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that’s some minor stuff. we may be able to drag our feet on the ground and zap people with our awesome Static Electricity from Zeus.
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Wall of text ahead

(am a bit out of it since it’s an ungodly hour and I have a backpacking trip to the mountains in a few, so a rambling mess of where I try to verbalize my feels on this)

Agreed. But I’m not opposed (completely that is) of having a toxic relationship – or if you want to use the term abuse but am wary of using it until the whole picture is laid out – being there so long as you call a spade a spade, you know?

Like having a non-con/dub-con/whatever have you in fiction is not inherently bad but you have to be very careful with how you handle the issue. Does the narrative condemn or exonerate it? How does the author frame the issue? Who “speaks” in the cast for it? Does the victim have a voice here?

The bottomline is if it’s handled with respect to what it is then that’s fine. But the discomfort, at least regarding this one on my end, is definitely because we were introduced to Priscilla as someone definitely not into Zeus nor wanting to be pursued by him. Her disdain and unease is very palpable so the jump between that and the declaration that she does in fact “love” him is something I’m wary about right now

Like am fine if you have a relationship like Priscilla and Zeus as, just don’t call it love. For example, on Zeus’ end, if you love someone you don’t treat them as a toy or something to be owned (because people aren’t objects right)

So for that example, I’d call that obsessive/possessive desire. Definitely not love but the relationship exists and operates on those aspects and that’s actually fine. These are negative qualities in a relationship, definitely not the healthy at all, but that’s their relationship. One that we know is not meant to be romantic or at least described as being “in love” – one-sided or not


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I don’t want my Bearer’s ability to be shy dorks effected by how high their Allure is. Let my unintentionally charismatic Bearer Evander be able to be adorkable with Calypso despite his high allure…and let him catch her occasionally off guard when he does instinctively pull out those smooth moves :grin:.

From a gameplay standpoint, I liked the fact that Poseidon’s children were originally more capable of being diverse in their stats due to him being the default father if the Bearer doesn’t kill Saxon.

From a story standpoint, I liked how much of a in between he was from Zeus and Hades. Saint had described the God of the Seas as someone who can at times be as loud as Zeus, but also something of a shadow like Hades and a lot of his behavior showed this. Though very much on the fence about the Bearer, he seemed to be the most genuine of the possible fathers and his awkwardness yet sincerity toward the Bearer that was his child felt endearing. I was also interested in seeing how this relatively neutral God dealt with being the father of the Bearer and how his indecision could cause some issues (also wanted to know what his idea of a Hero was since a high enough bond with him has the relationship stat say ‘he believes you can be a TRUE hero). Also, he was he father who ironically felt the most able to offer some semblance of a stable family bond.

The other reasons I have does stem more from the nature of my main Bearer Evander, and how Poseidon felt like the best fit for him as a father for the theme I was going for with the young Demigod. Evander see having Zeus as a father does change a few things with how he’ll approach his relationship his father this time around: with Poseidon, he saw the genuine nature of the God and was more than open to the idea of creating a connection with Poseidon (the God clearly had no idea how to be a father, but Evander has no idea how to be a son, so he felt that they were on even ground in the family situation). Evander’s too intuitive to ever believe that Zeus actually cares about him at this point, so he’d be far from trusting toward the King of the God and the possibility of Zeus behaving as though the Bearer is a personal possession to do his bidding will quickly provoke a much less agreeable reaction from Evander (he’s laid-back but FAR from compliant, especially toward people he barely knows and who are making unreasonable demands).


With Danny Trejo as Ares
Carlos Estévez as Dionysus
And Arnold schwarzenegger as Hercules.
Guest starring Angelina Jolie as hera.


My male bearer Damon, is ambivalent about Zeus as dad. Zeus has information that Damon wants.



And what the MC mother wrote on the journal.
“As I said, the god is strange, but he does have a pleasant aura to him. Zeus is bright by necessity, as a way to show his power. Poseidon is bright by nature; he can, and so he does. Simple”
“I dread the next time I have a vision involving him. His eyes are too forgiving, and I do not deserve to be forgiven.”


Am I the only one who is willing to give Zeus a cautious chance?


…yes! my friend.




Notice I am saying cautious!


We KoWn hahahah
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That’s good.

My Damon was willing to give him a chance, but then he blew it when he couldn’t even pretend to care about having a relationship.

‘Right, loved my mother. What’s my brother’s favorite color? Hobbies? Favorite food? Righty or lefty? Favorite class?’

Making Zeus the god of impotence and male pattern baldness might very well enter the to do list.


Nah. He definitely won’t win any “father of the year” awards, but he could be an interesting character. Plus, he does protect the Bearer from the rest of Olympus, even if his reasons are questionable. But then again, I was never set on my Bearer having a particular father so…



No you are not the only one willing to give Zeus a chance!

One of my three MCs, Helena (the happy-go-lucky one who genuinely wants to be a hero of some sort because then at least all her suffering will have been worth it 'CAUSE IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO WOO!) would jump at the chance of having any semblance of a family even if it is Zeus ESPECIALLY 'CAUSE IT’S THE GOD OF THUNDER OMG DUH.

Really though, much as I may dislike him I find him utterly fascinating and want to explore the MCs relationship with Zeus…even if I heavily disagree with everything he has done. After all, when you first talk to him in the demo he seems surprised and vaguely horrified if you choose the “I’m willing if you are, daddy-o!” (paraphrasing), like…god I wanna see that through to the end. Does a hopelessly relentless MC change him in any way, for better or worse? Does he react with the same disinterest he’s given Saint? Does he become horrified at the thought of someone actually looking up to him? Does he strive to do better because oh god, this dumb kid thinks I’m great, I mean I am great but oh ME they want a hug WHY?? Are they disappointed because after all this time, after all he’s done someone is still trying to forgive him when he knows he never should be forgiven?

The possibilities are endless!!

And to turn this back to Tunapops…


Thanks so much for that write-up, I think I get now why people like him. I personally find Zeus and Hades’ extreme natures to be fascinating but yeah, I can see why having a comparatively laid back and emotionally genuine father would attract people. Thanks for taking the time to give your opinion!

And yeah, I guess restricting flirt options by the Allure stat would drastically remove RP options. Consider my earlier suggestion rescinded…I do however still want a hilariously awkward “You’re the Mario to my Luigi” love confession option. The game just wouldn’t be complete without it, imo. :joy:


lol, man, such a level headed response really makes me feel weird about complaining how my MC’s father isn’t also her uncle. :upside_down_face:


I’m just hoping we get access to the other powers. I still want my undead army adorned in gold chains. Then it won’t be that much a loss, Poseidon and Hades are still family. I might just have to work a bit harder at building a relationship with Poseidon this way.


Oh that reminds me, anyone else amused by Zeus’s kids getting lightning powers when in the myths Zeus doesn’t have lightning powers?

Zeus’s lightning was forged for him, they’re magic items.

Then again I thought Hades kids ought to get stealth powers, because Hades is all ninja with his hat of invisibility.

“Athena made us stop playing hide n seek after it took Hades a week to find me. Did you really think it was luck that it took the Seekers three freaking years to get me to Olympus? Son, I don’t play hide n seek to lose!”


forged by three cyclops, if I remember correctly.


Usually cyclops work, yes.

Sometimes Hephaestus was credited as their maker.

An example of how Greeks thought magic was a Charles atlas superpower.

Kind of nicely reflected in this game by warrior MCs apparently being source enhanced too.

needs a charm path for Orpheus types though, but sadly the magic music angle doesn’t look like it’ll get much more reference in the game.