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Quick question.

From what I tried to discover the meaning of Iroas from what Hades calls you, I could only find that Iroas was the Greek god of victory.
Is there more to this on why he calls you this? Like is there a specific reason or is it just an affection thing for Hades kinda like Aunt Alice calling you “my love”?


I’d assume because you’re the only chance the gods have at victory.

Also re: saint being half-brother. He’s never technically your full brother, because of how godly DNA works, which is why you were still able to romance Aeson, even with Hades as your father.


That sounds pretty plausible to me but I wasn’t so sure. Thanks!


There is also another father bug, I mean right after Zeus says my mc is his son it defaults to Poseidon a few chapters later. I guess this part has not been streamlined yet.
Also the issues of Sawyer being misgendered and referred to as female in the dialogue with the Gods. By the way I love it that you can now at least bring it up with them, if still not with Saint.

Sure, but to my mc being raised as a human at the time it still feels like he’s his half-brother and that was romance or even lust territory my mc really didn’t want to thread.
With the new changes though my mc has just one “brother” who looks down on him now. And Saint is almost a full year younger, instead of an actual twin now, yet he’s still in all of our classes? :thinking: Guess Saint is a super-smart prodigy now too.
It was apparently also changed in that the mc knows they’re a demigod right from the start now and know more about the world of the Gods. Still feels incredibly weird though, but since we can no longer be Aeson’s brother, I guess the only thing that would be awkward now is my mc lusting for his other half-brother (if Zeus is his “dad” now) Ares.


Which is the stoic choice then in the hospital?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but chapter five and later are from the old demo, right? That makes some scene questionable, for example, the scene when you learn who’s your father is, it makes no sense considering that we already learned that at an earlier point in the story. There’s also the scene with Sage, I just find it weird that she doesn’t seem to recognize that we are the person she met during the festival/party. Also…it is very cruel of you to tease us with the gun option considering that it is impossible to get it now…

Further more, there seems to be a bug when you agreed to receive the eye of the goddess of truth from that granny.


@Rohie, I found this right before I met with Calypso and was talking to Athena.


Quick question: @Rohie if you don’t ask for immortality from the gods (the demand option) does the game still register it as such? Or does the game recognize the number of demands you have

Suggestion would be for MC to have maybe an unnamed favour in the future? Would that be okay given your current plans or nah?


@Rohie, i got an error on the kiosk scene where the a seller was giving the MC the eye.


@Rohie, found another when I was starting Artemis’ trial and set a strategy.


I’ll fight ALONGSIDE you. :grin:

I’ll miss the potential drama having Hades as a father seemed to generate. But I’m pretty sure that the rewrite is working on enough of the family drama as it is with Poseidon and especially Zeus.

Rubs hands together

Well, I guess I’ll be taking my created Hades Bearers and combining their aspects of their character with some of my Poseidon and Zeus Bearers. Except for Damon; he’s too fun of a character to stop using just because Hades doesn’t exist as a father. I’ll have to re-work some of his motivations and figure out who would be a more interesting father for him, but it will be a interesting challenge. Though it is safe to say that Damon will have a much less strained relationship with Hades now (since no more traumatic family reveals).

Don’t lose hope! It’s still possible!

You are the child of a Greek God after all. And that alone makes family life quite dysfunctional in general. :laughing:


I think all the later chapters will still need extensive revision to fit in with the new and indeed much improved intro sequences. Which is why I’m mostly ignoring everything that happens after starting school for now. Particularly that Sage still tries to strangle the mc after successfully tricking her at our new “coming out party”. Still wish we could wear Leon’s old armour instead of Achilles, or if the “hero” comparison is needed I guess the armour of Odysseus would fit my mc better in terms of style and symbolism, as he really has very, very little in common with Achilles.



I just visited the Children of the Gods tumblr page and saw a word combination that I never thought was possible:

‘Sage’ and ‘sweet.’ :laughing:

Jokes aside, Sage will undoubtedly be the RO that generates the most twists and turns throughout her relationship development with the Bearer (whether the relationship with between them is platonic or romantic).


Surprise and shock are synonyms.

So a discussion as to which applies would be a tad silly.


In a sense, they are, but they do have different connotations. Surprised is generally positive, whilst shocked is generally negative. They mean similar things, but they are not exact synonyms.

A discussion on word choice / whether the vibe fits seems fitting to me.


For the Stoic bug, have you tried removing *temp stoic false, at the very beginning of the coding? This might be the reason that the bug comes up. Though I’m not 100% sure, I’d have to add in all the new coding and do a test playthrough myself to see.


Picked the second option (this could be a great head start for me")


Hey Rohie, I want to correct my earlier statement. After taking a further look at the coding (I’d just glanced at it for a moment when posting my other comment), rather than deleting the *temp stoic false, the fix would be scrolling further down to lines: 1933 and 1973, and rather than having it just be *if (stoic), change it to *if ((stoic = “true”)), like how you have with ((charming = “true”) or (pragmatic =“true”)) on the lines of coding below.

Hopefully, this is a better fix overall. Sorry for my blunder above.


This is coming out of your paycheck! :laughing: