Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



King Arthur would be a good one. Beowulf would be nice as well!


As interesting as it sounds, King Arthur really doesn’t fit as well (assuming that we’re going by traditional mythology). I’m pretty sure he died older than 17/18, and it would require him dying by Mordred’s hand (who, as I understand it, was his illegitimate son, if not a child of incest). Any other sort of founding myth would be cool, though.


It would be cool to see some folktales from the book one thousand and one nights, my personal favorite would be Aladdin’s wonderful lamp kinda have the MC be Aladdin and the sorcerer be the bestower or switch them around , another folktale from the book that could also work would be The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor


Nominates the MC being part of the Mahabharata as someone important to either family like what happened in the first flashback


Oh my God that is exactly what I want.

I’d love to see MC as Draupadi to be honest.


That’d be interesting too :~) Honestly, I’m less interested in something like Romeo and Juliet that’s so overtly romanticized. But! I do like the idea of being smth like a cult influencer, or whatever, I’ve always been interested in that. Or someone important frm a period in literary history! Especially Postcolonialism.
I love, love the idea of there being a religious facet, though, so anything of the sort at all, TBH.


It would but then I guess we’d be Grendel only to be slain by Aeson’s Beowulf. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d really like to explore tales from non-European civilizations. I’m not very interested in stories that have been popularized to saturation point, like Romeo and Juliet, and I’d rather explore different cultural and social settings that don’t have a very strong presence in mainstream Western media. Imo the Mahabharata is probably one of the most powerful epics in history which includes topics which are considered controversial even today.


Maybe some Aztec or Inca myths?


You know how cruel and sanguine the Aztecs were right? I mean they had their own soccer league played with the skulls of their enemies.
Still I suppose we could be a native only to be killed by Aeson as a conquistador, how’s that for you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Or the MC as the Conquistador and Aeson the native?


Aeson seems to always hold the stronger position on the social ladder and in the wealth and power dynamics though. Likely the Bearer is always cursed to have to “grin and bear it” and be the “underdog”.


What happened between the Aztecs and the Spanish was horrible–I’d rather that not be a flashback lmao. I feel like by making MC and Aeson either a native or conquistador would be romantizing what happened there…
I mean, as a player that would make me, personally, uncomfortable. I don’t want a Pocahontas situation but with the Aztecs.


You seem to have this odd fascination with him killing you and being better to spite you, even when Rohie said he values others more than himself.

Well it’d save mama Grendel at the least.


Hehehehehehehe I see what you did there. The Bearer has to ‘bear with it’. That’s comedy gold right there.


As a Spanish person right here…yep, I would not like to see it in this context where is one of our past lives.
We must talk about these topics even if they are uncomfortable or horrible so we don’t forget what was done and what we did (as Spanish, I mean, at least personally), but it has to be from a place of criticism (for colonialists) and respect (for those affected) and not fiction, because the things that happened to these people (and still happen) were/are very much real, painfull, irreversible, and deserve as much consideration, not just angst or plot for fiction.

(If I said something incorrect or offensive or I talked over, please do tell me.)


Perhaps we’ll have to deal with Vlad Dracul?


Small update: I’ll be sending out the beta draft to my testers tomorrow, if all goes well!


Yes, it was all terribly sanguine, then that goes for most of pre-modern history and we are living in an unusually peaceful time right now.
That said, ancient China always appeals to me (though with the bearer’s rotten luck they’d probably be a eunuch or something). There’s also ancient Russia and its colourful mythology, I mean I’d like to see “auntie” Athena moonlighting as Baba Yaga, eh? :sweat_smile:

That said had the Aztecs somehow managed to win, well their own history shows what they would have been bloody capable of doing.
While colonialism of course inflicted more than its share of horrors what killed more native South Americans initially were imported diseases.


Persephone is my bae… Has always been my favourite Goddess ;_;