Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



@impeccably-stressed in the game he seems like the most level headed one of the 3. Hades is the ‘i want to die’ ‘darkness is my only friend’ and zeus…is zeus. Poseidon is like the middle child that always has to clean after his brothers and make sure they don’t die.

@Fay The sleep one is use more commonly in mythology while the ‘rape’ myth is use more for theater plays.

  • Has never been to the sea.
  • Dislike swimming
  • Got failed in P.E class because I never learned how to swim (I took special classes so now I’ve actually learned how to swim and I got a decent grade in P.E)
  • Lmao still hate to swim tho
  • Feel unsafe in water
  • I’m a shorty, so my friends can actually stand up in the deep parts of a pool meanwhile I float like a balloon

MFW Poseidon is my dad. He is literally the sea. The sea that I hate to be in. Holy shit.


@Fay don’t worry Tuna dad is cool he will teach you


I feel you brother. My MC is feeding Zeus to Cronus the first chance he gets.


Zeus just couldn’t keep it in his pants, he has even taken desperate measures when it comes to seduction.

He turned himself into a bull and kidnapped a princess.
He turned himself into a swan and seduced a spartan queen.

I’d choose tuna dad over rapey dad any day.



You and I have the same interpretation. Poseidon has always come off as Zeus-lite yet not nearly as fascinating (“I hate this yet I can’t look away”), so…yeah.

but re: lovey-dovey crap in Aeson’ romance

I’d love for our MC to be able use “soulmate” this and “other half” that when talking about Aeson. I care not a whit for it in real-life relationships, but considering that they genuinely are those things, I’m certain that at least one (if not two) of my MCs would use that as ironically and as genuinely as possible depending on the situation.

What I’d really want is if there were something like a declaration of love scene where the phrases you use become less eloquent the less allure you have (because I love bathos).

Allure > 80
"You’re the only fate I’ve ever wanted". (idk, my irl allure is prolly 3)

Allure > 30
"My soulmate."

Allure < 30
"You’re the…Mario to my…Luigi?"
“It’s…it’s ok, I understand the sentiment.”


Oh my god. The last one, even Zeus is SHOOK over your seduction skills.

Aeson has officially been charmed.


Zeus probably legit just gave your character a viagra pill, ‘‘Hey… you never know right?’’


I totally can see that path.


*if ZeusDadtrue *if HadesPreferredPops *if allure>1,000,000,000

MC: You’re the…Mario to my…Luigi?

Aeson: I’m…your brother?

MC: Oh god, I wish.

Aeson: Um–?

MC: SHI–NO! WAIT! I mean!! I wish I was Hades was my dad but like–

Zeus: [appears out of nowhere] Ha! You may prefer Hades, but it’s my pickup lines that run through your head, kid. Pssh, how do you think I proposed to Hera? flips a viagra pill Here, for the honeymoon, it’s the only dowry you’re getting from me.

Aeson: catches it

*set Embarrassment +9000 *set AesonHeadOverHeels *achievement It'sAllRelative


So how long will the poll be up for?


Viagra jokes aside, I think the pill is something that jump starts the source power.


Jumpstarts the Essence? In what way?

Crap, my slow-ass just realized what you meant.

Are you talking about like…quick-acting magical steroids or some straight up Avatar State?

Because temporarily increased stats sound cool and totally doable and actually seem like a genuine boon, but an Avatar-like state is…harder to imagine by myself.


I think we know who is the winner. is time to close THE POLL!!!


Demigods get source powers from their parent.


idk about closing it altogether…maybe just wait until it hits like 100 votes? Or like by the end of the weekend?

Either way, it’s really interesting to see that Uncledaddy just isn’t as well-regarded Tunapops, but at least he got a respectable amount of votes compared to SparkySparkyPopPop.


Ohhhhhhhhhh I completely forgot our MC is going to get lightning powers and that they haven’t even displayed such abilities yet.

Then yes, that would be rather advantageous to have access to yet another powerset.

The only other thing I imagined the blue pill to be was a divine suicide pill, which doesn’t make any sense…unless you’re supposed to shove it into someone else’s mouth.


I don’t know about that. in mythology demigods never got their parent power, I believe. they always got superior strength and other stuff.


I believe @Rohie said that you will get some kind of Source power from your Godly parent–like how Santi can heal people and Adonis influences your emotions.


Looking forward to electrocuting Sage!