but their relationship wasn’t devoid of tenderness. I’m not trying to cloak it! Or justify it! Or claim that the circumstances didn’t make for dubious consent (amongst the distillation and manifestation of EVERY other awful thing that happened to her). If it helps, think of the love Priscilla had for him as being akin to one that one might even have for someone deeply toxic. Do you stop loving the people you resent? The people that hurt you?

Fatalism is one of the game’s principal themes; the idea that certain things are inevitable. Priscilla was a Prophet. Fatalism was literally her nature.

And the idea that this makes you uncomfortable about the Bearer’s origins confuses me. I understand, you’re leery, and that this is interactive fiction, but you can’t dictate the circumstances of your birth. That doesn’t make a great deal of sense. It’s just how it is.

I hope you can withhold further judgment until after you’ve read the journals, and if you have anything to add at that point, I’ll be very open to criticism. I still am, but you haven’t seen anything conclusive yet. Hold out, please :~)

Please don’t send me any more asks abt this ! You’re welcome to ask me about Priscilla, or Zeus, but Priscilla/Zeus.


Yeah, I don’t know why this new light on Zeus and Priscilla’s relationship is ruffling so many feathers. It’s not like we have control over the relationship between our parents, why would the MC have too? Whatever went down between them happened before the bearer was even alive. It’s passed, and whatever fallout stems from it the MC will just have to deal with it.

I’m certainly not Zeus biggest fan (I’m still mourning the loss of tuna dad :cry: ) but if Priscilla loved him then she loved him. Just because someone is toxic or bad for you doesn’t mean what you feel is any less true. It’s stupid and reckless but love nonetheless. From what I understand Zeus never truly loves her, but it’s completely possible to care for someone even if that someone doesn’t care for you back.

I, for one, am excited to further learn about our mother’s history. Whether through her journals or in-game. What made such an intelligent and self-aware woman fall into a trap she could see a mile away? Really interesting to figure that out - couldn’t have been Zeus charm that’s for damn sure.


Can’t claim to know what exactly is the case with why each reader is bothered by the Zeus-as-only-father thing (mainly because I’m not psychic and it’s their own personal reasons over the matter), but I think some of the discomfort might come from the fact that the Bearer is going to be discovering these journal entries of Priscilla. In other words, their Bearers are likely going to be learning the hard truth about their current origins and the questionable nature of Priscilla and Zeus’ relationship from these writings left behind by their mother.

For those who come from cultures that deeply value family connections (especially in regards to blood ties) and their roots, it might be a little uncomfortable to learn that the Bearer comes from such a relationship and may feel that there’s nothing about their origins that their Bearers can be proud of in any way (at the moment). And knowing that a young 17-year-old Demigod is going to be discovering all this doesn’t paint the picture of someone who will always be able to take this sort of news too well.

Of course, this is just a guess on the matter of the discomfort (someone please correct me if I’m completely off base). :thinking: I’ll personally be fine enough with the situation as long as the Bearer has good range of reactions toward Zeus’ future behavior toward them and a good deal of ways to deal with whatever truths that Priscilla’s writings reveals to them.

All that aside, how about we all turn this to a interesting discussion:

We’re giving Zeus a good deal of grief for the type of relationship he has with Priscilla…but are ANY of the Twelve capable of loving a mortal (or even their Demigod children) in a healthy way? Which Gods do you guys think might have the most capability (not exactly perfect, but better than the others at it) to love another in a relatively healthy manner?


Some more typo’s or bugs that I’ve found are if you choose the girlfriend route near the beginning of the story, your girlfriends name is sometimes replaced with the code of the boyfriends name, specifically /bfname


[Timing is a funny thing. Just got home from a pottery workshop in the mountains and I’ve spent a few hours mulling over on whether I should reply to this or not, and generally sorting out my feelings on why I’m so against the descriptor of love being used here. So this will probably be the last I’ll talk about this until gia gives us the update but here are my last two cents on the topic]

I can’t speak for everyone here but I’m generally wary of when people call what is clearly something toxic “love”

Because yes, no one is denying that it’s possible to be in the kind of relationship Priscilla has. But being romantically involved/physically involved with someone is not equal to love. Heaven knows how many relationships in current media has skeevy or generally everything that shouldn’t be in a relationship being praised as something relationship worthy, or generally described as “love”

Like I don’t think anyone (forgive me if I missed out on a post here) wants to strike down Zeus/Priscilla’s relationship. If anything, I think the concern is because:

  1. There seems to be a misunderstanding between what actually is being said: What do you mean by Priscilla “loved” Zeus? Is love synonymous with a romantic/sexual relationship? Being in a relationship is not equal to love, staying in one so much more. I mean, there’s a difference between being in a “loving” relationship (something Priscilla obviously is not under) and being “in love” (which is Priscilla being described as) and which the latter is being debated on

    • like in crime there’s a thing called “battered woman syndrome,” and Priscilla can be easily read as someone under this (despite not being physically harmed by Zeus) and god is it heartbreaking when you hear the stories (and again not love)

    • stockholm syndrome has also been listed previously in this thread as something Priscilla might also have, which again makes the relationship not a “love” relationship

    • this pretty much leads to my third point so skip ahead of if you want to know why

  2. We understand that from the get-go that Zeus/Priscilla was never meant to be healthy and no one (again) has any hope of “true love” happening between them given how horrible Priscilla’s situation is. But it seems rather…inconsistent with how smart and determined she is to escape her situation

  3. “If it helps, think of the love Priscilla had for him as being akin to one that one might even have for someone deeply toxic. Do you stop loving the people you resent? The people that hurt you?”

Yes. Yes you absolutely can stop loving these people. Frankly, you should. Love is not and never should be toxic, and in relation to that, love is not a feeling.

It is a consistent choice

Not a feeling. Not an obligation. A choice

Now if Priscilla felt she had “no choice but to love him” because destiny said so, it’s not love either. It’s a relationship but it’s not love

So if Priscilla could not choose — because she was imprisoned, the unequal pairing with Zeus wielding a lot of power over her, generally being unable to give an enthusiastic consent to Zeus — how can you say it was love? She was essentially trapped in a relationship because she felt like there was no other option (which feeds in the fatalistic characteristic which was just confirmed to)

EDIT: I might also add that since love is a core theme of the book (and if ever series), the usage of who/what/when/where/how/why is important – like what is contextualized as love here, how do characters parallel/subvert/invert/play straight whatever the author says about it. If anything my expectation of the importance of Zeus/Priscilla is to show what love is not along with Aphrodite and whoever else

Ares is apparently confirmed to be a good dad by Cal so shrugs

But I’m willing to bet Hades is a front runner since he’s described as the “most mortal” of all the gods