Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



Yes, Athena was always a favorite of mine.

I pick Athena as the goddess Leon thought deserved the golden apple.

Perhaps the game will allow the fact that the MC can remember having a crush on their now mother figure and how awkward that is come up.


No, it can be zeus, poseidon or (i think) hades. Depens on your early choices. (instruments etc.)


I recall that only Zeus will be the paternal figure for the MC once the author update the demo. I think Poseidon is being considered as well but I’m not sure.


No, that’s the original setup.

The current plan is Zeus is the default and Poseidon will be added as an option later, Hades has been written out as a choice.

Which I feel is a real shame, since Hades is the most interesting choice in my opinion, but oh well.


Can you describe your bearer for me, or do you have any face claims for them?


Hey guys, this is from Rohie’s tumblr:

She’s given us such an amazing, inclusive game for FREE. If anyone can spare some cash, it would be great if we could help her out.


That’s so cringey and evil, I love it :joy:


I have a chunk of cash I’m saving to help pay off a percentage of my student loans for this month and my next paycheck comes next Friday, but I’ll do what I can when I’m able.


My Bearer’s name is Damon, and I picture him as Garret Hedlund when he played Murtagh in the Eragon movie.

Damon wants to be in the world of the gods. But he’s apprehensive about his responsibilities as the Bearer. He’s training as a warrior. He’s willing to give Zeus a chance. But he’s still more comfortable with Hades and Athena. His instrument is the piano, it helps him relax.

@darkwolf76 Is that enough? :slight_smile:


Evander has no feelings attachment to the Gods (not counting Athena and Hades, of course), but he’s got no real feelings of hostility to most of them either. Ares is the only one so far that he’s more than willing to get confrontational with due the God of War’s hostility toward his uncle, but Evander’s also not the type of actively antagonize someone most of the time. If someone tries to antagonize him however…well, the boy’s creative with the way he deals with people.

Evander’s a tactician at heart; his mind is constantly taking in every little detail around him, from where the best place to catch the stars at their brightest to what ways to traverse a place that will make it difficult for someone to fall with him. He’s also one who likes to explore his curiosities to it’s fullest, with the tenacity and patience of a hunter. And no one should ever get between the young Demigod and the object of his curiosity (which, unfortunately for Ares, is very likely Calypso).

One of my favorite things to hear on the forum.

Sometimes I wonder how all these Bearers would react to each other (I can already see the ridiculous situations). :laughing:


My Bearer is not a fan of Ares!


i have a portrait and full-body sketch of my Bearer, Leigh. if i have time, i’ll post it up.

personality-wise… Leigh is pretty withdrawn, laidback and a self-admitted apathetic. They’re doing what the gods want out of their own morale and self-interest because once the second that all of this is all over, they’re going to find out and never look back (in terms of being a hero/companion for the gods).

reactions to the gods, they like Hades and Athena. Everyone else is a hard MEH. Depending on how others treat Leigh, they will likely return the same treatment back.


Yep! I’ll see what I can do!:wink:


Mood of the day because I am musical movie trash. Rewrite the Stars for the MC x LI (but very strongly MC x Baeson)


Looking forward to it!


@lokidemon007 asked me to do an image for their bearer, so here it is!


Wow! I love it! Now I need to find a way to save it!


First things first, name continuity. The first time Garret is introduced, his name is Gale for some reason? And this isn’t the only time something like this happens. Aunt Alice is referred to as Aunt Angelis at one point?


Gale is the name of the female bully, so it’s probably less of a continuity issue and more of a bug. As far as the Aunt Angelis thing goes… well, she is Alice Angelis :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi! So I just started playing this and while I love both the story and the premise. I’m still kind of confused and at times annoyed by some more minor errors. One, name continuity/programming seems to be an issue. It refferred to the bully Garret as Gale on one occasion, and halfway through the game, my boyfriend sawyer was referred to only as “bfname” and used female pronouns. Secondly, I used your FAQ guide in an attempt to be the child of Hades, keeping wit as my highest stat through the entirety of what I’ve played so far, only to be told by Zeus that he is my father. To be clear, I didn’t kill the seeker, so I was fully prepared for the possibility that I may end up with Poseidon as my father, but I was totally thrown off guard by finding out that my Father was Zeus. I’ll keep updating you as I play through. Overall, I genuinely like the game, the story, and the characters