Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



Zeus is actually my second favorite choice for dad.



Ok, I see where you’re coming from better now.

Honestly, it’s really hard to judge the nature of Priscilla and Zeus’ relationship completely without some more context, but it’s not too hard to be iffy toward the the possible genuine nature of Zeus’ affection due to @Rohie saying outright that the King loves the Bearer in the same way he loved Priscilla: he views them both as his possessions. Can’t wait to see his reactions when his current ‘possession’ proves to be much less agreeable and much more willful than his ego ever thought was possible (like just picture him try to order the Bearer to do something that goes against their personal values and having the Demigod look at him with fury or coldness as they flat out tell him ‘no’. That might be something to look forward to for some players at least).


Five hours later zeus is still zero.


In this rare image we see Zeus declaring himself as the father of MC and Hades consoling the MC.
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Zeus always loses the polls here, that’s why Poseidon was the default choice to begin with.

Whether fishdaddy won because of Percy Jackson, or because fiction is so full of child of Zeus stories that horse has been beaten to death, resurrected, and then beaten to death again, don’t know.

Or maybe Zeus lost because as portrayed in myth and this game, he’s complete garbage.


Y’all are operating under the presumption that Priscilla and Zeus’s relationship was a healthy one; wherein trust was assumed. It wasn’t.
She DID love him, but she laboured under no assumptions abt the fact that the love Zeus had for her was anything but possessive.


We understand the nature of the relationship more or less from the snippets released by the authors and from the material available in the story. It’s just that most of us do not feel too comfortable with the concept. It seems like a fine case of Stockholm Syndrome and the fact that our MC is born out of such a relationship does put some of readers a bit off.


A day later Zeus has some votes, after whining and causing a thunderstorm.


Guess miracles can happen. :laughing:

Although it says quite a bit about a character’s nature when most players preferred being the child of any god besides him when it comes to their most often used Bearer. With Hades and Poseidon, the idea of developing a familial bond seemed somewhat more plausible, as well as the notion that the two other gods had some form of genuine care for Pricilla that Zeus lacks, which also would make a player more open to making a connection with these former fathers.

Zeus, however, isn’t a character that invokes a desire for a family connection from most players probably due to the fact he comes off as the most questionable father of the Trinity. Maybe the King of the Gods will experience some type of character development during the story but, as of now, people being generally leery about being his child and his relationship with Priscilla is understandable.

Hopefully the player is given a good deal of range to have their Bearer express the various types of (possible) discomfort being Zeus’ child has them feeling and (as mentioned before) has moments where they can put their foot down and tell him ‘no’ and be somewhat rebellious when he tries to treat the Bearer as a possession he can order around. Or at least give the Bearer a chance to have some other father-figure in their life.

As of now though, I’m going to just headcanon the idea that Evander had found a father-figure of his own during his time on the run from the Seekers…a father-figure who happens to be a centaur clan leader. Because the idea of the soft-spoken, gentlemanly Evander finding a sense of family in a herd of loud, boisterous centaurs just amuses me too much. :laughing:


~5 votes for Zeus (I’d guess) out of 59
vs the other two having quadruple or more his count.
That’s gotta hurt old thunder-butts pride.
Edit: you know come to think of it Zeus is a lot like Richard the lion heart in some ways
Great warrior terrible family man.


You know what I missed the most (besides Hades, obviously)? Hades’s gun. You can have all the opinion you want regarding his character, but you can’t deny that his gift for your trial is the most useful of the three. Hornydaddy gave us a mysterious pill with no instruction on how to use it, nor did he tell us WHAT it will do. Fishdaddy gave us a trident (iirc), useful, but also hard to carry around. Best daddy? Best daddy gave us gun, simple and pragmatic, I doubt any non-hermes descendant demigod can dodge a bullet, even then I still doubt that Sage is fast enough to dodge it.


I mean, Sage doesn’t even attempt to attack the Bearer if they have a gun, so that certainly says something.:laughing:


i hope so too, but what i really want for this game (and most games, honestly) is the option “sigh wearily” (“at everything?” “at everything.”) thus giving us an entirely new personality type: exhausted which allows us to sigh at almost every other interaction for the rest of the game


Zeus: is our father
My MC Vesper: sighs wearily

Sage: is Sage
Vesper: sighs wearily

Aeson: has an intertwined destiny with us
Vesper: long drawn out sigh
Aeson: me too the fuck

so what im saying is, i want the option for our Bearer to express their discomfort at everything

The Gods: Hey, you’re actually the universe!
Vesper: the longest sigh ever


Be careful with that last sigh you destroyed everything last time you did that…


Mourning Intensifies


Pats shoulder companionablely

Let us all mourn together, fellow Children of the Gods, for the heavy losses of Poseidon and Hades, along with the dream of having a genuine bond with our Godly fathers. Though both are now unattainable, the God of the Seas and the God of the Underworld will always have the strongest influence toward our Bearers in a way that Zeus can only pretend he’s capable of achieving (at the moment).

By the Twelve, that was so ridiculously dramatic on my end :rofl:


Just let me kill zeus and I will be happy.


I wonder if we take the romance route with Aeson, would it be possible to call him cheesy stuff like: ‘‘My other half.’’ ‘‘My soulmate.’’

I mean, our destinies are intertwined. So those lovey-dovey words would actually be true. Aeson holds the other half of the essence, so the ‘‘my other half’’-thing is actually legit.


tbh I’m blown away by how many people wanted Poseidon as their Pop-Pop.

I’ve only been aware of this game for like a week, so I don’t know 100% understand the fandom’s interpretation of Poseidon. According to the comments, he came off as chill and just kinda…je ne sais quoi

My gut tells me that there used to be more Poseidon content or word-of-god had really cool scenarios with him…either that or Percy Jackson had more of an affect on fans of mythology than I initially expected.

idk, would anyone mind giving me their thoughts on Poseidon? I just really feel that I don’t have the full picture here.


I already have a set image of how he is.


Raped Medusa in Athena’s temple.
Athena gets triggered.
Athena can’t punish Poseidon since he’s a member of the Trinity.
She punishes Medusa instead, when Poseidon is clearly the guilty one.

Although the tale seems to differ from person to person, some say she slept with him willingly and some say that she got raped.