Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



saint is the son of your mother. if zeus is our father then saint is our full brother.


Nah but Saint is actually related to you from your mother, so no matter who the father is Saint is always your lil bro.


Oh awesome. Thanks for the info. :smiley: Welp that settled that debate for me. Poseidon as father all the way if available! :smiley:


A bug is preventing me from getting past talking to Zeus about my :cry::cry::cry::cry: will this be addressed soon? I was really happy to get past the hospital scene


Talking about my parentage. My bad


Great story,well written…I really look forward to reading it when it’s finished.


I’m actually on the same page with this yes. Abandonment feelings galore :))

My MC just really wants to have a family (I mean not having to run and having people and a place to call home) and Saint giving her that chance – at least with how it seems in the first part of the game – helps a lot. She’s probably afraid though to overstep boundaries, which might come across as avoidance or disinterest, because what if she does something to get Saint running :))

[Not likely but she doesn’t know that]

Him making the first move though is a big boon in itself. At least she knows the interest is there


Happy N7 Day!

Tonight I’ll be working out the bugs with a few laptops and a lot of random tests. So occasionally check in the demo.


The clifdhanger is killing me


This update was amazing oh my goddd i am obsessed - excited to see what happens after the mother’s bedroom scene :blush:


I’ll miss bone daddy…

I never really disliked him, in fact he was my favorite, if I didn’t like him I’d have lumped Athena with him. He has a relationship with us no matter what and has the mystery powers. If we still get the powers it’s not too big a loss. Unless the gun is gone too…


This popped up at the beginning of the ceremony other then that no problems.


Yes, so much delicious angst. :crying_cat_face: Zeus and Poseidon are much more generic and of course that also means my mc isn’t related to Aeson at all, Yikes. On the other hand Saint is now our full brother and the male mc is probably still the runt of the family. Plus Santi is hugely tall now too. It seems my mc never can look the other guys in the eyes.

Unless, that’s changed no, we’re stuck with no privacy and an evil Chipmunk who doesn’t even let us have a key to what is supposedly “our” room too. :unamused:
Then again if it was so important my mc has no privacy and is spied on every second he’s not at that school or in the trials mine would rather have stayed with Ares, unlike with Chipmunk he doesn’t mind so much if Ares sees everything.
Don’t know if that is still part of the background but the original plan for the mc was to for the gods to pass guardianship and babysitting duties around, so my mc would like it to be Ares’ turn now. :grin:

Well so long as it isn’t Ares, as that would make things really, really awkward for my mc. :sweat_smile:
Poseidon I don’t think would “get” my mc as I think you’d need to be a lot more optimistic, trusting and social then my mc is for Poseidon to work as a dad. Apollo would probably also lead to a very antagonistic relationship with my mc, plus it would make the second-cutest guy on Olympus my mc’s half-brother instead of Aeson. Also awkward.

Well at least Zeus is an equal opportunity crappy dad as he’s never been much of a “father” to Saint either despite having been in his life since forever. On the other hand even if he did want to do family stuff, having the step-mom from hell in Hera would make that a less then attractive proposition anyway.

The amount of angst was glorious. Even 'Pollo would be a weak stand-in when it comes to that angst.
On the other hand, hopefully say hello to Chancellor Palpatine-esque lightning powers.
And as Mara said, at least Zeus tries with the present, giving his kid the Olympus equivalent of Viagra. Of course my mc will have to figure out how to trick Ares into taking it by himself.

Oh and a bug here:
"Could bfname have been taken to Olympus too? Or did the supposedly imposter hunters truly kill her? " Sawyer both isn’t named correctly and misgendered here.

And another one here:
“The hot sun beats down on the three of you, almost tauntingly.” The “three of you” is probably left over from a previous version when Callie was with the mc and Saint, but she obviously isn’t anymore.


So is the bug after Zeus fixed?


Well, I went through 106 seeds in random test and played through the game on my phone and a different computer; the only bug that I ran across was when you choose the stoic personality options (Specifically when speaking to Avery in the hospital). But when I avoided that option, I was able to play through to chapter 8, right in the middle of the first Trial…so, fingers crossed.

Anyone have any advice how to fix an “Error: Not a real number” bug? It pops up no matter what I do.


Here ideal that might be a little late form a long time fan maybe add the fact that one of the goddess is your father. What is changing sex to a being that we call a god? Do I would to be a fly on the wall for that summoning 'Brothe
rs this child is none of ours" *Hera slips away whistling Dixie. Aires jump on his thorn and screams “There is a God!”


In one of my earlier drafts, Aphrodite identified as male throughout the entire game…but I loved the idea of Aphrodite and Adonis’ mother together! Now I just have her switching appearances more often.


You said for now lightning daddy is thr only option but I got the meeting the father scene and tuna dad is my dad o.o


I don’t know if this is a bug but every time I click on the option to give an inspirational speech with hope it gives me the outcome you would get when you don’t sugarcoat the speech


Hmm, so either Aeson doesn’t like not being the bell of Cal’s ball, or her crush on the bestower is less one sided then it seemed in the original version.

Or at least I don’t remember Aeson being shocked if you ask Calypso to dance before.