Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



The gods seem to imply she did something awful, don’t they? At least that’s the impression I got. I can’t really fathom what tho. Maybe she lied about the prophecy somehow or tried to manipulate them?? Idk it seems like something she could do.


Maybe she gave them a false line or two on the prophecy… Hmmmm… That would be pretty terrible…


One thing that springs to mind is keeping prophecies to herself.

Knowledge is power after all.

Perhaps Olympus is dancing to her tune even now.


As they said, cunning…


Considering the whole universe’s fate depend on it, pretty terrible is putting it mildly.

That’s actually something I’ve always wondered. How do the Gods know they can trust whatever comes out of Priscilla’s mouth. Even if she wasn’t openly hostile towards them, it still seems like a lot of trust to put on someone. Is there any way to tell if she’s lying? Can she even lie?

She gave the impression she didn’t really care about what happened as long as she was free but maybe she’s playing a long game. It would be pretty funny if by the end we figure out it was our own mother who screwed us over :smile:


Persephone had a higher body count than Hades ever did


Just wondering but has the requirements for getting a certain god as you dad changed


It’s easy to search that answer, but yes. Currently, you can only get Zeus as your father. In future updates, only Poseidon and Zeus will be options. Hades is no longer a father option.


Yes, which is why requiring the willingness to murder to get Hades never made sense to me. It’s like requiring a fear of water to be Poseidon’s kid, or being asexual to be Zeus’s kid.

Then again if I had my druthers the game would make it Priscilla’s choice shown in a flashback or journal entry rather than just assume that the kid must take after their divine parent.

Sure, kids usually take after their parents, but not always, especially since the MC was raised by Athena and Hades (partially).


Well, to be fair Hades is the God of the Underworld.

I do agree that kids don’t have to take after their parents but this is a game and the possibility of having Zeus or Poseidon as your father adds replayability. I think that’s worth losing a bit of realism.


He rules over the dead though, he isn’t the personification of death itself.

But no @stsword I REALLY like the idea of seeing Priscilla’s personality and taking after her


I don’t think the idea was ever that you completely take after your godly parent. It was based more on personality traits shown by children of the various gods, in lore. Poseidon was never really big on violence, in general, which is why he usually stayed under the sea (unless I’m really forgetting my lore). Hades never cared one way or the other, because for him, death comes for all and isn’t exactly permanent (also, fun fact, the Underworld isn’t “Hell” – the Underworld has places for particularly good people, which could be described as heavenly, and places for bad people, as well as places for those who couldn’t pay the toll for River Styx. Underworld = Hell Olympus = Heaven was some BS built up by Christianity when they were trying to kill off pagan religions). Zeus has always had a bit of a temper, so obviously, he’d like death.

At least, that’s pretty much how I’ve always viewed it.


God of storms, got blamed for all the typhoons, earthquakes and storms, associated with destruction, almost sunk Jason, is as horny as Zeus…


As mentioned in the game itself, Poseidon is the god of earthquakes. He’s got a body count that puts epidemics to shame.

Whereas Hades, god of the underworld, is just known for minding his own business and lurking invisibly.

So if a child of Hades takes after him, it would not be as a killer, but as a master of hide and seek. Hades is the god that is sneakier than Hermes the god of thieves.

But even if the MC took after Hades in the sneakiness department, the MC was raised by Hades for 6 years.

Or if the MC is studious, so what? The MC was raised by freaking Athena, the idea that she’d put up with academic slacking boggles the mind.

Or that matter, the MC is a perpetual reincarnate, why believe they are a tabala rasa at birth when their soul has billions of years experience under its belt?


Natural disasters caused by a god are quite different from a god going out of his way to kill someone, as Zeus does on the reg. Just throwing that out there.

Pretty sure studiousness never had anything to do with who your father was. Wit =/= studious. Not completely directly, anyway. Or, at least, it didn’t the last time I played, which has been a while.

Besides - sometimes suggestions go a little bit towards the nitpicky. The way CotG did choosing the father seemed fine to me. It was meant to be a surprise. Maybe going of Priscilla’s personality would be better, but I feel like one would be less likely to take after a human parent than they would a godly parent.


I’ll miss having Hades as a potential option for dad.


But the game no longer has none Zeus choices for the dad though. Rohie confirmed on tumblr Hades is no longer an option and that Poseidon might come back at best (which as of now imo feels like a no given her wording)

So yes. Zeus is as of now by narrative the de-facto only dad for the MC

That’s not entirely true.

The prophecy before hand told that the bearer would come from one of them and that Priscilla would be the mother. To assume that Priscilla had a choice in who she could bed for that to happen is spotty at best precisely because she was their prisoner. Even if Zeus asked her, could she have said no? I’d argue she wouldn’t have been able to

They might not have forced themselves onto her but definitely the lack of agency here to say no is pretty up there. Considering that the boon was that she could leave Olympus (journal entries imply that she’s miserable there and her existence as their prophet is again a jail sentence for her) pretty much says how she feels about the entire thing

Remember that the gods wanted to raise the MC on Olympus to ensure that loyalty rather than relying on a mere “blood” relation – am sure they know all too well that just because he’s your dad is no excuse for loyalty (i.e. them overthrowing Cronus). Then Athena ruined that plan and you know the rest

My theory is they can vaguely countercheck but probably not perfectly. Apollo has the Oracle of Delphi at the least to help point out any inconsistencies Prisicilla might have. And maybe they have some equivalent of veritaserum somewhere up there :))


We could have been Tutankhamun, he literally died when he was around 18.


That’s a good one! I like it!


Studying does increase the wits score in the game, so you’re just wrong there.

From studying magic, and I believe another increase from choosing AP classes, but that one I’m not 100% sure of.

Which means that wits does reflect education, and being educated when you are raised by the goddess of learning is not really indicative of anything else.