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My MC: Golly gee whiz, thanks Pops!
Hades: Wait, are you already drunk?
MC: slurring You c-can’t stahp me I’m-I’m the Bear of Evanescence!!
Dionysus: Pfft, lightweight.


ll i ever have a chance to kill the gods
or at least some of them
ll we ever see any other god except the greek pantheon


Mmmmm. I am a bit leery on this (love without trust seems contradictory imo, not that they can’t have a fascinating relationship) but Priscilla and Zeus’ relationship has always been enigmatic so I’ll reserve my opinions until after the scenes have been written out

But as of now, my gut has some alarm bells ringing (I honestly hope it’s not where I fear it will go)

[Like am all for dysfunctional relationships but I would be very very very afraid to call at least given what Priscilla has expressed so far and her current lack of agency in Olympus as romantic/being described as being in love. A relationship yes, but love feels very strong a word right now]

[But again, you’re privvy to knowledge that the rest of us don’t know so here’s hoping my worries are misplaced]

HmmmMmm //chin rubs on this// I really want to speculate on what kind of plot twist this is but am drawing blanks. Most I can think of is that Zeus could possibly be the last line of the prophecy and thus partially responsible for “the death of the Dove” – who in this case is likely Priscilla

Zeus had an Oracle in Dodonia, one where he shared with the Titan Dione (interestingly a femininized version of Dios, an ephitet of Zeus, and sometimes the namesake of Dionosyus). Anyway, in that temple, Dione would have priestesses known as “the Peleiades” or more importantly, “Doves”

Who could divine the future and read prophecies


Isn’t that the sort of love that Calypso and Aesop have at the moment? In their case it’s more in a platonic sense (as complicated as Cally’s feelings and Aeson’s hesitation to truly handle the situation may have made things between them), and it’s clear the two care about one another. Yet, @Rohie has stated that the other issue with their fracturing friendship is the fact that neither of them feel like they can trust each other anymore.

So I guess that means we have two loves that are extremely contradictory (currently confirmed anyway since I’m pretty sure Olympus has a track record for those types of relationships); one in the past (Pricilla and Zeus) and one in the present (Aeson and Calypso).

I wonder if the Bearer will (at the very least) have a chance to develop a bond with another male character (not just one of the Trinity like Hades or Poseidon) that causes said male character to be something more like a father figure to the Bearer rather than what Zeus is probably going to be for some players?


“This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever” -the 45 president of the United States of America.

Well I still hope we can interact with Poseidon in some way…I feel empty now- like when your little cousin broke a piece of a beloved object of yours and you can’t do nothing about it but lay down and contemplate about your existence in the world.


Definitely going to miss the Poseidon option since he was the father to my first Bearer, which made him particularly special to me (Now I know how those eager for Hades as a father probably felt when the news first got out).

But let’s just patiently wait and see how else Zeus behaves in this new update and how this may effect some of our Bearer playthroughs before we get too in depth with opinions on the matter.


Thanks @Okami-Nora. But the one we should worry about is @Logan3000x , I think he had a mini heart attack up there in post #11965.


Pretty sure more than half of us had a mini heart attack when @gia said that @Rohie decided that Zeus will the only available father the Bearer will have due to his more prominent connection to the Bearer’s mother :laughing:. The announcement of only one possible father now (and that father being Zeus) was probably the equivalent of what Pandora went through when she opened the box: very few things revealed weren’t fun things for most of us.

That said, at least it was finally outright stated what the situation with the father deal is like now (which was how it was originally going to be, according to @Rohie). And those who were interested in having Zeus as a father to begin with now don’t have kill Saxon to get him and can have more stat raising freedom this time around too.


Yeah, disappointed as I was, limiting our possible fathers down to just Zeus surprisingly opens things up for RP purposes.

Before, my happy-go-lucky, hero-because-she-genuinely-wants-to-be, alluring-as-all-get-out, not-quite-so-ironically-named Helena had to kill just so she could be Zeus’ daughter, but now she can finally waltz into Olympus with clean hands and perhaps salvage a friendship with Sage which I think would’ve been nearly impossible before.


Just because I’m genuinely curious about how many people chose a particular father, here’s a little poll to pass the time:

Which father did you originally favor for your most commonly used Bearer?

  • Zeus
  • Poseidon
  • Hades

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10 Votes in…
Zues is sad no one voted for him yet.
Hades and Poseidon are bickering on who is the better dad, currently tied
11th vote Poseiden is ahead again
Zues…walks off and lightning-bolts some random god.


To be fair having Zeus as our dad is the most appropriate… after all, aren’t we the Big Bang?
Eheheheh-- … I’ll walk myself out.


It seems that Tuna king is up on the chart and zeus…well is around there.


How could she love him but not trust him?


Certainly says a lot about the Children of the Gods’ Zeus when he’s not a first choice dad for most people (according to the votes so far).

If it was they Disney Zeus, I think some of us would be more open to the idea of having him as a father. :laughing:.

Why does Hera stick with Zeus or Hephaestus stick with Aphrodite despite both their promiscuous ways?

Love is complicated, no matter what kind of love it is. Heck, as I said in a previous post, Aeson and Calypos clearly care about each other, but part of the reason their friendship is on shaky grounds is due to the fact they don’t trust each other anymore (even though there is still a good deal of care between them). So their platonic care for each other is another good example of a ‘love without trust’.


Love is blind, stupid, and weird.
if your brother was a unwise gambler deep in debt would you trust him with your money.
if your dad a was mad and had Near unlimited power would you trust him to be sane no but you still might love him. we are naturally stupid under the condition of love especially in the absence of someone. Sometimes distrust overides love and we loose our need for love for them but not always.
its like a tug o war with a 1 ton girder.

Meanwhile Zues is on a rampage and the lesser gods are begging anyone to vote for him offering up blessing just to make the pain stop.


I don’t know…this smell of Stockholm Syndrome to me.


…That classifies under the weird and/or stupid side of love.
one of the original bank robbers of Stockholm got married to one of the hostages years later.
love works oddly for mankind stockholm is broken love but its still that.


“I hate to break it to you, but what people calls “love” is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits hard, then it slowly fades, leaving you stranded in a failing marriage. I did it. Your parents are gonna do it. Break the cycle” -Homeless drunk old man


The difference between Cal and Aseon vs Priscilla and Zeus is that Cal and Aeson were friends first and that they had trust to begin with. It’s recently due to whatever is going on that their relationship is straining and thus the deteriorating trust. They had it to begin rather than completely being absent

At the very least, it’s made clear Cal and Aeson’s trust issues is because they care. Cal thinks he’s too reckless and Aeson feels he should carry the weight of the world alone (sans MC)

And again, they were not devoid of having trust from the get go. It is/was there. So when Cal says she doesn’t trust him, it’s not she doesn’t really but she doesn’t like where his decisions are going

(And as of now to what we know)

Priscilla, at the very least, did not trust Zeus from the beginning and implied by gia that even during the duration of their relationship did not. There was no basis for a romantic bond between her and Zeus as of her current journals

(The dude’s introduction in her diary is that she views him like he’s a stalker does not bode well)

Priscilla has been referred to as someone Zeus “owns” or someone who Zeus thinks he’s entitled to. And this gets lampshaded a lot. Refer to how many times past/present rewrite that he talks about her as being “his” and other possessive terms/references. Priscilla also knows this.

Most Explicit Reference

Zeus thinks he has some semblance of claim over me. He has never outright said so, but the way he watches me and talks of me expresses the notion enough

And Priscilla’s first instinct – as per her diary entry – is to run from him because she straight up thinks he’s bad news and continuously writes (in her entries) why she does not trust him, want to be around him, etc.

So given these two at the very least, I don’t see how this can develop into love when clearly she:

  1. is held captive and has never been given free reign to believe she is not in a prisoner of Olympus – her birthing the MC says a lot when she says they are her ticket out

  2. the imbalance of power within the relationship (like in an earlier thread here talked of how consensual was her relationship with Zeus given he’s a god and she’s a mortal, and reference texts are very explicit in how Zeus deals with his conquests, I mean can she say no to him and it is a no Zeus will honor?)

So as someone who has worked with people dealing with similar situations as Priscilla, it is very concerning (to me) that this gets labeled as “love”

Attraction, yes. But love? Very leery of the term to describe them as such