Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



The whole Dad thing’s really interesting to see in this thread. Same with Priscilla. Everyone has opinions that differ or overlap in such fascinating ways. Hades not being a dad anymore kind of makes sense. I mean, sure, according to the way demigods work, you get your genetics from your mother…
But it would still make Aeson an incredibly awkward RO, and the ceremony at the dance (if it makes it into the final product) even more awkward.
If I’m honest, I would really like to see Poseidon come back, even though being Zeus’ child - like most of the Pantheon - makes things more interesting. Being Poseidon’s kid means two of the Trinity had children with the Great Prophet, and the remaining member fathered the Bestower.
Though, that might just seem cool in my head…
Zeus was a pretty fun dad at first. My MC is all over the place, but she’s incredibly forgiving so she was prepared to have her father figure be a part of her life. He appears to realise how unlikely it is that someone would want to be his kid at his reaction.

Priscilla is an enigma in the best ways. She, so far, hasn’t been portrayed as the best person, but not as the worst either; but definitely incredibly interesting.

I’m rambling, and half asleep. xD


So on her tumblr, @Rohie said:

“I considered having one god to romance but…it’d just be a lot. But…if enough people actually want it, I’ll hook you guys up. It’s your game as much as mine; I’d literally do anything to keep you guys happy, lol.”

I’m curious- If you could date a god or a goddess, who would you choose?

  • Zeus
  • Poseidon
  • Hades
  • Hermes
  • Hera
  • Hestia
  • Hephaestus
  • Dionysus
  • Demeter
  • Apollo
  • Ares
  • Athena
  • Aphrodite
  • Artemis

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just realized that i’d already asked this before


Apollo. Because… He could bring a little “light” into my MC’s life wink wink, eh?

I’ll go to my corner now… Or Hermies. I bet he could really “sweep” her off her feet. wiggles brows

Okay… Okay. I’m done. XD


Hestia all the way. If for mostly, I picture her like this from Dan Machi, but with your attitude you gave her and fiery red hair. With the personality you gave her and her looks here, we have ourselves a knockout Goddess. Also I imagine if she cares for you, she will probably be sweet, possessive and touchy-feely like in the anime. Here’s some pics, with a couple “out of context” pics just because lol.






My point exactly. Magical smarts =/= general smarts. Also, to those who chose Athena in the poll - why Hades, also. Those people are your parental figures. With Poseidon and Zeus, it kinda depends, but Athena and Hades literally raised you. I’m…more than a little bit concerned.


Shame we can only choose one of the Gods. There’s quite a few I’d probably go for (Artemis, Apollo, Hestia, Hephaestus…).

If I wasn’t playing the Bearer as they currently are anyway.

As they are now though, I would more likely stick with my Bearers (in their current form) being interested in the Demigod ROs even if romancing a God was a possibility. It just feels a little too odd to pair them with people they have less of a opportunity to spend time with and REALLY get to know than they would have with their fellow Demigods. That and considering the drama the Gods have themselves involved in and their, I can’t see any of my Bearers being crazy enough to enter that drama themselves.

That said, if the Bearer has moments where they have a chance to meet one of the Gods in a past life and form some type of relationship with them, I may be more interested in seeing how it would go (depending on how their interaction play out anyway; may still be inclined to just have them be something akin to friends with the Gods in their past).


i’ve said it before in an ask and i’ll say it again, i will sell my left arm if it means a serious romance with apollo


I recognize you lmfaoo :~) I wonder how ‘serious’ a relationship with a God would be! I guess it depends on what you want out of it. I think they’re all irredeemable (with the exception of, like, 3 tht my most resentful Bearer will probably largely spare) so it’s interesting to see why y’all would want to romance them.
#nosecondchances club!


oh geez, never thought of how my bearer would go about romancing a god, considering he hates the gods and pretty much everyone else because he’s an awful demon. but it would be very interesting to see how it would go!


Basically, Apollo is now a romance option, by popular demand on Tumblr.


any news of tuna man regaining his position as tuna dad?


Not in the next update, but when I begin coding part 2 he’ll be a permanent fixture.


Do you have any idea how you’ll decided who’s the father then?


oh thank god
i mean you thank you


I was thinking, it would be kinda cool to meet Helen again. And get a insight on her view of the gods now.


YESSSSSSSSS. Please, please, please tell me that our MC can use at least one pun about him being the light of their life…

Oh, and I’d love to have a love triangle option with meh love Adonis and Apollo x3

Also, Rohie, did I ever tell you I love you to the moon and back? XD


Have to say, did not expect to fall in love with Helen. Hope there’s more of her!


Aww no Aphrodite ? D:


Well I assume that’s the choice for the male gods, but the female spot has yet to be spoken on.