Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



There was just too many good art pieces. I couldn’t remember which one was correct.

Also, the thing is. We probably won’t be the big movers, we’ll be more influencers. People with a good amount of influence and able to whisper in the ears of the big guns and have them listen to us.


Hey Rohie I was talking with my old History Teacher, and he said that an ideal power or ability for Ares Demigod Children would have been an Affinity for Battle and weapons in general, whereas Hermes offspring would probably have increased reaction times and faster thought processes and much quicker Reflexes, as for Apollo he said the Gods kids would likely have had a Enhanced Longevity, increased Immunity to disease and Harmful Toxins or bacteria, and Maybe even regenerative capabilities! Just a thought for the source powers of the demigods.



When will the MC get to display their source powers?


I’d love to see this as well.


We know that now, but at the time, everyone kind of assumed we’d be someone super important. I far prefer how @Rohie has decided to move forward with the flashbacks.

Speaking of Aeson… BaesonxHades!Bearer is my OTP. Too bad it won’t exist anymore :laughing:

I also rather like Adonis – I still envision him as Jungkook from BTS, though I guess the age isn’t as fitting, anymore. I’m looking forward to everyone getting to meet Santiago in a more in-depth way. He interests me a lot. Caly is a sweetie (less so now, in some ways, I think), and little miss nurse still creeps me out :upside_down_face: Woops, I always forget at least one of them. Sage’ll be interesting. I love rivalmances :smiley:


I really like Tuna dad.

MC's Mother interaction with Tuna Dad

Poseidon gave me a necklace. It’s beautiful if I have to admit that much; the main piece is a polished seashell, and the strap is a rough, course leather. I keep it under my pillow, but on days I want to feel wanted, I tie it around my neck and tuck it under my robes until it is only a bump under the silk.

As I said, the god is strange, but he does have a pleasant aura to him. Zeus is bright by necessity, as a way to show his power. Poseidon is bright by nature; he can, and so he does. Simple.

But, on the negative side of things, the Sea God has decided that we must be “friends.”

Because of that simple word, I dread the next time I have a vision involving him. His eyes are too forgiving, and I do not deserve to be forgiven.


I preferred Hades.

Zeus as the father makes the MC a dime a dozen, you probably can’t swing a cat on Olympus without hitting a ton of Zeus by blows.

As for Poseidon, my MC would want to make comments about his life becoming a young adult series he never bothered to read.

So imagine how thrilled I am that the option that Hades as an option bit the dust. Not that the criteria ever made sense to me, since of the trinity I’m pretty sure Hades had the smallest body count by a country mile.


I’ve found an error in the script. Zeus was my father saying i was the daughter of the king of gods then all of a sudden athena took me to see poseidon


Which better fits the underdog story, let’s face it the mc ain’t nothing special among demigods (except for being an essence container, but 1) our essence container is currently empty save for the tiny sliver that is the mc’s “soul” and 2) when it is ever “filled” I doubt the mc can ever reliably control it without, debilitating, crippling pain and in any case it is basically a death sentence). .
Male mc in particular is still the runt of the family compared to Saint and we still pale next to Aeson.

The possibility of shooting lightning from once fingertips, provided the mc can ever get their powers to work both reliably and without crippling pain should be cool though.

I will agree that in terms of unique narrative and loads and loads of angst Hades was the superior option, since Zeus is an equal opportunity crappy dad.

I think that’s a known bug due to the beginning of the game having been extensively rewritten while the rest is largely still the old stuff, which I’m ignoring for now. For example Sage also tries to strangle you at school even if you’ve tricked both her and her dad into giving you the benefit of the doubt as to your “guilt” at the very least at the mc’s new “coming out” party.


I was thinking, is my character the only one who loses respect for Priscilla after finding out she slept with Zeus?

Maybe its harsh, but my Damon is thinking to himself “Well there goes any illusion that my mother had taste or self respect.”


I think something’s wrong with the choosing your father thing? I killed the Seeker (if I am not mistaken that the Seeker I was suppose to kill was Sage’s brother, which I forgot the name of, with the dagger) and my Wit is the highest stat yet still Poseidon is my father? Shouldn’t it be Hades?


You can’t. the only option is zeus.

that’s a bug. the only option should be Zeus.

nah. I too lost respect for her.


I read the new update~
I understand why Zeus is THE DAD now because it would make more sense for new readers to believe that Saint and MC are siblings. I’m also glad that you moved up the revelation that Saint and MC have the same mother too.

I also thought it was nice that you gave MC the chance to give a good impression to the citizens of Olympus. I was disappointed that MC had to wear armor. I know it used to belong to Achilles but…since I’m playing as a girl I would like to wear a golden chiton dress. LOL

I thought it was interesting that you really gave Sage an Irish accent this time around but it gives the story more flavor and I guess it makes it easier to see her sweet side instead of just her fury.


I’m still waiting to see the whole picture. Her journal entries (as of now) don’t really paint her as someone who was attracted to Zeus imo. If anything it feels either like she was trapped into it because fate says so or forced into it because this is Zeus we’re talking about

Like her first entry straight up says: “I don’t like the way he feels; like greed and ambition and desperation, the crux of mankind.”

And then the second entry continues that line with: “Zeus thinks he has some semblance of claim over me. He has never outright said so, but the way he watches me and talks of me expresses the notion enough.”

Journal Entry Three is still incomplete and I can’t access it so can’t comment any further on that but it definitely was not a romantic relationship. Zeus seems to look at her as little more than a possession – his exact words were “because for a time she was mine which imo is an interesting way of phrasing his feelings but still consistent with what the journal entries point out about him according to Priscilla’s POV – and as a means to an end. He may have developed feelings for her while they were together but it seems unlikely as of now that they were returned

So yes. There are a lot of missing bits right now and I’ll hold judgement until I know the exact nature of their relationship, but imo it doesn’t look good. It feels like she genuinely didn’t have a lot of options or means to escape/any semblance of freedom. The only time it was granted was by birthing the MC (and then Saint) and that in itself sounds like an awful way to negotiate for it


I think you may be judging Priscilla a bit too hard. We don’t know a lot about her situation but we do know she was essentially a prisoner. We also know, as most prisoners tend to, she absolutely hated it. I for one can’t imagine been forced to stay in a place full of powerful gods that use me for whatever goals they wish to achieve. As the years go by that must be maddening.

We can only read two journal entries but hopefully the third one will shed further light on her situation. But I can’t bring myself to fault a victim to do everything in her power to escape. I may disagree with her methods that’s fair but desperate people tend to do desperate things. I have a feeling Priscilla may have been desperate for quite awhile.

If anything it just makes me dislike Zeus even more. Really can’t stand the guy.



With regards to the height, a tall male MC is the same height as the tallest male demigods, Santiago and Aeson. The other stuff is your own perception.


To be fair she might have only done so realizing it was her best bet to get off Olympus


Except the prophecy doesn’t specify that the MC be the child of Zeus, so yes choosing Zeus was her choice, as evidenced by the fact that the game will have non Zeus choices for father.

And if there is a prophecy requiring Saint’s particular parentage nobody knows about it.

As for force being a factor, the whole point of having the kid be the child of one of the Trinity was to manipulate the bearer into feeling loyalty to Olympus. Be loyal to me because I raped your mother goes well into too stupid to live territory.

So that leaves Priscilla choosing to father children with an emotionally abusive narcissist.

So I repeat, my character lost respect for her he found out his mother let herself become another notch on Zeus’s bedpost.


I have this weird feeling that Priscilla’s been lying lied about something