Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



I imagine he’ll burst a vein the moment he learns about it. :laughing:

And @Rohie once mentioned that if Athena learned about the Bearer having something going on with Calypso, she will laugh hysterically. I still don’t know what exactly will make her laugh so hard, but I guess we’ll see eventually see.

…Although now that I think about it, Athena and Ares don’t really get along either. And technically, the Bearer could be seen as something akin to Athena’s kid since she raised them for most of their childhood. So a possible romantic relationship with the Bearer and Calypso could be seen as ‘a son/daughter/child of Athena getting frisky with Ares’ daughter’, which would probably make Ares even more furious about the Bearer taking a much too deep interest in Calypso.

Of course, this is assuming that Ares would even contemplate the thought of his daughter being interested in the Bearer at all. For all we know, the thought seems so out there, that it doesn’t currently cross his mind.


He should be relieved. I know that Calypso is the only reason my character took making Ares the god of feminine hygiene products off his to do list when omnipotence kicks in.

Yeah, can you tell my character isn’t impressed with the dodekatheon? “So your idea of asking me for help is to deprive me of my father figure, deprive me of my mother figure by sending her to Hell for three years, and got my best friend killed when you sent rabid killers after me for three years. The family from Shameless looks down on you .”

Fortunately there was nothing in the oath about not expressing said irritation…


Now that Zeus is the only choice for dad, I am looking forward to seeing what chicanery Hera does during the Trials.

I can see her trying to interfere.


I think that bug is because the shiny new intro chapters don’t fit in with everything after the mc’s new “coming out party”.


I’m afraid to find out, I always end up with Calypso


I specifically avoided being a Zeus kid because I wanted to escape Hera’s wrath :cry:

Although it fits with my anti-gods bearer who is probably going to try to use her abilities to depower the pantheon (Cronus included).


One reason why I initially plan my MC to be Poseidon’s kid. Another problem my MC have to solve, if that is possible.


So is my character the only one wondering if oaths sworn on the river Styx apply if the MC turns it into a canyon?

Oh something a little odd- Zeus admonishes us for “trusting him” when you tell him you’ll give him a chance to be a part of your life. We never said he’d be a trusted part of our life.


Hera is well known for her wrath!


If I recall correctly, I was entirely hopeful we’d be Jeanne D’Arc. We were not >:T I tried, y’all. I think that was…wow, was it almost two years ago, now? I think that was around my 21st birthday, because I recall drinking quite a bit whilst guessing :upside_down_face:


Question how can we romance avery and Sage? And would Physce be anice option? I’m more interested in avery


I remember all those speculations. I was hoping that we’d get to have been Cleopatra in one of our past lives. (or something equivalent to her if male.) A small part of me is still holding onto the idea since I love ancient Egypt so much lol.

But I also remember that the MC normally dies around the age of 18(?), so that would probably be impossible.


How about Julius César?


Or Alexander the Great?


Or King Henry the Eighth?


Or Attila the Hun or even Gengis Khan?


@Ragnock136 please use the edit button. Am not sure if this would constitute as spamming but in case it does we don’t want the thread locked for it

But on topic: hmmm, is it bad am hoping for less mainstream figures like honestly given the type of drama COTG has, the Mahabharata seems like a good fit for the MC


A person I would like the MC to have met in a past life is Ponce de Leon.


Is there a page to follow your progress? Reading and finding it in all this comments is very difficult. Thanks.

Btw i love your work so far, it’s one of my favourites


Well, I can’t quite tell what what was brand new and what was already there before the bug prevented to reach further in the story, but I really enjoyed this extended forey in the story.

Bot another game-blocking bug though, during the first trial - basically, not teaming up with Sage gave me an error message, and teaming up with her just means it appears a little bit further.

Nonetheless, great job!