Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



Wait, I thought this was about who was the greatest dad…Hades is a nice guy but I would date Apollo, he seem a funny guy.


Dear @Rohie. I finally go thorough the whole playthrough after you shift to dashington. I found there is conflict in the story where the latest 1 the MC already aware of who saint father was and Aeson too coz if I remember it right Athena told her but in certian scene there have been conflict in the story. I will go through the playthrough again and let you know. Keep up the good work.


That’s probably because Rohie only updated to half-ish of chapter 3. But most likely the next update should cover that error :smiley:


'Pollo seems to be the most popular thus far, though I must say I really don’t get the appeal since he’s what Aeson would be like if he were a god and Aeson is insufferable enough already without being one.

That said looking at it in terms of angst he’d have been the second best choice of “father” for my mc.

This just reminds me why I hate “social” media, meanwhile I don’t suppose a lust-filled romp with the big guy (Ares) in will be attainable for my poor mc, eh?


Admittedly I’m not very fond of Apollo being a romance option either. Mostly because his son is an RO already (squicky imo especially with that ask for a love triangle – like I know it’s a joke but guys please) and that technically speaking the generational gap (despite the MC being also technically timeless, for all intents and purposes are 17 going 18 in this timeline and are actually peers with their kids) does not bode well imo (again)

And (as of now at least) I have no idea how the MC will spend enough time with him to form a mutual interest – I mean, as it is you’ll be spending time in school and with the Scooby Gang and trying to survive the trials – so if ever there would be a god RO, my only read for how it’s plausible is for it to be in a flashback


Ok, but imagine flirting with both him and Santiago. That would be hilariously awkward :joy:


Santi better get hit with a negative approval marker then :)) no joke, the boy sounds like he has self-esteem issues based on the little tidbits we get from Rohie’s tumblr and flirting with his dad seems like a one way ticket to his blacklist

That shit’s traumatizing – I mean, imagine your crush flirting with both you and your dad B O I that’s a red flag right there to run for the hills – so idk what the end goal is if you’re willing to do that? I mean, as a joke? Getting on the Scooby Gang’s bad side? For the fun?

[As of now, I have no knowledge of how much of a jerk or not Apollo is but it wouldn’t be above him to flirt given his track record from the myths but flirting when you know your son likes this person? Wow that’s an extra wallop to the face]


Me neither. I’m not a fan, especially because like you said, he’s consistently been around for millenia. He’s got literally eons on MC. That doesn’t bode well @ all, imo. I’m O.K with a fling, if tht’s been made explicitly clear prior but, I think a relationship should be relegated to a flashback, if it’s smth tht really needs to be included. Being the bearer is already such a trip, the idea of you being this supremely powerful being and not being taken advantage of @ every conceivable turn is laughable, which throws the sincerity of any relationship you enter into question anyway,+ who better @ faking sincerity than a god. The gods have demonstrated that they literally do not give a fuck about your wellbeing at all, so (granted, y’all might feel differently).

And! If we’re given the option to flirt with Santi and Apollo, because the Bearer is a dickhole or whatever, then I want the cast to be in acknowledgement of the fact. Seriously, tht’s freaky, and not in the fun, wild way.


I really wish that Nephilim were an option to romance because he seems so interesting and different from the other romance options that we do have. That brief conversation with him always makes me interested in seeing more of him so it’s unfortunate we can’t romance him. Either way, he can get it if he wants it, haha! :yum:

I don’t understand the appeal either considering we haven’t even had a conversation with him to my knowledge. I’m not sure if there was a scene given because I stopped after the ceremony - waiting until the error is fixed - but his “playful wink” wasn’t anything mesmerizing. People must like him from the Greek mythology information.

You still want his crazy ass? Haha! How you would persuade him into agreeing is a mystery to me.


Agreed! 110% AGREED!

I’m still as of now wracking my brain over what kind of plot or character development purpose having Apollo as an RO would serve? Is there something I’m missing over this beyond the fandom thirst?

I mean if we need an inning with the gods, there’s Demeter, Athena, and Hades from the get-go. You can possibly develop Zeus – especially if he’s your dad – into an ally too and Persephone might be likely as well (purely speculative as of now on my end).

And if you need allies in general, am sure the trials and outsiders (like Nephilim) are possible to turn to your side

So really Apollo stans – and I mean this in the utmost respectful and non-flammatory way – why? Why him as an RO?

[As an honest to goodness lost child over why to lobby for this guy’s status on the romance wheel]


Well, of course, there would be a negative approval marker. For both of them. We don’t really know how Apollo is like (and Santiago too) but I’m sure he would be less than happy to be in this situation as Santiago would. But I was actually talking prior to we knowing that they were even related. Or do we know Santiago is Apollo’s kid from the get-go?

It’s also not something I personally would do - I’m not interested in Santiago - but I still think it would kinda be a funny conversation. And regarding traumatizing Santiago, well I think that might be a slight overreaction. It’s still the flirting stage, I’m sure he could manage. It’s not like he would be in a relationship with the MC at this point. It’s just a crush.

Also, I’m sure @Rohie didn’t just add Apollo without considering a way for us to get to know/spend time with him. I’m also unsure how a romance with a god will go but I have faith she knows what she’s doing. If she says he’s a romance option then it will probably be as good as all the rest.


You have probably been asked this before or have explained yourself, but what does attract you of Ares so much? He was a huge douchebag. I just dont find anything even remotely attractive in him.


We know that Santiago is Apollo’s child frm the ceremony prior to the trials.
I’m not arguing tht it’s traumatizing. It’s just mad creepy. Like, O.K, think abt it. Your crush comes over, y’all are hanging out, it’s cute, whatever, and then your dad shows up. WO skipping a beat, your crush starts flirting with your dad. In front of you. I guess there’s something to be said for being laidback or what have you, but that is the opposite of funny. I’d never have been less attracted to them than @ the moment they thought it’d be cute to flirt with my parent. That’s weird @ best, and mad creepy @ worst.
It has nothing to do with my faith in Rohie’s ability (which I’ve got in spades!), it’s just a matter of it being inordinately off putting. For why, y’all.


Nah, I was basing that on a comment of Rohie on her tumblr account. She says something like he’s the “almost” guy – something like you almost end up together but things always get in the way. So even at the crush stage I’d imagine that would be devastating or at the very least pretty high on the emotional ouch meter if/when he finds out

Like imagine the person you’re particularly giddy over and have had probably a few flirty exchanges with…decides to flirt with your dad? There’s something distinctly “Greek tragedy” about the whole situation

Conversely let’s say they’ve never had a convo but Santi is harboring secret feelings for the MC, only to find out they’re interested in his dad. That’s a big killer for both feelings and self-esteem issues

And while I agree on having high hopes of Rohie’s writing skills, I’m concerned with how/why the fandom decided “yes, let’s pitch this idea of having Apollo as a love interest”


Like as @gia said, I’m not too bothered if it’s a fling but to be an actual RO? That’s something else entirely


Another possibility is Aphrodite’s interference. She who calls herself the goddess of love but my MC would say Aphrodite knows nothing of love but only lust and brainwashing as was demonstrated in the Trojan War flashback for a MC in love with Prince Paris. Zeus wanted to sleep with Priscilla and it seems quite plausible that he may have had Aphrodite arrange it. My MC already thinks around half of the gods are in the “too stupid to live territory”.

@idonotlikeusernames Your MC rejects the MC’s literal twin flame in favor of someone that wants to kill you. Each to his or her own I guess. At least eating horses had a plausible rational basis :laughing:. Your MC is also definitely a marketing dream come true, superior to all but one being in existence but with an inferiority complex nonetheless. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent - Eleanor Roosevelt.

As I mentioned a while ago:

And I hope the main update in a few days will give a few more choices at the ceremony such as:

My MC feels that in the entire universe, the MC has only one peer and that is Aeson. Everyone and everything else is far younger.

The MC and Aeson have both worn thousands if not millions of shells and being biologically-related to the current shell is poor grounds for a claim of kinship. A stronger claim of kinship is the MC and Aeson are essentially the great-grandparents of the gods. @Rohie I’d also like the chance to bring up the fact that the gods expecting the MC to kill Cronus is asking the MC to kill the MC’s grandson. My MC would prefer to redeem Cronus and any of the gods that my MC feels could use a large dose of compassion along the lines of The Book of Ptath where a god sensed cruel impulses beginning to emerge in himself and purged himself of those thoughts by submerging his own consciousness in the mass of humanity through repeated reincarnations as normal humans.

You’ve got it backwards. Aeson and the MC have eons on everyone there even if they cannot remember it all yet. Though with the flashbacks starting, I wonder whether their memories will come back.


The fact that he is direct and honest, where the rest of Olympus all pretty much lie to mc’s face and want to use him as their pawn in their own games.
Sure Ares wants to kill him, but maybe he’d grant the condemned a final request. Besides if the essence corroding us from the inside is going to be as bad as I think it is, killing the mc a few months after that 18th birthday would probably be a mercy. The rest simply my mc being a 17 year old boy being in lust with a hunky older guy.


Yeah, I have to agree with you. That is creepy. Like I said, I imagined it as a horrible consequence for a flirty MC. We can pretty much flirt with all the Ros so flirting with Apollo and Santiago could technically happen. Definitely not in front of each other tho! Who does that? I was thinking more of an “oh crap what have I done” kind of moment. That’s why I thought it could be mildly funny.

But yes, if we know they are related from the get-go (I didn’t read the old stuff, I’m waiting for the update so my memory is foggy) then it is kinda messed up. Flirting intentionally with family is a line I definitely will never cross.


Within the context of the discussion, I don’t :~) You’re literally a teenager @ this point, who didn’t know tht they were any different frm an average demigod.


I mean, a flirty MC getting wht’s coming to them is going to be funny irregardless. My own flirty Bearer is definitely, resolutely going to have it coming.


I haven’t made a flirty Bearer yet but I can only imagine what the wrath from a handful of pissed off demigods will feel like. I honestly fear for your Bearer’s wellbeing :laughing: is it mention at all? or are there yet no consequences?

You could say this about pretty much every Ro tho. I don’t think they will harbor feelings for the Bearer if we don’t flirt with them, but it would hardly be our fault if they did. My Bearer’s set on Aeson and I hate that it will probably hurt Calypso but you can’t control this stuff. Santiago is a big boy. Like I said, I’m sure he will be fine.

Nah. I voted for Apollo mainly because I want to explore how a relationship (not a fling) might go with a God. I didn’t even particularly care which god it turned out to be honestly - I voted for him because he seems like one of the most “friendly” of the bunch. Plus he’s pretty cool in the myths.

I even forgot he was Santiago’s father so no, Santiago is not enough because Santiago is not a god.