Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



Aphrodite is already in the “kill you until you die” camp with her boytoy Ares.


Yeah, you do know that immortality doesn’t imply invulnerability, it doesn’t even imply eternal youth. I also think the Bearer would need to train an awful long time to have a chance of outright defeating a god, provided the mc can overcome the constant agony of the essence trying to consume them from the inside out.
So while my mc would relish the chance of a good bout of nude mud-wrestling with Ares, he’d be surprised if he somehow manages to even last 30 seconds, and that would be post-birthday assuming the constant pain and discomfort of bearing the essence isn’t too much.


Oh yay, you used the graphics! I’ll check the things out to see if anything else change as well :heart:


Oh please, everyone knows Ares is the coward god who fled due to a single wound and has lost to mortals in combat, I’m sure the average demigod’d be fine.

Although now that he might permanently be our god brother, I’m going to be a purposely bratty sibling.

Oh yeah, Saints replacing Aeson for me… :sob: Though that’s just me theorizing that we’ll be able to use the big three’s powers later on as a wizard anyway, otherwise I’d be fine with Poseidon’s earthquakes. I miss Hades

Although I’m curious if we’ll see a Poseidon kid later on, since he has the least involvement so far, I mean, I can’t be an only child when he’s competing with Zeus for child support debt.


The mc isn’t a god though, nor will the essence make them into one, except maybe in thousands or even millions of years, assuming the mc can ever learn to deal with the sheer agony of the essence trying to corrode and consume them from the inside out.
All the essence will be(come) is a bunch of potential the mc has only the barest inklings as to how to even begin to handle it, at best.

Yeah, full brother Saint is even worse then half-brother Saint.


Incest isn’t really an issue on Olympus!


I mean if you still consider the gods your family, there isn’t really a mortal in sight…

What was Avery again?


Daughter of a Healer (Hygieia, I think?), making her just above an ordinary mortal in degree of power but not a full-fledged demigod.


No. She’s mortal. She’s an apprentice to Hygeia though

Source text this would be true but remember that brother/sister are loose translations to describe what the gods are in Rohie-verse so :))

And that gods don’t have DNA exactly so you’re only commiting it if you have the same non-god parent. Though that might not erase the squick if you were raised as siblings in Olympus tbf or how you might perceive a child with the same god-parent

(it’s a whole can of worms I’m not sure how to deal with myself)


I don’t think she’s in the actively trying to kill us phase like Ares but more on the ‘if you were to meet a terrible end I would smile the one time and then promptly forget you ever existed’ phase.

Couldn’t have said better myself. Ares, for all his size and strength, doesn’t scare me half as much as Aphrodite.

I mean, my Bearer is pretty much ready to fight him since their first meeting even tho that would probably mean suicide. But then again, the guy’s such a knucklehead that a clever Bearer might be able to get him with a trapdoor or something :grin:

Is like Hera. She wants so bad to appear menacing and dangerous but all I see in her is a woman scorned trying her hardest to stay in her husband’s wandering sight. She’s so insecure I would feel sorry if she wasn’t such a harpy to our Bearers.

But dangerous? Nah. I reckon she’ll be quite easy to deal with. But good old Aphrodite? She’s the real snake imo.


I know people sometimes share pictures or graphics of their bearer, so I thought I’d share the one I made for mine.

“Fate leads the willing and drags along the reluctant.”

–Seneca the Younger

Mia Angelis, daughter of Zues. Intelligent magician that loves Olympus but wishes she could escape her fate and responsibility as the Bearer.



How did you make that?


I used a series of apps and photo editors on my phone and tablet. Unlike a lot of people who have shared pictures they’ve drawn of their bearer, I don’t have an ounce of artistic talent.:sweat_smile: lol


I’m all for people boasting about their Bearers lol.


I don’t have an ounce of artistic talent either. Unless you count my writing.


I suppose is it is a form of art, just not a visual one. I write as well. It just is an entirely different skill set to do visual versus literary art.


The only thing that updated is that Zeus is the only paternal option but everything else is still the same.


I guess. Might you be willing to do one for my Bearer?


There’s something I need to know.

Is Poseidon the only option for daddy position? Because no matter what I choose, guys, it’s always him in the end. I’ve played this game a million times and always pick different things based on wit/allure stats, also killed the seeker but it seems like Poseidon wants me no matter what.


Also I’m so in love with Athena I can’t deal… I know it’s not incest or anything but she raised MC right? It doesn’t seem like a good idea to have in one’s head, but damn… her personality and the way she talks to MC is so sweet and cute and I just want her.
Sorry I had to voice my feelings towards her cause otherwise I’d go mad