Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)




Ancient Russia and its mythology sounds great!


That reminds me, am I the only one who wants to have their MC claim to practice a different religion just to annoy someone on Mt Olympus?

I figure Hermes is up on his pop culture so I figure he’d get the joke if one mentioned worshipping the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Invisible Pink Unicorn, or dread Cthulhu.


Or better yet, proclaim we worship the roman gods.

My MC would totally pray for Mars’ help right in front of Ares :joy: .


They might be the Roman gods though.

Probably better to go with gods a little farther from the greco-roman tradition.

Like Norse, Egyptian, or Celtic.

So tell Ares you like Thor better.


How about an mc from a monotheistic religion to refuses to acknowledge the pantheon as valid gods? That is bound to be interesting.


I reckon they are. The Romans were so prideful they just had to name them differently in their own language. I don’t think the Greek Gods took kindly to that. Almost a millennia of been called the wrong name must be annoying, to say the least.

Though sacrificing a lamb to Montu in front of Ares must be as equally entertaining :thinking: .


All the way at post 2329 (I feel a little weird quoting from that far in the past) says that there are other gods from other pantheons (though Rohie is focusing mainly on Greek mythology). So, that sort of takes the wind out of a potential MC’s sails if they tried to do that. Though, they could always compare a god against another.

I mean, there’s an MC that grew up around such a religion (had friends of such a faith, for example) and, for all we know, might have a morality system closer to that. There’s hatred of the gods (which, given the circumstances, is understandable) But, when you can perform the supernatural and have things that are supposed to be mythological as part of ones’ daily life, the best you could argue is that the gods usurped their roles from the Supreme Being. All things considered, though, they’d be wise to keep silent about that if they value existence as they comprehend it.


Rick Riordan wrote a monotheistic character in his Norse trilogy. I believe her reasoning was that the Gods weren’t gods, but rather power beings akin to angels who were created by her god.


Why not mention worshiping the modern gods of Monty Python and the modern heroes such as the Princess Bride and the Black Knight? :joy:


Well the mc is a 'murican kid, depending on where both auntie Athena and and the values of the mc’s previous private school fell, I suppose it’s possible they (used to) pray to a proper right-wing god. Though given how gay my mc is that would be awkward to say the least.


That would definitely be interesting! Especially the Norse mythology!


I love all of you guys’ ideas. I especially support the idea of the flashback(s) giving a nod to a culture or a part of history that is underrepresented.

But to be completely honest I would be content with anything @Rohie thinks would fit well into the Essenverse and would be a good way to propel the rest of the plotlines forward. :smile:


Well, looks like we now know why Athena laughs when she learns about the Bearer taking a liking to Calypso:

Her dark sense of humor. :sweat_smile:


Which, is that were the case, would totally go well with the rest of the citizens of Olympus. Enough that they live with the likes of Zeus, and that Cronus is on target to start a war. Now the gods are actually small-g gods compared to something (possibly?) bigger?

Preston Preparatory Academy is in Phoenix, AZ last time I remember reading. It’s a little complicated, but it’s more right wing than Tucson yet has definite pockets of liberalism. Tempe, being where Arizona State University is located, isn’t exactly the most Republican of cities, along with the fact that we’re talking about a pretty huge area–someone like the MC or Aunt Alice wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary there given a decent cover story. Now, I’m not sure whether @Rohie meant Phoenix proper or the metro area when she wrote that, and Preston Prep is completely fictional as far as Google tells me…For all we know, the head of the school could be anything.


I can just see it now.

“Thor is obviously cooler than you, he gets his own movie series!”

Can you tell I was quite happy we can mouth off to the Gods in the update?

Although I wish we had the option to tell Aphrodite that Paris should have given the apple to another goddess.


There is a small part in me that is secretly hoping that my character will get an opportunity to fight Ares once he gets the immortality. Calypso probably wouldn’t like it but… I just wanna fight the god of war, ya know, to make him humble and take back all what he said. Good ol’ Uncle Henry probably would love to see the fight while both Calypso and Athena might be horrified to see it.


You must be either incredibly brave or incredibly foolish to go against Aphrodite.

She seems like she would poison you for hinting her dress doesn’t match her shoes. Imagine if you said that…

My MC is staying the hell away from her.


My biggest hope for the update is that I get to lord my Barbie band-aid over Santiago.


Always be wary of the ones how hide their hostility with honeyed words and vague smiles.

An angry warrior may be a daunting foe to go against, but at least you can see their weapon and hostility more obviously than those who make every conversation a battle of cunning and double-meaning words.

Calypso would very likely be not even remotely keen about the Bearer actively trying to antagonize her father and that will likely not win you many points with her. Though how she’ll react to her father trying to start something with the Bearer is something I’m most curious to see. She’s quite close to her father and highly values her words and he in turn thinks so highly of her that he’s officially named her his Century Favorite, so it’s possible that the Bearer may cause a bit of friction in that relationship. Though I’m still not completely sure what it is about the Bearer that makes Ares so hostile, I doubt that he’ll be all too happy if learns about the Bearer taking a interest in his daughter and Calypso herself may be uncertain about what to do for a while about the Bearer and Ares’ far from good interactions.

Athena though? Not sure about being horrified (well somewhat worried for the Bearer’s safety). More like displeased that the Bearer would purposefully start something with one of the Gods while being in a very delicate position.

That sound so perfect. :laughing:

I’m more curious to see how the Bearer’s first few days in Olympus is going to be handled and doing some brotherly bonding with Saint (if he’s up for it).


Well so far my MC has been very distrustful and hostile towards the gods aside from Hades and Athena (seeing how they basically raised him throughout his childhood) and he certainly doesn’t appreciate Ares threating Hades so obviously he stepped in between them and dared Ares to hit him instead of Hades. He’s also pretty angry about the Hunters stalking, trying to kidnap him and killing his girlfriend so when he met Saint for the first time, he just straight up attacked Saint and completely refused to believe his story that they have the same mother. He might be tempted to join up with Cronus regardless of what the others may say about him simply because he had enough of their antics towards him. He’s also reckless and never cared enough of the consequences that may occur from whatever he does, and he never asked to be a god at all, he feels as if it was all forced on him so naturally he’ll lash out against those he views to be responsible, especially the gods and as I mentioned earlier, the biggest beef he has so far is with Ares even it may risk his blooming relationship with Calypso. In the end, he just might go full out Kratos (the protagonist from the God of War series). The only people that probably could stop him from going down that path will be Hades, Athena and Calypso even if they may disagree with his actions so far.