Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



T.T not meh monies. I needs the monies to feed my gaming addiction. :sob:


Where would I be without you?!


I just hope that my fix above is better than just deleting the line of coding! (crosses fingers that it works, since I haven’t had time to test it myself)


Probably in the same place, but learning more from trial and error?

I cannot wait for more story! :heart:


Sorry about my flooding of posts, but I wanted to add another bugish error I found (no were near as game breaking as the one above on any scale at all) but on line 2340 (in part 3), {name.} should be {name}. (the period was accidentally put into the code, causing it to not work as intended).

Anyways, I think that’s all I have for now. Time to playthrough the game some more. :thinking:



For this one, within the coding it’s coded as, “*endofceremony”, I think to fix this you’ll need to add, “*goto endofceremony

Hope this helps!

Lines: 1942, 1963, 1986 and 2009 are all coded as "“*endofceremony” just to be noted. If this isn’t what needs to be fixed, I apologize. (this is just my assumption by looking at the code)



Will there be more flashbacks to past lives?


Yes, one per part, so two more before the end of the game, each giving a little hint to the main mystery/plot.



Have you decided which periods in history those flashbacks will be in?


Question has the inspirational speech bug been fixed ?


The first time I introduced the flashbacks, I had a guessing game. Will probably drop hints!



I hope it’s better than just dropping the Louvre into the chat and trying to have us all figure it out. I enjoy puzzles, but that was just cruel.


I… don’t know if I just missed something further up in the thread, but holy jalapenos!!! Did the conditions for which god was your father change or something? Usually, I can’t avoid getting Poseidon! I mean, I thought their interaction was cute and all, awkward cute, but woah! Ok! Um!!!
[ * Clearly too flustered to be of any use for conversation. ]


Rohie said that Zeus was the only option for the father you could have for now. But there’s a bug where you’re able to get Poseidon as your father despite the fact that Zeus revealed himself as your father. I’m not sure if it is fixed now cause I played the demo yesterday and got that.


there’s an error appearing when you chose to go with your chosen team member to walk down the path, away from your team. Other than that, I just want to thank Rohie for doing her best cleaning out all these bugs, thank you! :sparkling_heart:


It isn’t. I just got to the “reveal” now, and Poseidon was there.


No, Zeus at the beginning is really your father. The reveal scene hasn’t been updated (only until chapter 3-ish has) – though Rohie mentioned in the official tumblr that she might make Poseidon a dad option (Hades is no more)

As of now we’re still sorting out the kinks and other bugs since there are quite a few



I read one of the asks about how the romance will be handled, and I’m curious about something:

It was mentioned that Calypso’s romance won’t really trigger until her relationship number is high enough due to her stubbornness. Does that also apply to a her friendship with the Bearer as well or will she be less stubborn toward the idea of building a friendship with them? What exactly makes her stubborn toward a Bearer who might be interested in her romantically (besides the fact she is a child of Ares and seems somewhat headstrong in general)? Will she be a little less friendly toward the Bearer in the new rewrite due to particular reasons?

Aside from the Calypso related questions, if Poseidon will be a possible father for the Bearer again, what will determine who the father will possibly be for the Bearer?



How ticked will Ares be if the MC dates Calypso?