Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



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Santiago De Vera, son of Apollo.

All credit for this beautiful piece goes to the wonderful badaymo :~) A link to the post on tumblr.


I wonder, when you have the full power of the essence, would you be able to make yourself (and aeson) a soul like everyone else’s? Or would that be a cop-out (or just not something it can do)? Cause I think that would be the first thing i would try in the bearer’s shoes.


I always thought you would rot (your body, internally) because the Essence is too powerful to take in in a human/mortal body.


That’s essentially what Zeus says, right? Without the gift of immortality, you’re pretty much screwed.


So you kind of need it if you wanna keep living, lmao. :sweat_smile:
That’s kind of a d***head move? Because they make the Bearer choose between making a deal into taking part in the Trials, or they either die lol. AND they could die during the Trials too.

(I feel like this has already been discussed.)


Probably. We’re almost at the 12,000 mark here, and there’s been plenty of (repetitive) discussion.

As for the rest… They’re the gods. It’s been almost 2,000 years since Christ was crucified and they don’t really seem to have changed much outside of taste in music and fashion sense, to say nothing of their response when the Bearer appears.


Not to mention that if the Bearer demands the Gods make them an offer to participate in the Trials, Zeus offers immortality… then the Bearer learns that’s the prize for winning the Trials anyway.


Well, to be fair, that bit about gaining immortality as a prize was there before the big update. But, if it stays, my MC would feel he got a bit of a raw deal.


For any of the Persephone fans here


If anyone knows the answer to this:

“In order to get Zeus as a father, you must kill the Seeker (Saxon) on the rooftop in Ohio, and have allure as your highest stat.”

I know you can increase your allure stat by 2% or so when you take some extra time to look your best on your first day of school, but does anyone know how to up your allure stat before you get dragged to Olympus? TIA


I honestly despise the whole kidnapping affair, yet somehow my favorite Greek mythology headcanon has become Hades/Persephone, but my modified, improved version.

I’m all for Persephone following Hades to the Underworld out of her own volition (maybe she wanted to escape Demeter and discover herself and make her own choices, and the Underworld was the only place Demeter would not search?). I’ve read stories where Hades kidnaps her and then she falls in love, but the Stockholm syndrome connotations make me feel a bit ill. I prefer a free-willed, fiery Persephone who chooses her own Path and a strict, seemingly severe yet gentle, kind-hearted Hades who names his puppy ‘Spots’.

@Rohie’s interpretation is very real, and while we all disapprove of Hades tricking Persephone into eating the pomegranate seeds and essentially making the choice for her because “she was too scared to face Demeter”, I think it is a masterful portrayal of his character. It shows how he turns his loneliness and desperation and yearning inwards until it becomes less love and more selfishness. Yet he (probably) also knows that if Persephone wishes she can reverse it through the pantheon. He has a distorted view of boundaries, but he still has them, and I’m really curious to see the depth of this internal conflict.

I really do miss the chance of having Hades as my dad.


Ways for Allure to rise up (During Childhood)

  • Be a cheerleader

  • Choose guitar/violin

  • Give Bully kid a taste of his own medicine

Also, you can put it up by choosing that you charmed the Chimera with singing and choosing option of your heart pounding stronger during the stay in the hospital.

That said, that information might be a bit dated at the moment; there’s a good chance the @Rohie may have changed some of the original requirements that effects what father the Bearer ends up with (also, the current demo build has the Bearer’s father always being Zeus anyway).


Thank you so much you beautiful angel!


So in her latest tumblr post, Rohie mentions:

“I have my own idea’s of the next two flashbacks, but I’m open to suggestions! There are so many cool possibilities; King Arthur, Romeo & Juliet, etc.”

So folks, what myths, tales, or characters would you like to see?


Galatea and Pigmalion :star_struck: (idk just why or how…but yeah)


I think I’ve mentioned it a good deal of post before, but I would love to see the Bearer being Orion, one of the few male hunters that Artemis tends to bond with a good deal of versions of the myth. It would be a pretty perfect situation to have the Bearer being able to interact with both twins and forming some type of relationship with them during the process.

Other than that:

Too many other myths too count. :laughing:. The Bearer is certainly able to be in a number of interesting situations, and I can’t wait to see what lives they lived in the past (hoping for a variety of myths that extend beyond Greek mythology, but I certainly don’t mind going to familiar roots in anyway either).

And it will be interesting to see how the ROs react to things once it hits them that the person they currently have feelings for has lived many lives and (possibly) been loved by both Gods, Heroes, and everything in-between.

I am a wolf, fellow forum dweller. :grin::wolf:



I would love to do King Arthur and mordred/morgan le fey. Lots of dualism there.


I’m actually wondering about the cycle just before the current one. On the whimsical hand, this would have been the nineties. And all that that implies fashion-wise. On the morbid hand, I want to go visit my own grave and incognito meet my previous parents to ask about their child who died at like 19.


… Hamlet… Arthur…

I like this one too. Plus it gives guys a better chance for that bow…

I really want that bow…

Oh yeah and back up plan for immortality :blush: